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What Indian Students Can Expect from an Australian Classroom

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It's natural to be filled with questions while going abroad for the first time. Hence, this article will act as a guide for all students aspiring to study in Australia for the first time by answering some questions such as why to study in Australia, what are the features of the Australian education system, the advantages of studying in Australian classrooms and features of Australian classrooms.

australian education system and classroom.webpStudying in Australia could be one of the best decisions of a student’s life as while living there, students would be able to experience a multicultural environment. Further, Australia is home to the world’s most renowned universities, which provide real-world learning and allow students to pursue internships and part-time jobs while studying. 

A student going to study in a foreign country will be filled with questions such as what the teaching method will be over there, what they can expect in the classroom, and many more. There should be a guide which can answer these questions.Explore this blog to know why to study in Australia, what are the features of the Australian education system, the advantages of studying in an Australian classrooms and the features of Australian classrooms.

Why Study in Australia 

Before knowing what Indian students can expect from an Australian classroom, an obvious question arises why should one even study in Australia? To get the answer to this question see the following pointers after which students will be clear about what Australia has to offer them. These are the top 5 reasons to study in Australia.

World-Class Education

According to QS World University Rankings, Australia is home to some of the world’s top-ranked universities known for their quality education, student satisfaction and overall global reputation. The universities ranked in the top 50 worldwide in the areas of life sciences, arts, natural science and social science.

Affordable Cost of LivingCost of living is one of the important factors international students look for while planning to study abroad, but to study in Australia students don’t have to think about this because even though Australia has the highest standard of living in the world, its expenses and tuition costs are relatively lower than in other countries like the USA and the UK.
Variety of CoursesAustralia's education system offers a wide variety of courses, which makes it easy for students to choose the program that best suits their interests and career goals. They can pursue bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, vocational courses and English language training programs. 
Work While StudyThis is great news for students who want to work during their studies. Australia's immigration system allows students to work up to 20 hours a week during the semester and full-time during vacations. Through this, they can pay for their living expenses while gaining work experience. International students can also do paid internships 
Practical LearningThe Australian education system focuses on teaching real-world skills to students, such as problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork, making them job-ready after completing their studies. The education system of the country allows students to think out of the box, adapt to change and try new things. 

Exploring Australia's Education System 

Australia is known for providing world-class education to both domestic as well as international students because it has a comprehensive curriculum and experienced teachers. The Australian education system is structured in a way which teaches real-world skills to students and makes them employable right after graduation.  The Australian Qualifications Framework was adopted in 1995 which offers certificates at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education. Following are the various degrees provided under the AQF educational system.

Education LevelDescription
Diploma (Level 5)Diploma programs are made for students who want to gain specialized knowledge and skills in a particular field which takes around 1-2 years to finish.
Associate (Level 6)

In Associate programs, students get the knowledge and abilities to pursue high-paying jobs. This program takes 1.5-2 years to completed.

Bachelors (Level 7)Bachelor’s is a 3-4 years undergraduate degree which allow students to make a professional career in a specific area.
Bachelors Honors (Level 8)Bachelor’s Honors is a specialized degree which provides advanced knowledge to students to pursue a highly skilled job
Masters (Level 9)A Master’s is an expert-level degree pursued after bachelor’s to deep dive into a specific area of study. A master’s degree takes one to two years to be completed. 
Doctorate (Level 10)Doctorate is a postgraduate degree in Australia which takes 3 to 4 years to finish. 

Unique Features of the Australian Education System

There are various features of the Australian Education System which international students must know before going there to study. Here is a list of unique features which make Australia’s education system different than other countries:

Top-Ranked UniversitiesAccording to QS World Universities Ranking and QS Global Graduate Employability Rankings, 9 Australian Universities are ranked in the top 100 globally like University of New South Wales.
Worldwide Recognized QualificationsAustralian Universities provide higher education programs in areas including engineering and technologies, life sciences & medicine, arts, natural sciences, social sciences and management, which are recognized globally. 
High-Quality Education StandardsThe Australian Qualifications Framework(AQF) ensures Australian students get the best study experience. It defines essential characteristics such as learning outcomes for different types of qualifications.
Student SupportAustralia has a dedicated staff known as international student advisors to support every student. These advisors are responsible for answering any questions of the students. 
Innovation-CentricEvery year, the Australian education system makes leading scientists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists and humanitarians. This is because the education system encourages students to think outside the box. 

Advantages of Studying in Australian Classrooms

Now students might wonder why studying in Australia has a buzz. This is because the Australian education system offers a wide variety of programs, research opportunities and part-time work opportunities. To know more about the upsides read the following pointers. Here are 5 advantages of studying in an Australian classroom which international students will not find anywhere else. 

Real-World LearningOne of the most significant advantages of studying in an Australian classroom is that whatever students learn will help them in their future careers. Australian education makes students job-ready through industry-linked courses and work experience.
Innovative ThinkingEmployers worldwide are looking for creative thinkers and skilled professionals. Therefore, studying in Australia allows students to think more creatively and innovatively. The education there helps students adapt to change and do things differently than just cramming formulas.
Soft-Skills EnhancementAustralia knows that employers today want to hire individuals who are not just good in hard skills but also soft skills. Hence, keeping this in mind, the Australian education system develops various skills in students, such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving.
Industry-Relevant CoursesAustralian education offers various courses to students to meet industry needs. The course content is updated regularly and taught by industry experts with decades of experience. Further, during the courses, students also get to do internships and work placements. 
Work-Integrated LearningMany Australian courses provide students work-integrated learning, including internships, clinical placements, fieldwork and practicums. During courses, students can take part in industry-partnered projects online or in classrooms. 


After reading this blog, our readers will understand why many international students prefer Australia as their study-abroad destination and how does the education system work over there. Studying in Australia will develop various soft skills in students, such as problem-solving and critical thinking. During the course, students can take part in internships and work placements to help them take high-paying jobs after completing their studies. Connect with study-abroad consultant Canam to plan your Australian education.


Many students choose Australia for studies because of its diverse culture, high-quality education and part-time job opportunities during the course.
Australia is a perfect study-abroad destination because of its world-class education system, robust opportunities and diverse culture.
To study in Australia, students must first select a course, plan the budget, fill out the online application form and start studying. To apply for any program successfully, students can take the assistance of Canam's expert counsellors.
Australian education encourages students to learn real-world skills and participate in internships and industry-partnered projects, which is absent in the Indian education system. 
Yes, you can get PR easily after you complete your master’s and by fulfilling some requirements such as English language proficiency and qualifications.

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