PTE Speaking: Repeat Sentence Tips and How to Answer Short Questions

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Read this blog to gain valuable insights on how to strategize like a genius while attempting the PTE Repeat Sentence & Short Answer question type. Maximize your performance and scores today. 

Appearing for PTE exam may seem like a big task to some individuals but worry not because this blog will solve all the worries. This blog contains and covers all the necessary information related to the Repeat Sentence and Short Answer question type in the Speaking section of the PTE test. Learn the most helpful insights, tricks, and tips. Follow the step-by-step guide to enhance the speaking abilities.

The PTE Test, an acronym for the Pearson Test of English, is an English proficiency test that is known for assessing non-native English speakers' proficiency in the language. This computer-based test is recognized by the most significant academic institutions and professional organizations worldwide. The PTE test is a popular choice among individuals opting to study abroad. The test is designed comprehensively to provide a balanced and fair evaluation of one’s English-speaking and understanding capabilities.

The PTE test comprises four integral sections: Writing, Speaking, listening, and Reading. These four sections, in their own way, provide students with a platform to showcase their language abilities.

Quick facts

Test namePTE (Pearson Test of English)
Mode of deliveryOnline
ModulesListening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking
Duration2 hours 15 minutes

Out of the four modules of the PTE exam, the Speaking section is by far the most simple and scoring. It evaluates one’s ability to communicate effectively in English, be it in a professional, academic, or casual setting. This section lasts from any time between 54 and 67 minutes and broadly covers two question types: Repeat Sentence Questions and Answering short Questions. 

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Repeat Sentence Questions:

The PTE Repeat Sentence question type is smartly designed to judge the test-taker's ability to listen, memorise, and speak simultaneously. In these questions, a student is supposed to listen to a sentence carefully and repeat it back exactly as it was said. 

On average, every individual is given around 10 to 12 prompts, each being approximately 3 to 9 seconds in length. The candidate is given 3 seconds to prepare before the delivery of the prompt and 15 seconds to answer it. Below mentioned are some tips that can help you answer repeat sentence type questions in a PTE exam.

Memorising skills

A person who can memorise well will always have an added advantage in answering repeat-style questions. So, begin sharpening your ability to retain material. As soon as the sentence is said, try rephrasing it in your mind to help you remember it better. Moreover, it will also help reinforce your understanding of the sentence. This mental exercise can prove to be extremely fruitful in the test.

Active hearing

Being attentive while the sentence is being delivered is the way to go; otherwise, it can get really hard to understand, retain, and repeat the sentence. Pay close attention to keywords, catchy phrases or idioms, intonation, and stress patterns. Remember, active hearing is the key!

Fluency and tonality

A crucial element of speaking English is fluency. Be sure to deliver your answers fluently to score more points. Also, maintain an appropriate tone. While delivering your answer, remain confident and focus on a clear pronunciation and diction of words. Have strong body posture for added confidence.

Take down notes

In the speaking test, a notepad is provided at the student's disposal, so make full use of it. When the audio is being played, jot down the important keywords or phrases. In this way, one can avoid missing out on essential information and follow a structure.

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Additionally, other factors to always keep in mind about the read-aloud, repeat-style questions are:

• Always look out for the countdown before starting the sentence. As soon as the question is delivered, a countdown starts on the recording status box. A short tone is then played, after which one should start speaking. Secondly, make sure that the microphone is turned on. If not, anything that the test-taker says won't be recorded.
• One can only record their answer once, so be prompt.

Answering short questions:

In this section, a short general knowledge question is asked, based on which the correct answer needs to be provided. The answer is usually only a single word or a short phrase. The questions are rather easy and relate to day-to-day life.
First, the question is asked, and then 10 seconds are provided to respond to it and record it. Normally, 10 to 12 prompts or questions are asked, but it may vary.

Following are the tips that can help you answer short questions

Comprehension skills

In this question type, one’s comprehension skills come to the test; therefore, work on them to get the best results. Many times, the answer lies in the question itself, so understand the context of the question carefully before answering. Identify what the examiner is asking for in the answer.

General Knowledge

Having good general knowledge also becomes important while sitting for the PTE examination, as this question type may specifically focus on that. Having said that, the questions are made to judge an individual's street smarts and the ability to not fluster and act efficiently under pressure.

Brief responses

As the name of the section suggests, these questions are supposed to be answered shortly and concisely. There are no extra points for long answers, so keep them crisp, short, and to the point. Respond in a way that directly addresses the question asked without diverting from it.

Apart from this, do not forget the following:

Always keep an eye on the monitor screen. The audio clip will play automatically, following which the recording will start. No short tune or beep is played after the question in this task, so be alert. 


It takes a lot of practise, attentive listening, and skilled communication to master the PTE Speaking portion. You can improve how well you perform on the "Repeat Sentence" exercise and in answering brief questions by using the advice and techniques given in this blog post. As you prepare, keep in mind that consistent practise, expanding your vocabulary, and time management are crucial. You can succeed in the PTE Speaking portion and get the score you want if you put in the effort. 

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Yes, of course. The PTE test has four integral sections: Speaking, Listening, reading, and Writing. Each section carries marks and adds to the overall score. The Specking sections carry a significant amount of weight, so don’t take them lightly.
Listen to the prompt with utmost attention. Let the answer be short and concise and remain confident.
Getting confused is normal. Sometimes, under pressure, students miss out on a few words of the sentence but do not panic. Try recalling whatever you remember and saying it out loud. However, to prevent such a thing from happening, make notes and inculcate the habit of active hearing.
No, the audio is only played once, so make the most of it.

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