MS in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in USA: Best Universities, Eligibility, Courses, Scholarship, Job

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  • USA is the most preferred study destination for international students who want to build their careers in Artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming tech education. MS in AI is one of the most demanding and rewarding programs that US universities offer.
  • After finishing MS in AI in USA, students will have an array of job opportunities to live a lavish life.

MS in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in USA.WEBP

The United States of America (USA) is known for its superior education and technological advancements. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing fields today, and many businesses in the US have started implementing AI to improve their productivity and efficiency. It can handle massive amounts of data and perform much faster than humans, making it ideal for research purposes where a large amount of data needs processing.

Pursuing a Master of Science (MS) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the USA can give individuals a competitive edge. However, several factors must be considered before enrolling in the program, such as the best universities offering the program, eligibility criteria, scholarship options, and job prospects after AI studies in the USA. Keep reading to learn more about studying an MS in AI in the USA.

Reasons to Study Masters (MS) in AI in USA

AI is revolutionizing global education and technology. It's a part of computer science with many job opportunities, like machine learning engineering and data analysis. There are several subfields in AI, like Machine Learning, Big Data, Neural Networking, Deep Learning, and others. If you're interested in AI, you can study it at the master's level in the USA.

Studying in the USA can be a wild ride, especially when you are thousands of miles away from home. But don't worry; with the correct information and guidance, international students can navigate the system and find the perfect university, course, and scholarship to study for an MS in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the USA.

Here are some compelling reasons to study MS in AI in the USA:

Latest CurriculumThe USA offers a creative curriculum that keeps students engaged in the course. Teachers use cutting-edge technology to help students understand concepts more effectively. 
Increasing Job RolesEvery technology company understands the significance of AI, as it has the potential to create more job opportunities.  Many IT companies in the USA will hire people proficient in using AI models. 
Huge DemandAs previously stated, people with a deeper understanding of AI will always be in demand. Organizations will look for individuals who can use AI to speed up their operations. 
Promising FutureAI will replace many jobs, and only those who know how to benefit from it will survive. Pursuing an MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA will ensure that students know everything about technology. Pursuing the course will help them secure the highest-paying jobs and a bright future.

Best Universities & Courses for Masters in AI in USA

Renowned universities in the US attract students from all over the world to pursue higher education programs. These universities offer smaller classes, highly qualified professors, advanced technology, and research capabilities. The availability of various courses is one of the main reasons international students choose to study in the US. Among the most popular courses for international students is an MS in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Below are some reputed US universities offering Master's degrees in AI.

Arizona State University - Tempe CampusMaster Of Science In Robotics And Autonomous Systems With Concentration In Artificial Intelligence
San Jose State UniversityMaster Of Science In Artificial Intelligence
University of BridgeportMaster Of Science In Artificial Intelligence
Florida Atlantic UniversityMaster Of Science In Artificial Intelligence
DePaul UniversityMaster Of Science In Artificial Intelligence
Saint Louis UniversityMaster Of Science In Artificial Intelligence
Stevens Institute of TechnologyMaster Of Science In Applied Artificial Intelligence
Long Island University BrooklynMaster Of Science In Applied Artificial Intelligence

Note: To know more universities in USA for studying MS in Artificial Intelligence, connect with study-abroad Consultants.  

Eligibility Criteria for MS in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in USA

If you have aspirations of pursuing an MS in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the USA, there are some eligibility criteria that you should adhere to make this dream a reality. You must satisfy the requirements of your chosen course and university. The eligibility criteria for pursuing an MS in Artificial Intelligence may differ from one university to another. However, there are some standard requirements that you must fulfil to pursue a Masters in AI in the USA.

Bachelor’s DegreeAn applicant must have completed a bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognized institution with at least 50% marks.
Letter of RecommendationIt is one of the most common documents required to study in the USA. An applicant could get a Letter of Recommendation from his previous employers and professors. It is necessary to show the achievements of the applicant in previous jobs and college.
Statement of PurposeA student needs to show a Statement of Purpose for pursuing a Master’s in the USA. An SOP is a document which includes the background, interests, career goals and why the applicant wants to pursue this specific course.
Word ExperienceAlthough it’s not mandatory but still if the applicant has worked in the AI field then this can make his application stronger than others.

Documents Required for MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA

If you are eligible, you can fly to the US to study your chosen course. But before that, you must provide academic and financial documents to your chosen university and embassy during the application process. Each university has a different document requirement for each program and course level. Here is the list of required documents to study MS in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the USA:

Required Documents Description
Valid passportApplicants must upload a copy of their passport.
Acceptance letterAspirants must have at least one copy letter of acceptance from their chosen universities in the USA.
Statement of Purpose (SOP)Candidates must upload an impactful Statement of Purpose (SOP) during the application process. 
Academic SheetsStudents must upload their Academic Transcripts(Bachelor’s degree, high secondary) during the process.
GRE scoresheetThe GRE is a standardized exam that is taken to study MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA. Applicants should showcase the GRE scoresheet to increase their admission chances.  
Language Proficiency Tests scoresheetInternational students must submit their English language proficiency exams scoresheets.
Letter of recommendation (LOR)Applicants must upload their letter of recommendation written by their teacher and mentors.
CV/ResumeOne must upload their CVs/resumes to demonstrate their technical skills, work experience, internships, and so on.

Note: The universities may ask students to submit additional documents. 

Scholarships for MS in AI in USA

Following are the scholarship options available for students pursuing a Masters in Artificial Intelligence in the USA:

Name of ScholarshipWho will benefitCoverage
International Merit ScholarshipAny student pursuing a master’s degree30,000 USD annually 
Bold360 Artificial Intelligence Scholarship Program
  • Scoring - GPA of 3.0 or above in high school
  • Students need to submit an essay of 500-750 words on a pre-chosen topic.
5,000 USD for tuition and 1,000 USD for books.
Civil Society Leadership AwardStudents pursuing any PG degree in the USALiving and Tuition Expenses
QS Connect Master’s ScholarshipStudents pursuing any Master’s degree in the USA2000 USD
National Overseas ScholarshipIndian SC/ST applicants with at least 60% marks in bachelor’s and family income should be less than 8,00,000 INRCovers actual tuition fees, Contingency Allowance, Visa fees, Air passage and more)

Job Opportunities after Masters in AI in USA

Pursuing an MS in Artificial Intelligence in the US is an excellent decision for those looking to boost their career prospects. The country's economy is the most advanced in the world, and graduates from such programs can expect to find ample job opportunities, with salaries averaging around $58,212 - $59,428 annually. Below are the job opportunities after finishing an MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA.

AI Research ScientistThe role of an AI Research Scientist is to develop AI algorithms, models, and techniques. He would be responsible for solving real-world problems.
Data ScientistA data scientist is responsible for extracting insights and making predictions from large datasets. He solves problems like predictive modelling and data analysis.
AI ConsultantAI consultants guide organizations in using AI technologies to improve their business outcomes. They design AI strategies and implement AI solutions that help achieve organizational goals faster.
Robotics EngineerRobotics Engineers, as the name suggests, are responsible for designing and developing robotic systems. Their tasks include motion planning, robot perception, and human-robot interaction.
AI EntrepreneurOne can start an AI-based venture in which he can provide services like AI-based products, consulting, building AI tools, and many more.


Studying for a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence in the USA can be an excellent investment for those who want to lead in technological innovation. Completing this program can help students become industry innovators passionate about shaping the future of technology. With a world-class curriculum and the latest technologies, students can access many high-paying job opportunities after completing the course.

To have a successful career in AI, you must choose a university suitable for your budget. It's also important to seek counselling before starting your academic journey in the USA. Connect with study abroad consultants at Canam Consultants today for expert advice and a hassle-free application process for an MS in Artificial Intelligence at US universities.


Although it depends on the company in general an AI scientist in the USA can easily earn more than 100000 USD annually.
Any student who has completed his or her graduation from any recognized institution can apply.
The students after doing MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA can get high-paying job opportunities such as Data scientist, Robotics Engineer, AI Entrepreneur, AI Research Scientist and more.
The USA is the best country for pursuing MS in Artificial Intelligence.
MS in Artificial Intelligence is a 2-year full-time course.
Yes, definitely MS in Artificial Intelligence is a rewarding career where one could get high-salary job roles in top IT companies.

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