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In this blog, we will guide you on why Canamprep is the best option for students to prepare for the Pearson Test of English (PTE) in Chandigarh. We will also talk about some crucial factors that set Canamprep apart, including their highly-experienced faculty, innovative teaching methodologies, and latest study materials.

the best pte training institute in chandigarh canamprep.webpBest PTE training institute in Chandigarh - Canamprep

Looking for the best institute where you get expert guidance for PTE Academic? Your search ends at Canamprep - North India’s leading institute for IELTS, TOEFL and PTE Academic. PTE Academic stands for the Pearson Test of English Academic. This test particularly holds relevance for non-native English speakers like in Chandigarh and many neighbouring cities. It is a computer-based test that is designed to assess the calibre of students and aspiring professionals who aspire to study and make a career abroad. It comprises reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will find that the questions contained in it often test 2 skills together. For instance, listening and reading would be put together or reading and speaking in a similar fashion.

The whole test lasts for 3 hours and the candidate has to complete it in a single session at a computer in a secure environment. Wherever you chose to study for this test in Chandigarh make sure that the sole aim of the institute is to help their students achieve success. The best PTE training institute in Chandigarh would be the one where trainers cater to the students' academic needs by providing top quality curriculum. A sure sign of it can be seen at Canamprep which has an evaluation system that makes it easy to assess the weaknesses and strengths of the students. This further helps the institution in designing a fully personalised study plan for the student. There are so many things that make this coaching institution unique from other undertakings. The experts here are well equipped in imparting you with the latest mock tests and efficient time management skills.

Along with these strategies what you should find with Canamprep are properly thought out and well organized problem solving sessions. Another very important part of PTE training is coming up with your own strategy. As a student you would know that you are in best PTE training institute in Chandigarh when you can ensure that you will be taught how to strategise your paper in order to save loads of time and score impressively high. The PTE is not just another test that you would seek online or give for fun at the end of school or graduation. This is a real life English test that assesses your skills that are most needed by you to make it to the university or college of your choice and help you live abroad without any communication issues.

The results of this test are also going to affect your visa application as it is taken as a proof of your English proficiency. With Canamprep though, you just have to pick out the country of your choice and leave the rest to the experts. For complete information on PTE Coaching, Contact Canamprep.

The Pearson Test of English Academic is a computer-based academic English language proficiency test. It is undertaken by non-English speakers wanting to study abroad. PTE academic consists of four modules- Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening. First we will talk about the Reading module as people nowadays don’t have a regular reading habit and face many issues on the exam day. In this post, we will share essential tips and strategies to practice the reading module to maximise your scores.

Tip 1: Read at a reasonable pace: 

Reading can be tricky as whatever you read will be accurately picked up and intercepted by the computer. The best way to ace it is to read the text at a reasonable pace. It should not be too fast or not too slow. Also, try to avoid taking long pauses. It is also advisable to avoid sounds like ‘aa’ and ‘uhm’ too much as it will bring down your score. Looking for the best IELTS coaching institute in your city? Call 1800 137 5499 or register online.

Tip 2: Avoid Speaking in different Accent:

Many people have this common notion in their mind that to impress the computer, they need to speak in another accent. Well, this is just a myth. It is advisable to speak normally. Instead, it would help if you focused on enunciating each word with correct pronunciation without any unnecessary long pauses.

Tip 3: Time Management:

Always make sure to manage your time effectively. You have to figure out how much time you have per question. Also, while solving your questions, keep an eye on the clock. In case you are stuck on a difficult question, do not waste all the time on it. Leave it and come back later, if you have some time left. You have to practice time management in your practice tests.

Tip 4: Learn how to skim and scan text in less time:

If you want to manage your time effectively, then you should learn the skimming and scanning method. Skimming is the method in which you look through the text quickly, without actually reading every word. You are trying to get the crux of the story or the passage. Scanning is when you are looking at the passage for a specific piece of information. Try to focus only on the keywords. You will find the answer to every question.

How to deal with the following type of questions:

MCQ Choose the single answer:

The first step is to read the question very carefully. Try to understand what is being asked and what it is asking you to figure out from the passage. Look for the word “NOT” in the question statement to select the correct answer. The second step is to read the passage properly to find out the answer. Take two minutes to solve these questions.

MCQ Choose multiple answers:

The best way to attempt these types of questions is to read and understand the questions well. Then read all the options given. The next step is to read the text. By following this approach, you will get a fair idea of what to focus on in the passage. You have to be very careful while answering such questions as it has negative marking for every incorrect option.

Managing time in PTE’s listening module is very important. Although it depends entirely on you to decide the amount of time you spend on each question before clicking NEXT. Unlike the reading and writing modules, you cannot go back in PTE speaking module as it happens in real-time. Audio files in the listening module start automatically and are played once only. Therefore, you need to be very attentive so that not even a single minute is wasted.

Let us take a look at the tasks first:

Summarizing the Spoken Text: In this test, you listen to the recording and make a 50-70-word summary in 10 minutes.

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: In this test, you have to listen to an audio recording based on which you select multiple correct answers, from a list of possible options.

Fill in the Blanks: In this test, you have to listen to an audio clip based on which you will fill the blanks with missing words correctly.

Highlight Correct Summary: In this test, you have to listen to an audio recording and select the right option which best summarises the record.

Multiple Choice, Single Answer: in this test, you have to choose one correct answer for a multiple-choice question.

Select Missing Word: In this test, you have to select the most appropriate response to complete the missing words in an audio recording. The missing words in the text are beeped to represent it.

Highlight Incorrect Words: In this test, you have to highlight the errors in a transcript after listening to an audio file.

Write from Dictation: In this test, you have to type a short sentence correctly after listening to its audio.

Looking for the best PTE coaching institute in your city? Call 1800 137 5499 or register online.

Managing time is vital to answer all these tests. For most people, time management means completing tasks at all costs. However, they fail to understand that it is even more essential to perform effectively by working on your strengths. This is how you should go:

1.Prioritise: It is advisable to prioritise your tasks that carry the most weightage. This will let you decide where you need to put most of your time. For example, Fill in the blanks test has higher weightage than Multiple Choice. The latter is also bit tricky, confusing and doesn’t contribute much.

2.Familiarise: It is an obvious tip, but it is the most important one. It would be best if you get familiarise with the format, flow and sequence of the tasks as well. Even if you are brilliant in English, it doesn’t matter if you are unable to translate it to good scores.

3.Optimal utilization: Optimizing is the best way to score well in the listening module. If you have adequately practiced this section, then you must have developed some strategy to score perfectly.

If you are planning to study abroad, then you need to give a language proficiency test to prove your eligibility. To score well, join the best IELTS, TOEFL and PTE preparation institute like Canamprep today! Enrol today!


Canamprep, Chandigarh, offers various packages curated to help students succeed in the Pearson Test of English (PTE). Our PTE preparation courses include intensive speaking, writing, listening and reading classes, along with mock tests and personalized one-on-one coaching sessions.
Our instructors are Pearson certified and possess many years of instruction experience in teaching English proficiency tests. Other than that, we deeply understand the test structure, scoring methods, and strategies required to achieve high scores in the PTE exam.
Canamprep - Chandigarh offers flexible class schedules to accommodate various needs of the students, including weekday, weekend and even evening classes.
On average, over 90% of our students pass the PTE test on their first try.
We provide the best possible support to the students through practice materials, advice on taking the test, and personalized feedback. Other than that, we allow our students to retake classes or sections of the exam they feel they need more practice in.

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