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What Indian Students Can Expect from an Australian Classroom

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Australia is one of the most sought after study abroad destinations for prospective international students. It offers excellent opportunities to the students like a huge plethora of subjects to choose from, great career opportunities, and many more. Opportunities never come alone, they come with certain challenges. Students have to get overcome challenges to adapt to the new Australian lifestyle, and the Australian classroom is no exception. As an international student, you must be excited about what goes inside an Australian class. This blog will you what Indian students can expect from an Australian classroom.

Students in the Australian Classroom

Classrooms in India are conservative, and professors mainly focus on teaching books and not beyond it. Indian students will find Australian classrooms a bit chaotic. Students in Australia ask a lot of questions, they speak their mind in the classrooms, they also question their own instructors, and at some point, they even disagree with them. In some cultures, questioning and disagreeing with professors is considered rude, and this practice is highly discouraged.

In Australia, students are not just listening to their professors, but also thinking and critically evaluating all the information given in a lecture. We have usually seen that whenever we wanted to ask something in a classroom, we often raise our hands and seek permission to speak. If we talk about the Australian classroom, discussions occur, where students usually get excited and speak over one another. This scene can be very intimidating for an Indian student.

A student belonging to a non-English speaking country can feel a little dizzy during class discussions or while exchanging ideas in a class. He may take some time to process everything. But don’t worry, with time, you will become increasingly comfortable with the Australian classroom atmosphere. It is only possible when an Indian student summons the courage to speak out in the class. As it all starts to happen, you will begin to enjoy the Australian classroom culture, and it will lead to a more meaningful understanding of the lessons being taught.

Teachers in the Australian Classroom

The essential element of a classroom is the professor. You have to respect your professors, no matter what! You don’t have to address Sir, Ma’am, instead address them as Professor or Dr.

Also, professors call upon their students during classroom discussions. It a common practice in Australia that professors call upon individual students; therefore, you shouldn’t get embarrassed. Instead, you must take it as an experience to learn.

Professors in Australian regularly evaluate student’s learning through written, and during this, a student needs to explain, evaluate, and compare coursework topics. It may seem difficult to adjust in this new classroom culture, especially when you are more accustomed to memorization of facts and figures.

Also, Australian professors often conduct their classrooms in a relaxed manner. It helps students to freely express their opinions and can freely approach their instructors in case of queries and more. The relaxed classroom doesn’t mean lowered academic standards; it means the freedom to express your views freely. Professionals in top universities and colleges in Australia also expect you to attend classes daily, be active, and be engaged in discussions.

It is hard for Indian students who want to study in Australia to get accustomed to Australian classroom culture. But do not worry. It may seem scary at first, but trust us, when you become a part of it, you will start enjoying it a lot.

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