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Updated On: Jan 03,2024 , 11:52 AM IST

CELPIP Exam Dates 2024

All the CELPIP exam dates from January to February are listed on CELPIP's official website. Thus, we have given below the days on which exams are accessible with dates to save you the headache of choosing what date is appropriate or checking availability date-wise.

CELPIP GENERAL Exam Dates in Chandigarh

Test Location- B412, 4th Floor, Elante Offices / Industrial Area Phase I

Date Time
Saturday, Jan 06 09:00 AM
Saturday, Jan 06 01:30 PM
Sunday, Jan 07 09:00 AM
Saturday, Jan 20 09:00 AM
Saturday, Jan 20 01:30 PM
Sunday, Jan 21 09:00 AM
Sunday, Jan 21 01:30 PM
Saturday, Feb 03 09:00 AM
Saturday, Feb 03 01:30 PM
Sunday, Feb 04 09:00 AM
Saturday, Feb 17 09:00 AM
Saturday, Feb 17 01:30 PM

Note - One business day prior to the exam or when the test sitting reaches capacity, registration for a sitting ends. Furthermore, changes may be made to the test dates, timings, and locations. Therefore, when concerned authorities modify your registration, you will be contacted through email.

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