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Why Study MBA in the UK

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The UK is becoming one of the most desired study destinations for students. The country is home to many reputed colleges and universities that offer MBAs. MBA is a postgraduate degree that many students wish to study abroad. The best reason to opt for an MBA program in the UK is the time- duration. In the UK, an MBA program is usually for one year, whereas the programs offered by the US and Canadian universities are for two years.

An MBA from a renowned business school in the UK gives instant global recognition. The student profile and program portfolio are likely to attract some of the top world recruiters. Having an MBA from any of the top UK business schools will surely put you on a higher pedestal over others once you are back in your home country.


The UK offers students a variety of MBA programs to opt for. MBA programs in the UK are more diversified, keeping content and specializations as their primary focus. Educationalists and curriculum planners continuously work hard to include new topics in the syllabus, considering the latest changes in the international job market.

Besides the subjects like Finance, Human resources, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Management Operations, and Information systems, several other subjects are also offered to students to choose from.

Quality education

Official organizations regularly evaluate the quality of teaching and research at the colleges and universities to ensure that the set benchmarks are met. Although institutes in the UK take the responsibility of ensuring the standard and quality of educational programs, independent reviews are taken care of by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Official bodies can also guide the curriculum and do specific reviews on departments individually in an institute.

UK universities laboriously develop close connections with industries in different business sections. In MBA schools, faculty members have significant experience in their fields. This makes them capable of providing practical knowledge to students and help them secure good placements and opportunities.

Career guidance

Most business schools in the UK have full-time career services that help you unleash your talent and realize your potential. Career Service advisors will help you enhance your CV. They also give you interview tips and help you with the skills that help you get your dream job.

The education system of the country provides close interaction between students and lecturers. The system offers the space to combine various subjects into a single course of study. Many institutions enhance the English language to help international students acquire the language skills needed to complete their courses successfully.

Requirements to do an MBA in the UK

Before beginning the application process, it is very important to know the requirements to do an MBA in the UK. Requirements differ from school to school; however, a general rule an applicant will need:

-A minimum of 3 years of full-time work experience is needed to pursue an MBA in the UK. Work experience is a must to take admission in reputed universities in the UK. Most of the universities in the UK ask for a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience.

-A Bachelor's degree or equivalent having relevance to the MBA program.

-Many business schools require students to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

Types of MBA

General MBA

If you are looking forward to thriving in your career but have limited managerial experience, a general MBA is always considered the best MBA option. For numerous institutes, applicants need to spend a minimum of three years in a relevant job before applying for the MBA program; however, the number of years may differ between universities.

The core modules have topics like marketing, financial management, and organizational behavior. Plus, elective modules give you the chance to customize the program according to your area of interest. General MBAs are generally studied full or part-time. A full-time MBA course will take one to two years to complete.

Executive MBAs

This Program is suitable if you are in a senior management position and looking for rapid career progression. The Program mainly emphasizes developing the leadership skills required to manage business operations seamlessly. This Program is usually studied part-time during evenings and weekends, and it takes one to two years to complete the Program.

Specialist MBAs

If you are experienced within a specific industry or clear about the sector you wish to work in, a specialist MBA might be a perfect choice. You will learn business and management skills and use them in a certain area of work.

In the UK, specialist MBAs comprise a wide range of sectors like oil and gas, aviation, biotechnology, creative industry, and music. Experts usually teach this course with significant experience in the relevant sector. It will enable you to understand your field better and help you build your career in an area of business that motivates you.

A master's program is something to be chosen very wisely as your career depends on it. Decisions should be made by taking everything into consideration. If you are looking forward to studying in the UK and do not know where to start from, then contact team Canam and our expert will assist you with Career counseling, University selection, Admission guidance, Scholarship guidance, Visa assistance etc.

If you still have any query regarding doing MBA in the UK, feel free to get in touch with our experts will guide you further.

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