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6 most popular cities for international students in the UK

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The United Kingdom, famous for its rich history, academic excellence, and job opportunities, is a dream destination for international students seeking an enriching study experience. In this blog, learn about the top 6 cities in the UK where students can pursue higher education and achieve career goals under the guidance of professionals. Explore what makes these cities an ideal place to study for international students. 

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The UK is full of history, academic excellence, and job opportunities, which have long been magnets for international students. The UK offers an enriching and transformative education, a diverse array of universities, and a world of choice for international students. All these reasons make the UK one of the world's most sought-after study-abroad destinations. Even in the UK, some locations are more in demand than other cities and towns. In this blog, students can learn about UK's 6 most popular cities, each brimming with opportunities for intellectual growth, cultural immersion, and personal discovery.

Top 6 Cities in the UK for International Students

The United Kingdom, with its rich academic heritage and diverse cultural tapestry, stands as a beacon for international students seeking quality education and an enriching study experience. Year after year, the UK's cities emerge as some of the world's most sought-after study abroad destinations for higher learning. Let's delve into the 6 most popular cities of the UK which have become hubs for students from around the globe. 

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Edinburgh: A Blend of Scottish Heritage and Innovation 

Edinburgh, a city steeped in Scottish tradition, provides a spectacular backdrop for student life with its famous festivals, historic sites, and vibrant arts scene. Edinburgh consistently attracts legions of students eager to tap into its esteemed programmes and research opportunities. Edinburgh's picturesque landscapes and its modern, tech-friendly economy create a supportive environment for students who balance their academic pursuits with a need for inspiration and recreation. 

London: The Capital of Limitless Opportunities 

London takes pride in being at the forefront of multicultural vibrancy and educational excellence. The capital city is an academic powerhouse, home to over 40 higher education institutions, including world-renowned giants. London offers a rare blend of historic tradition and cutting-edge innovation, making it an irresistible magnet for aspiring intellectuals and industry leaders. The city's myriad cultures, cuisines, and languages create an inclusive environment where any student can feel at home. 

Manchester: The Northern Powerhouse with a Creative Spirit 

Manchester, one of the 6 most popular cities of the UK, is celebrated for its influential music scene, sports enthusiasm, and dynamic city life. The University of Manchester leads the academic offerings, strongly emphasising research-driven education. Student life in Manchester is notably affordable compared to London, and the city is particularly appealing to students interested in arts, business, and engineering. Manchester's rapid regeneration and investment in technology also make it a fertile ground for innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Birmingham: A Central Hub of Diversity and Enterprise 

Birmingham sits in the heart of the UK, renowned for its rich industrial heritage and flourishing cultural scene. Students' dream of studying in the UK mainly refers to studying at Birmingham universities. Birmingham's universities, notably the University of Birmingham and Aston University, provide a comprehensive and diverse array of courses tailored to international students. With impressive green spaces and a vibrant array of community events, Birmingham offers a balanced lifestyle enhanced by a multicultural and welcoming local population. The city is a cornerstone of opportunity, particularly for students keen on tapping into the UK's business and professional networks. 

Glasgow: The Friendly City with a Forward-Thinking Attitude 

Glasgow, often hailed as the world's friendliest city, offers a warm Scottish welcome to students from every corner of the planet. Its prestigious universities, such as the University of Glasgow, present a winning combination of well-respected degree programs and groundbreaking research facilities. The city's active social scene, rich musical legacy, and growing emphasis on sustainability and innovation attract students who are chasing academic success and a well-rounded and engaging city life. 

Cambridge: The Epitome of Academic Prestige 

The list of 6 most popular cities of the UK would be incomplete without Cambridge, the quintessential university town synonymous with academic excellence. The University of Cambridge, a timeless institution, has been shaping the minds of scholars for centuries. Students flock to this serene and scenic city not simply for its scholarly reputation but also for the unique collegiate system that fosters a close-knit community atmosphere. Beyond the bounds of lecture halls, Cambridge offers a serene retreat into nature and rich cultural patrimony to inspire the scholars of today and tomorrow. 

Each of these 6 most popular cities of the UK reflects the UK's commitment to offering diverse choices for international students. The UK's rich history and modernity and strong emphasis on educational innovation have maintained its status as a preeminent location for international education. Whether students are drawn by the bustling marketplace of ideas in London, the tech-savvy scene in Manchester, or the collegiate heritage of Cambridge, they will find places to visit in the UK that enhances their academic pursuits and contributes to a transformative life experience. 


The UK continues to stand proud as a global education hub, with London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Cambridge leading as 6 most popular cities for international students to study abroad. Offering quality education, rich cultural experiences, and unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth, these cities are the beacons that light up the path towards academic excellence for students from across the globe. As the UK forges ahead, these urban centres remain committed to welcoming the brightest minds and fostering the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and change-makers. To get more information on study in UK application process, contact Canam Consultants.


The UK boasts a rich academic heritage, diverse universities, and world-renowned institutions. Students will find cutting-edge research, globally recognised degrees, and vibrant student life in cities like London, Edinburgh, and Manchester.
The UK offers many post-study work opportunities for international graduates in various sectors. Students can utilise career services at university and network with professionals to build their future in the UK.
The UK is generally considered a safe country with low crime rates. However, it's better to stay informed about local safety measures.
The UK is a multicultural and diverse society with a rich history and traditions. Be prepared to embrace new experiences, explore different cuisines, and connect with people worldwide.
Official websites of universities, the UK government's education portal, and international student organisations offer valuable resources and guidance. Remember, students can also consult with Canam Consultants for personalised support.
The visa application process may require various documents and proof of financial sustainability. It is important to meet all requirements and follow the process carefully. Consider seeking professional guidance if needed.

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