CELPIP Writing Test: Best Tips for CELPIP Writing Section

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Although the CELPIP exam can seem intimidating at first, with adequate preparation students can easily ace it. Read the blog to know more.

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Organized by Paragon Testing Enterprises, The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, popularly referred to as the CELPIP, is an extensive English proficiency test that is accepted officially by academic institutions in Canada and globally. The primary motive behind this test is to assess an individual’s competency in the English language when it comes to tasks such as formal or informal communication, understanding any piece of written work or writing an academic essay or a professional email, and so on.

Based on one’s requirements, there are two versions of the CELPIP test namely, 

Test nameModules
CELPIP-General TestConsists of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening  sections
CELPIP-General LS TestConsists only of Listening and Speaking sections

Let’s understand the format-

The format for the CELPIP writing exam is very specific. Read below to have a deeper understanding of it-

E-mail Writing

The first task of the CELPIP writing exam is all about writing an e-mail in the allotted 26-28 minutes. In this task, one is required to draft an e-mail based on the situation provided in the question. Normally, the types of e-mail questions in the exam are based on requesting certain information, conveying a message or clarifying any information. 

The question prompt has three bullet points, which one is expected to cover. One must ensure that the e-mail they write has around 4 to 5 paragraphs and must be written in between 150 and 200 words.  

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Responding to a Survey Question 

On average, this task spans a duration of 24 to 26 minutes. As a part of this task, applicants are required to convey their opinions or thoughts about a given topic. At the beginning of this task, each individual is presented with a specific scenario followed by two distinct viewpoints. Out of the two viewpoints, one must choose their respective option and provide practical reasoning. 

One must remember that marks are given for not only choosing an option but for properly justifying it as well. Similar to the first task, the word count for this is also between 150 to 200 words.

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Best Tips For CELPIP Writing Sections

Effective Planning

Time is of great essence while attempting the CELPIP Writing section. Each candidate is allotted only 53 minutes to complete both writing tasks. Therefore, time management plays a crucial role. 

A timer starts on the screen along with the question prompt as soon as the test begins. Be sure not to panic and calmly brainstorm ideas before writing. Keep a game plan in mind and try completing the task with a few minutes to spare. Ideally, out of the 26 minutes per task, one must save the last 2 minutes to proofread the work. Never underestimate the value of proofreading.

Take the prompt seriously.

An aspect where most test-takers go wrong is not reading the prompt properly. Fully understanding the prompt is of utmost importance because straying away from what is needed in the task can cost a student a lot of precious marks. For instance, some prompts may ask for an opinion or suggestion, so try sticking to it. 

Tone and Vocabulary

As established before, CELPIP is an English proficiency test, so having an advanced vocabulary will always prove advantageous. Use clever words wherever possible without trying too hard. Ensure that clarity is maintained and sentences are easy to understand. Try to avoid repeating words and incorporate the use of synonyms. In the same way, inculcate the art of paraphrasing as it comes in handy. 

Similarly, maintain an appropriate tone while writing. The answers should never come out to be too informal or formal at the same time. Read the prompt carefully to understand what exactly is being asked. 

Follow a pattern

The writing section of the CELPIP exam has a concrete structure and pattern, which one must always keep in mind to fetch greater marks. Many times, students get overwhelmed and, under pressure, write haphazardly. Don’t let that happen! Practice ahead of time and grasp how to express the ideas. Generally, each response should have an introduction, main body and conclusion. Try sticking to it. Ensure that all requirements of the task are duly fulfilled. 

Respect the word count.

It is always a good practice to adhere to the word count, especially regarding the CELPIP writing test. Writing between 150 to 200 words is the brightest idea. Test-takers who exceed this word count or write less than this have a chance of losing marks. Respecting the word count gives the examiner the idea about how well one can express their opinion adequately while maintaining coherence and significant idea development. 

After reading this blog, it is evident that although the CELPIP Writing test initially seems complicated, one can master it with proper training and practice. The test is designed to gauge a student’s aptitude in the English language and does so in a very competent yet simple manner. One who puts in effort, hard work and is dedicated towards the exam can easily ace it and score high marks. Although there is no sure-shot way of achieving success in the writing module, following tips such as proofreading, time management, and following a pattern and structure can accelerate one’s performance. 

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No, the time allotted for the writing section is fixed and cannot be altered by anyone. Additionally, when the specified time ends, the section expires automatically. 
Factors such as vocabulary, content, grammar, coherence and structure are the main areas based on which scoring is done. 
Following are some of the most common mistakes that students make while giving the CELPIP exam-

• Not structuring the answering
• Not following the prompt
• Not mentioning the suitable salutations at the beginning of the E-mail in the writing task 1
• Improper spacing

The CELPIP test is conducted online or, in other words, it is computer-delivered.
Internet usage is restricted and prohibited during the exam. Students cannot take help from any AI tools or grammar tools. Therefore, test-givers are advised to be thoroughly prepared for the exam.

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