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Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health While Studying Abroad

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Education plays a pivotal role in the development of one's personality, career and outlook towards things around them. Studying abroad helps this process grow manifold as it helps an individual evolve, become independent, responsible, and provides a much needed boost to their career. But everything comes with its own challenges and pain points and so does living in a foreign land for a better life. Students live on their own, in a new place, immersed in a new culture, speaking different language, exposed to a number of different things. The first few weeks seem like a joyride for you are in awe of everything around you and it can be overwhelming. However, as time passes and the thought of staying in a foreign country sinks in it might take a toll on your mental health.

Mental Health is very integral to having a happy and fulfilling international education experience. A mental crisis must not come in the way of your future and jeopardize the rest of your stay abroad. There are a number of ways in which you can tackle your mental health problems and keep your mind healthy and away from all kinds of toxic thoughts. This write up deals with ways and means through which students can keep their mental health in perfect shape while studying and having the time of their life abroad.


Leaving home, family, friends, and your country can be extremely overwhelming and gut-wrenching. It is a big challenge in itself and traveling to a foreign country is an even bigger challenge. The best way to tackle negative emotions and thoughts is to maintain a healthy relationship with your friends and family back home. Talking to your loved ones acts as a buffer and keeps bad emotions at bay. You must do things that boost your spirits and talking to family acts as a de-stressor and will give you positivity.


Culture shock is common when moving to a new place especially in the West. You get to experience a number of new things and unlike your home country these cultural differences will be difficult for you to comprehend. Most countries such as Canada, Australia, USA, UK, France, Germany, etc have vast cultural differences which can be too much for a student. The best way to get through this is to immerse yourself in a new culture, get to know the locals, read about them, interact and let things flow. It is imperative that you increase your knowledge about the country and area you are studying in.


The decision for international education is a major one and before you decide to travel abroad for education you must be comfortable with your own presence. In a foreign country, you will make friends, meet new people and have the time of your life but a number of times you will be on your own and will only have yourself to bank upon. You must be able to spend time with yourself, do things you like, take care of your physical and mental health and love yourself. A number of activities like journaling, meditation, music, solo travel etc can help ease your mind and soothe your soul. You must remember the primary pre-requisite to being happy in a foreign land is to be at peace with yourself and have confidence.


Exercise is the best and most robust form of keeping your body and mind healthy. A healthy body is the first step towards a sound mind and hence, you must make sure you take some time out in your day to do some physical activity. It could be gyming, running, calisthenics, aerobics, dance, or anything that relieves your body of all the stress. Whenever you work out your brain your brain becomes more sensitive towards serotonin and norepinephrine which relieves the body of pain and brings in positivity. Exercise is great for people suffering from anxiety or stress.


Traveling is an antidote to stress. When you travel to a new place, you get to meet new people and for a moment you forget your own issues and worries. Weekend getaways can be your go to and you can even cultivate traveling as a hobby. To travel is to get educated in ways you can never imagine and hence, it is a great way to keep your mental health in check. Investing time in traveling is the best utilisation and it will change you as a person and help you evolve into a better version of yourself.


It is never too late to cultivate new hobbies and learn new things. In order to keep yourself distracted and better your mental health you must try to work on developing a skill or doing anything you love. It could be creative like art, painting, sketching or physical like any form of physical training or reading watching movies and tv shows. Anything that provides an outlet to your emotions and makes you feel better. Creative activities are a great way to de-stress and help you keep yourself occupied thereby, leaving little or no room for overthinking or stress.


A very vital aspect of keeping your mental health in check is to be able to express your feelings and thoughts. Even though at times it feels difficult to put your thoughts across to others, it is in your best interest to talk it out and not face everything by yourself. Sharing your feelings and fears with a friend or a therapist is one of the best possible solutions to tackling your mental health issues. Talking to someone and sharing your thoughts can help lighten the burden and make you feel less lonely. If you feel the need to speak to a professional, you can see a therapist and share everything for he/she will have no reservations or judgments. Almost all universities and colleges abroad have mental health counseling for students and you can seek that service as well.

Mental health issue have been and are still stigmatized in today's world. There are innumerable people across the globe who are in dire need of mental health support and counseling. Most of these people feel intimidated to share how they feel or even acknowledge their issues. But as a student studying abroad you must remember mental health is the most important factor in determining your success and such issues may leave an indelible mark on your personality.

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