Top Tips to Succeed in CELPIP Reading Module

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The CELPIP reading section can be tough to crack, but not if you follow the right strategy. Read the blog to know more about how you can ace the CELPIP Reading Module. A lot of people want to live in Canada. One of the ways to do this is CELPIP. But many students often find it challenging to crack CELPIP Reading Section. This blog tells you in detail what CELPIP Reading Section is and how to crack it.

What is CELPIP Test

Let's first of all understand what CELPIP is. The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, or CELPIP is Canada's English language proficiency test. It is designed for those who want to live in Canada permanently. The test evaluates a person's ability to speak English accurately in daily life.

Types of CELPIP Test

The CELPIP test is of 2 types as follows:

1. CELPIP General Test: It's a 3-hour computer-based test which contains four sections reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Section NameTime Duration
Reading55-60 minutes
Writing53-60 minutes
Speaking15-20 minutes
Listening47-55 minutes
2. CELPIP General LS Test: It's a 1-hour computer-based test which contains two sections listening and speaking.

Section NameTime Duration
Listening47-55 minutes
Speaking15-20 minutes

How to prepare for the CELPIP Reading Module:

The CELPIP website provides many free tools and resources to the students to prepare them for the CELPIP Exam, such as:

Score Comparison Chart: CELPIP provides a list of various levels. You can choose the level and see what needs to be done to get onto that level. Using the Score Descriptor chart, the students can see at which level they are for both the speaking and writing sections.
Informative Sessions: The CELPIP also organizes free online informative sessions, which anybody can join and learn more about the CELPIP Exam. There are mainly four types of sessions it organizes, namely CELPIP Writing Pro, CELPIP Listening Pro, CELPIP Reading Pro and CELPIP Speaking Pro.
CELPIP Accelerate Starter: When a student registers for the CELPIP General test or CELPIP General LS Test, they receive the CELPIP Accelerate Starter course in the account. This course includes 2.5 hours of study material and 5 hours of videos, puzzles and practice questions, which help the student to prepare for the exam. 
Workshops and webinars: The CELPIP organizes various workshops from time to time, such as Get the Facts, Reading Pro, Speaking Pro and many more. Students can join these to learn more about the format of the CELPIP exam, procedure, study material etc. The students can also see recorded webinars on the CELPIP website and can register for upcoming ones.
Practice Test: The students get two free practice tests for both the CELPIP General test and CELPIP General LS Test. After giving the practice, the candidate will get familiar with the exam format, questions and much more. They can also see which part he is lacking and can improve in it.
CELPIP Preparation Programs: As the name suggests, the CELPIP Preparation program prepares students for the CELPIP Exam. This program is made by CELPIP experts. Enrolling in the program provides various benefits to students, like exclusive study material, guidance from CELPIP experts and test-takers community.

CELPIP Reading Section

CELPIP Reading Section is divided into four sections. All the sections include Multiple Choice Questions. The duration of the reading section is 55-60 minutes.

SectionNumber of Questions
Reading to Apply a Diagram8
Reading for Information9
Reading for Viewpoints10
Reading Correspondence11

Reading to Apply a Diagram

The student will be provided with a diagram, and there will be eight questions based on the diagram that needs to be answered in 9 minutes.

Reading for Information

This section will have a paragraph in which the words and phrases will be missing. The student has to select the right option from the four options provided. There will be nine questions.

Reading for Viewpoints

In this part, the student will be provided with an article and various opinions of readers. There will be ten questions based on readers' viewpoint that needs to be answered in 13 minutes.

Reading Correspondence

This part is divided into two sections. In the first part, there is an email or letter based on which 5-6 questions will be asked. In the second part, 5-6 questions will be asked where the blanks have to be filled. 

Tips to Succeed in CELPIP Reading Module 

An ideal strategy to score high in CELPIP Reading Section may be made up of the following steps:

Use Elimination

This is one of the basic tips you can use. Eliminate the answer you think is wrong, and you will ultimately get the correct answer.

Do not memorize

Don't memorize the answers because it won't provide you additional marks. Instead, use the time to prepare for other modules.

Timing is important

Remember you have limited time to attempt the reading section. In that also you have some minutes only to complete all four tasks. Therefore, you must check the timer and finish every answer on time.


If you find time at the end, then check all your answers. This is your chance to correct any mistakes. You can visit all the questions once again and change the answers if required.

Improve English

After all, it's an English proficiency test, and you shouldn't look like a beginner in English. Improve your English by reading books and novels. An interesting way to do this is by reading fiction. You can also watch English movies and analyze their English on various parameters like tone, grammar, speed, volume, etc. 

Sample Test

One of the easy tips to prepare for the CELPIP Reading Module is to give a sample test. The CELPIP website gives a free CELPIP test to the students for both CELPIP General Test and CELPIP General LS Test. 


Now you know what CELPIP Reading Section is all about and how you can score high. Use the above tips and succeed in the CELPIP Reading Module. If you are confused and need clarification, connect with Canamprep now.


One can improve CELPIP Reading by watching English movies and TV shows and reading English books and novels.
The students can take the CELPIP Reading Sample test from the CELPIP website, which is free of cost.
To score 9 in CELPIP Reading, the student should manage time and take a practice test.
It all depends on the English proficiency of the person. It could be difficult for some students, while for others, it could be easy.
Yes, the student can retake the CELPIP reading test.

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