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What are the Different Types of Degrees to Study abroad?

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Learn about the different types of degrees to study abroad and which one works the best according to the academic and career goals of the student. This guide includes all the information regarding the types of degrees, their definition, a List of courses to study abroad, and things to consider before choosing a course to study abroad to avoid taking the wrong steps. 

Different-Types-of-Degrees-You-Can-Study-abroad.webpStudying abroad is a dream of many students because of all the career boosts and experiences students get in foreign countries. But often, students get confused over which course to pursue and make a career in and whether the course of their choice is available in the first place. This blog unravels different types of degrees to study abroad, along with other essential topics such as courses to pursue after a bachelor's and master's in foreign countries. 

Different types of degrees to study abroad

The types of degrees are different for every nation, and the duration also varies for them. With so many different types of degrees to study abroad, it is evident that students get confused and mix up what they want to pursue, so let's discuss the matter from the basics. Almost every degree in the world falls into two major categories- Undergraduate and Graduate. 

Undergraduate Degree

Undergraduate is considered the foundation course and the first level of a student's higher education after graduating from high school. The objective of getting a bachelor's degree abroad is to build a strong foundation in a particular field and gain all the necessary information related to it, which is one of the top reasons to study abroad

Undergraduate degrees go by different terms in different countries. Like in the British system, undergraduate degrees are differentiated between honors and non-honors degrees.   In countries like the UK, USA and Europe, an undergraduate student is referred to as a student who is working towards a bachelor’s degree. The types of degrees at the undergraduate level are literally endless, but here are some of the courses that students can consider while searching for courses to study abroad:

Types of Undergraduate Degrees.

There are four types of Graduate degrees that students can consider when searching for a bachelor's program to follow. Those four types of undergraduate degrees are:

Bachelor's degree

Most commonly, when people talk about undergraduate degrees, they mean a bachelor's degree, which comes after completing high school. Bachelor's works as a foundation block in which students get in-depth knowledge about a field which they can later master through a master's program.

Associate degree

An associate degree is beneficial for those who want to get entry-level work within specific professions. Some universities offer study programs to turn the associate degree into a bachelor's to ensure that the student is well educated about the course and is capable of acquiring skills while studying abroad. It is also probable for some universities to ask for an associate degree to give admission to their bachelor's program.

Dual degree

Dual degrees are unique courses that allow students to graduate with two bachelor's degrees instead of one. This is beneficial for those who want to get a bachelor's degree in two fields within the same duration, which is 3-4 years.

It is important to note that a dual degree is not the same as a joint honours degree.

Joint honours degree

There are many countries that offer a joint honours degree that allows students to gain one degree across two subjects within the same time frame as a bachelor's degree. In this case, student needs to balance their time and credits accordingly, as both subjects are taught simultaneously. 

For those wondering if a bachelor's degree is important to study an MSc abroad? It is, as a bachelor's degree works as a base, and most of the specialization is built on its foundation.

List of Degrees at Bachelor’s Level

Here's a List of courses to study abroad that students can consider after completing their high schools:

List of degrees offered at bachelor's level.webp

• Bachelors in Business and Management
• Bachelors in Computer Science and IT
• Bachelors in Electrical Engineering 
• Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Construction
• Bachelors in Medicine 
• Bachelors in Architecture
• Bachelors in Design
• Bachelors in International Relations
• Bachelors in Language Studies
• Bachelors in Law


Pursuing a Graduate degree has become a popular trend among students as it gives them exposure to many great experiences and chances to excel in their careers. International platform is full of potentials and opportunities that students can grab to kick start their career journey and experience top-notch education from the best universities.

Graduate degree, also known as Master degree in some countries, allows a student to master a particular course to get a job in that field. 

Types of Graduate Degrees

There are two types of graduate degrees- Professional Masters and Academic Masters.

Professional Masters

It is a degree delivered through proper teaching via classes and seminars. Professional master degrees are comparatively easier than academic masters. Some of the programs in professional masters include: 

• Masters of Arts
• Masters of Science
• Masters of Law
• Masters of Business Administration

Academic Masters

Academic masters usually include the courses that make the student a doctor in that field which is a higher level of education than professional masters. Academic master is one of the most specialized levels of higher education. During this program, students need to do extensive research, create advanced projects and basically discover or create something new in that particular field. Here are some different types of degrees at the doctorate level:

• Doctor of Philosophy
• Professional Doctorate
• Honorary Doctorate Degree

Factors to Consider before Choosing a Degree to Study abroad

Pursuing higher studies abroad needs a lot of planning and information, as every decision can influence the experience one might have once they are abroad. That's why here are some tips to ensure that the student doesn't make any mistakes while choosing their course.

• Do research before studying abroad
• Research which university/ college offers the course
• Ensure the duration of the course from trusted sources like Canam Consultants
• Understand the fee structure of the preferred course
• Take note of the visa requirements and make sure to meet all of them
• Ensure that the student has an accommodation option available 
• Decide on transportation arrangements that don't drain the monthly budget
Choose the study abroad destination that best suits the interests and needs of the student 
• Double-check whether the college/ university of choice provides a work permit or not


Planning for the future is never going to be an easy task, and what happens next is never in anyone's hands, but there's one thing a student can control, and that's their career. A student can plan what they want to do and the field of study they wish to pursue, but making a well-informed decision is important. To help with the cause, students can contact Canam Consultants for their professional guidance. To get more information on how to study abroad after a master's degree, contact study abroad consultants. 

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It usually takes 3-4 years to complete a bachelor's degree, but the duration can vary depending on the subject.
Yes, Student can get scholarships to study abroad. Many universities provide scholarships to students who wish to pursue their higher studies in their institution. 
Students can apply to multiple universities for graduate courses, but ensure that the qualifications are met before applying to avoid confusion.
An undergraduate degree is further divided into four groups, namely: 

• Bachelor's degree
• Associate degree
• Dual degree
• Joint honours degree
It can take 2-6 years to complete an academic master, but the duration varies heavily depending on the country of choice, specialization and other factors.

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