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Study Abroad Options for Commerce Students after 12th

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After taking up a particular stream in their intermediary classes, students often get confused regarding their further education options in their home country or abroad. This is especially true in case of commerce students because the road ahead is wide and diversified with a lot of overlapping. The Study Abroad Options for Commerce Students after 12th grade are: Economics: (targets applied economics to secure jobs, for example, economist, data analyst, auditor, investment banking analyst, etc) Accounting: (accounting program could be business, accounting, business & corporate law, finance and mathematics.) Marketing: (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing, as well as efficient communication technologies.) Management: (Specializations could include global marketing, global human resource management, and finance etc.) Business: (Bachelors in Science (BS) degree in business, Business Administration (BBA)) Finance: (accounting, microeconomics and statistics courses) Mathematics: (Typical core courses may include algebra, calculus, and mathematical statistics.) Above mentioned are the most attractive Study Abroad Options for Commerce students after class 12th. The basic course remains the same irrespective of the universities, however, the specializations and electives may vary. Study Abroad Admissions Tips There are numerous options for a commerce student after the completion of 12th. It is important to be careful in the selection of the course and institute. Various factors should be considered like the flexibility offered in the choice of subjects, assessment of ones qualities and strengths before making a final call. Hiring a study abroad consultants is a good idea. You can visit them and they can provide you the answers to your queries and help y ou land up in a good university or college. In this regard, Canam Consultants is one of the best agents that can help you realize your dream of studying abroad in a smooth way. For complete information on Study Abroad Options for Commerce Students after 12th, Contact Canam Consultants on 1800 137 8055 (Toll-Free).0 Save

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