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MSc Forensic Science in the UK: Universities, Admission Process, Eligibility Criteria, Scholarships, Jobs

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Students, who are looking to sharpen their analytical and investigative skills with an MSc in Forensic Science in the UK, will benefit from this blog. A thorough reading will assist prospective students gain relevant information about an MSc in Forensic Science. 

MSc-Forensic-Science-in-the-UK.webpPicture this: A world where each shadow has its secrets, every faint trace has a truth attached to it, and every ordinary piece of information has extraordinary significance. This world of Forensic Science deals with every speck of dust, droplets of blood, and fingerprints. Within this world, curiosity is of prime importance, evidence is the guide, and truth is the ultimate masterpiece.

In the blog ahead, let’s discuss the universities that offer an MSc in Forensic Science in the UK, their admission process and eligibility criteria. Subsequently, the blog will touch upon scholarships and job opportunities for prospective students. 

What makes pursuing an MSc in Forensic Science in the UK appealing?  

If a student has ever wanted to apply scientific methods and processes to matters that involve crime or the public, an MSc in Forensic Science in the United Kingdom is the perfect choice.  The section ahead enumerates the reasons why a student should pursue an MSc in Forensic Science in the UK.

Academic Excellence

Home to world-renowned institutions, United Kingdom is at the forefront of forensic research exposing students to cutting edge knowledge and expertise. To excel in the field of forensic science, students must develop their analytical and problem-solving skills. Universities in the UK provide them with advanced facilities and ground-breaking research opportunities. 

Historical Context

Choosing the UK to pursue Forensic Science is a chance to study where history and investigation converge. The country’s rich historical legacy provides a dynamic environment for hands-on learning. Students are provided with a historic lens that equips them to understand the relationship between human behaviour, time and truth. 

Legal System Integration

Students are offered an opportunity to engage with the United Kingdom’s legal system that holds forensic evidence in high regard. They witness the direct impact of their work on the course of justice. They are encouraged to present accurate, precise and ethical work. When in field, they act as agents of truth in the pursuit of justice.

Global Perspective

Choosing to study Forensic Science in the UK provides students with a global perspective. It helps them navigate the intricacies of modern crime investigation in an increasingly interconnected world. The skills learned at UK institutions prepare students for diverse career opportunities across the globe.

Innovation & Technology

Students understand the intricacies of forensic investigation with the latest tools and techniques presented through state-of-the-art facilities at universities and colleges in the United Kingdom.  Students practice and refine their skills in a controlled environment. They gain exposure in areas such as DNA profiling, Digital Forensics, Forensics Anthropology, Chemical Analysis, and Research opportunities.

Admission Requirements for MSc in Forensic Science in the UK

The eligibility and requirements for a student to pursue an MSc in Forensic Science from the United Kingdom are mentioned below:

Students are required to have a 2:1 undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in subjects like biology, chemistry, biochemistry, botany, zoology, and pharmacy, toxicology, or other similar combinations, from a well-recognized university.

In case students have a lower degree or have pursued their degree in an unrelated subject, they should possess significant work experience and understanding of the field. 

A few colleges and universities that offer an MSc in forensic science require candidates to undertake entrance tests and sit for interviews along with consistent performance in their undergraduate degree.

Every institution has their unique set of eligibility requirements, hence, students are advised to connect with a study expert at Canam to stay on top of new updates and changes to the admission requirements, if any.

Documents Required for an MSc Forensic Science in the UK

A strong academic background is imperative to secure admission faster. This section discusses the required documents for pursuing an MSc in the UK:

- Academic Documents and Transcripts of all educational courses and degrees
- Certificates showcasing participation in co-curricular activities
- English Language proficiency score ( IELTS  or TOEFL )
- An updated resume or a portfolio detailing the educational and professional background
- A compelling Statement of Purpose
- Letters of Recommendation
- Experience letters from previous employers
- Passport-size photographs
- A valid visa

Please note that admission requirements differ for universities across the United Kingdom. Students are advised to connect with their study abroad expert for more details about the specific eligibility requirements of their chosen educational institution.

Areas of Specialization in MSc in Forensic Science in the UK

When pursuing an MSc in Forensic Science, students can specialize in diverse areas such as ballistics, DNA analysis, trace evidence, or crime scene investigations. The infographic below showcases different specialisations within the degree.

- Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
- Forensic Anatomy & Neurobiology
- Forensic Ballistics
- Forensic Biology
- Forensic Bioscience
- Forensic Botany
- Forensic Chemistry
- Forensic Entomology
- Forensic Investigation
- Forensic Linguistics
- Forensic Pharmacology
- Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice
- Forensic Serology
- Forensic Toxicology
- Information Security and Digital Forensics
- Philosophy in Forensic Science
- Policing Studies and Forensics

Universities that offer an MSc Forensic Science in the UK

The United Kingdom produces excellent forensic scientists with world class institutions. Given in the table below are universities in the UK that offer an MSc Forensic Science.

UniversityCourse Name
University of Bedfordshire Master of Science in Forensic Psychology
University of Strathclyde Master of Science in Forensic Science
Canterbury Christ Church University Master of Science in Forensic And Investigative Psychology
Aston University Master of Arts in Forensic Linguistics
Nottingham Trent UniversityMaster of Science in Forensic Mental Health
University of DundeeMaster of Forensic Odontology 
University of Liverpool Master of Science in Investigative And Forensic Psychology
University of Kent Master of Science in Forensic Psychology

Scholarships for an MSc in Forensic Science in the UK

When deciding the UK as their study abroad destination, students often wonder how to study free with a scholarship that assist them in their entire education. Scholarships reduce the student’s financial burden of studying abroad. This ensures a safe environment for learning opportunities and working in the field.

The table below enlists the universities that offer scholarships for Forensic Science in the UK: 

Commonwealth Masters ScholarshipsA first degree of at least upper second-class or a lower second-class degree and a relevant postgraduate qualification
Vice Chancellor Scholarship, University of BedfordshireIn the first year of the MSc Forensic Science, students will receive a £1,000 VC Scholarship. 
Chevening ScholarshipThe student must have completed all components of an undergraduate degree equivalent to an upper second class 2:1 honours degree.

The Student must have at least two years of work experience.

Cost of Pursuing an MSc in Forensic Science in the UK

The cost to pursue a post graduate degree in forensic science in the United Kingdom is dependent on the university chosen. Depending on various factors, including the cost of living, application fees, transportation, among other factors, a student should ideally keep a budget range of GBP 16,000 to GBP 25,000 per annum. 

Future Prospects after Pursuing an MSc Forensic Science in the UK

Post Graduates in Forensic Science work in allied fields such as Social Science, Psychology, and Statistics, among other specializations. Government organizations and corporates hire professionals that are adept at forensic toxicology, crime scene investigation and an analysis of voice samples (forensic speech science). Working with government and private agencies, prospective forensic science graduates have the opportunity to work as:

• Corrections Officer
• Compliance Officer
• Coast Guard
• Customs Agent
• Forensic Psychologist


After reading the blog, students will gain a better knowledge about pursuing an MSc in Forensic Science in the UK. Over the years, United Kingdom has created avenues for students interested in establishing a robust study abroad career in the field of forensic science. Institutions of the country offer a rigorous curriculum which combines classroom teaching with hands-on experience. Students are mentored by trained professionals and exposed to the real world. An MSc in Forensic Science equips students to thrive in the forensic world. 

Students planning to pursue their MSc in Forensic Science in the UK must connect with study abroad consultants at Canam to receive end-to-end assistance during their application process.


To pursue an MSc in Forensic Science at a UK university, a student must secure a minimum second-class Honours degree in Forensic Science or a relevant subject such as Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry. Additionally, international applicants must secure a proof of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL).
Though many MBBS courses cover a part of forensic science under the topic of forensic medicine, it is different from forensic science. It is a part of the non-medical stream.
Forensic Science is challenging and equally competitive to excel in. Students interested in crime investigation must present a robust mental presence with an analytical approach.
After completing an MSc in Forensic Science in the UK, professionals can work as a forensic scientist, forensic chemist, laboratory analyst, forensic examiner, crime scene examiner, among others.
The annual fee to pursue an MSc in forensic science in the UK ranges from GBP 16,000 to GBP 25,000 approximately, (subject to change).

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