CELPIP Writing Section: Email Writing Task 1

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Email writing is one of the tasks of the writing section of CELPIP. Read the blog to learn more about CELPIP Test, email writing task 1, its samples, and how to attempt it.

CELPIP Writing Section Email Writing Task 1.webpCELPIP is the English language proficiency test in Canada. If an individual wants to live in Canada permanently, he needs to give this test in Canada. It consists of 2 tasks: email writing and responding to a survey. Read the blog to learn more about CELPIP Test, email writing task 1, tips for scoring well, and more.

CELPIP Writing Test: Introduction

CELPIP is the English language proficiency test in Canada. It is of two types: General Test and General LS Test. The CELPIP General Test is a 3-hour test which contains four sections listening, reading, writing and speaking. The writing section is computer-based and is of two tasks. One is email writing, and the other is responding to a survey. See more about email writing task 1 below.

CELPIP Writing Task 1

Task 1 of the Writing section of CELPIP is email writing. Your task will be to write an email to a person regarding a particular situation. The time limit is 27 minutes, and the word limit is 150 to 200 words. Examples are given below.

CELPIP Email Writing Samples

Students can get an idea of writing task 1 from the following CELPIP email writing samples:

Sample 1
Being an international student, a student borrowed a book from the local library. The student left the book at a railway station and contacted the railway department, but they couldn't find it.
This statement gives an idea of what the student will write. The main topic here is that they lost a book.

There will be instructions on the upper right side of the test window. A complete question could be like this:

"Write an email to the librarian

In the letter:
•    Apologize
•    Explain what happened
•    Give details of the lost book."

The email could be written as follows:
"To whom it may concern

I am writing to apologize for the loss of the book that I had borrowed. My name is Peter Fernandez, and I am an engineering student studying at Harvard University. I borrowed a textbook from your library two days ago. Unfortunately, I misplaced it.

I may have lost the book yesterday when I was travelling. It was raining, and I ran late for my Mathematics Class with Professor John Wo. As I was onboarding the train, a sudden rush of passengers collided and my bag containing textbooks and notes dropped there. When I reached university, the book wasn't in the bag. Later in the evening, I called the railway department to ask about the book. Unfortunately, they weren't able to find it.

The book is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and it's a hard-bound book. The university published the book, which cost around $20. I want to express my heartfelt apologies and gladly pay for the book.

Peter Fernandez"

Sample 2
Question: Write an email to the website department in 150-200 words. Your email must contain the following:
•    What you purchased, and when
•    How it's different from what is described on the website
•    How can the company fix the problem?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am expressing my concern about your company's services. On June 2023, I purchased a smartphone at your website, www.bestmobiles.com. However, I received a different order. I bought the Samsung S20 edition for my sister's birthday.

According to the description mentioned on the website, it was supposed to have a 15-megapixel camera, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB Storage. But it was nowhere close to the online description. Instead, your company sent me the phone with less storage and poor camera quality.
Also, I called your sales department at 1800-654-649, but they didn’t respond and the issue still needs to be solved. Please look into this important matter.

I only have one problem with this product. Otherwise, the company has consistently provided excellent services since I began using it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


CELPIP Writing Tips
Below are some tips you can follow to score well in CELPIP Writing Task 1:

Practice on a computer
Remember that the CELPIP is a computer-based test. Many students are used to of basic functions like copying, cutting and pasting the text. But if you don't know about them, then you should practice them well. These functions can help you to edit your answer faster during email writing.

Sample Test
Taking a sample test is always an excellent way to get used to the pattern of an exam. You can take the free sample test of CELPIP at their main website. After giving the test, you will get an idea of the exam format.

Become Wordsmith
Vocabulary is the core of any English language proficiency test. Using different synonyms and forms of words can show the examiner that you have a good hold on vocabulary.

Enhance The Grammar
As it's an English proficiency test, candidates can't take the risk of writing wrong grammar. One must have a good knowledge of verbs, tenses and sentence structures. Try using different writing structures and be more natural.

One idea at a time
Giving too many ideas might confuse the examiner or reader. Explain only a single idea in one paragraph. A good technique to do this is using the PREP technique.

P (Main Idea)
R (why your idea is true)
E (give an example related to the idea)
P (explain the idea again but with paraphrasing)

Word Limit
One should keep the word limit in mind while writing answers. Writing more or less than the word limit might result in a low score; however, there is a 10% buffer rule for both sides, like 10% less of 150 words (135 words) and 10% more of 200 words (220 words).

Time Limit
The time limit for CELPIP writing task 1 is 27 minutes. After it ends, the student will be automatically directed to task 2. Therefore, while writing the answer, one must keep an eye on the timer. Try to finish your task on time.

If a student finds time in the end, checking answers for any grammatical or spelling errors and correcting them is crucial.

Now that the student knows what CELPIP writing task 1 is, how to attempt the task and sample questions, they can easily attempt the email task. If you still have any doubts, talk with Canamprep for more clarity on the topic.


The CELPIP Writing Task 1 lasts 27 minutes, and its word limit is 150-200.
Some tips for scoring high in CELPIP Writing Task 1 are working on your grammar and vocabulary and taking care of time and word limit.
CELPIP Writing Section contains two tasks: email writing and responding to a survey.
You can practice CELPIP Writing Task 1 on the main website of CELPIP.
CELPIP tests are of two types: CELPIP General Test and CELPIP General LS Test.

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