MS in USA: Best Courses, Requirements, Cost, Scholarships, Jobs & More

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Explore MS in the USA to build a successful career in the desired field. Out of all the other courses, STEM courses are one of the most chosen to study in the USA. These courses offer ample job opportunities with a decent annual income. Canam experts are here to provide comprehensive guidance to international students who want to study MS in the USA.

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USA is a top study destination for international students globally. Studying at a university in the USA can be a wonderful exposure to the world. It is home to several top universities offering a variety of courses at affordable prices. Out of all the courses, US universities are famous for offering STEM courses. Apart from the high-ranked MS universities in the US, it has a multicultural society.  Hence, MS in the USA enables students to grab opportunities to grow professionally and personally. 

This blog provides a comprehensive guide to students who want to study Master of Science (MS) in the USA, including the best courses, requirements, costs, scholarships, jobs, and much more!

Why Study MS Courses in the USA?

USA is a global knowledge center that houses top-ranked universities in the world. It is the most in-demand study-abroad destination among international students globally. There are different reasons why studying in the USA leads to a high standard of living and an advanced education system. MS courses are worldwide famous in the USA for their tech-backed learning approach.

Below are the reasons why students should study MS courses in the USA.

Reasons to study MS courses in the USADescription
Quality education Home to most of the world’s top-ranked universities, US universities provide high-quality education to students to help them build bright careers. 
Wider choice of specializationThe US universities have a wide range of specialization courses in masters. It allows students to have not only diverse options for studying but also specialized programs. So, the students can choose their desired courses according to their interests and career goals. 
Renowned faculty Students who choose to pursue a Masters at US universities have the chance to learn and gain experience from highly qualified faculty members in the fields. 
Research opportunities The United States government is strongly in favor of making significant investments in technology and research. It is now the greatest place in the world to conduct research in this area over the years.
Top student cities Apart from the best universities, the USA has 17 liveliest student-friendly cities, according to QS Best Student Cities 2022.  For example Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.
Experimental learning MS at US universities offers ample experimental learning in the form of internships with prestigious organizations. It helps students apply their theoretical learning in the real world. 
Optimal learning environment The opportunity to learn in a multicultural US university setting that fosters students' global awareness. Students' interactive and participatory natures are cultivated as a goal of the MS courses offered in the US.
Scholarships Students who want to pursue MS (Master of Science) at a US university may apply for scholarships, including institutional and government-funded ones. 

Best MS Courses and Specializations in the USA

US universities offer various options for a Master of Science. It is important to figure out the desired field and other factors. The tuition fees for programs varied differently, like salary and scope. The US universities allow students to choose their courses by knowing their job prospects, average annual salary, and future scope.
Below are the best MS courses in different fields in the USA.

EngineeringBusiness & Management Public Health Science 
Bio-Medical EngineeringBusiness analyticsEnvironment health science Biology
Chemical EngineeringInternational managementEpidemiology Mathematics
Civil EngineeringFinancePopulation, family, and health Physics
Computer Engineering Marketing BiostatisticsData Science
Mechanical Engineering-------------
Aeronautical Engineering ------------

With so many options available, students can often get confused. Numerous options are available in the fields of science, engineering, business, analytics, and public health. Connect with Canam to know which would be the best option to study in the US. 

Top 10 MS Universities in the USA

The top 10 MS universities in the USA are listed below. According to UNESCO, the USA is one of the nations with a highly developed educational system.

MS Universities in USA.webp

Eligibility Criteria for MS in the USA

In the USA, different colleges and universities may have different requirements for applying to MS programs. However, the general eligibility requirements for applying to MS programs at US universities are listed below:

Undergraduate Scores: The first requirement to apply for MS courses is to have a bachelor's degree in a relevant subject with a minimum of 60% scores. The requirements for scores can vary as per the university.
Language Proficiency Test: It is important to take language proficiency tests (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and Duolingo) to study in the USA. Most universities may ask students to provide language proficiency test scores.

The below table presents the minimum required scores to apply for MS in the US.

Name of Tests Minimum Required Score
IELTS6.5 – 7.5
PTE65- 75

: For subjects like finance and management, universities may ask students to take GMAT/GREs to fulfil the admission process. In general, a good test score for an MS in the USA is:

Name of TestsMinimum Score
GMAT700 and above

Work experience: Some US universities may ask students to provide work experience of a minimum of 2 to 3 years to get admission to MS courses. 

MS in USA Without GMAT/GRE and Work Experience 

GRE and work experience are among the two most significant eligibility criteria for MS in the USA for Indian students. While the first assesses one’s analytical skills and critical thinking, the second allows students to gain a thorough understanding of their course.  But what if an applicant has not taken the GRE and does not have work experience? Is it possible to get admission for MS courses at a US university?

Keeping these factors in mind, some US universities admit students who have not taken the GMAT/GRE or do not have work experience. However, they do request an alternative, such as a high GPA, GMAT score, valuable internships, and so on. For example, universities such as Purdue University, North-eastern University, and Virginia State University admit students to MS programs in the USA without a GMAT/GRE. On the other hand, universities such as Yale University, Princeton University, and Brown University admit students to MS programs in the United States without prior work experience. 

Admission Process and Requirements for MS in the USA

The admissions process and other requirements for MS courses in the United States can be completed online by uploading documents. Students must check their university deadlines on a timely basis to complete the process. The table below summarizes the entire admissions process and other requirements for enrolling in MS courses at the desired university in the United States.

Select course and university It is an initial step to decide a course and university according to one’s finances and interests. 
Fill out an application formFill out the application form carefully. 
Required documents 

• ID proofs
• Academic transcripts
• Scoresheet of IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and GMAT/GRE (if any)
• Funds proof
• Passport
• Health insurance
Statement of purpose
Letter of recommendation
• CV or resume

Fee payment While filling out a form, students will find the fee payment page at the end of the submission process, which needs to be paid. 
After selection, apply for F-1 visa After selection, international students can apply for an F-1 visa to study in the USA

Cost of MS in USA 

A student's chosen universities and courses will determine how much it costs to study in the United States. Tuition fee and living expenses in the USA make up the two main categories of the overall cost of education.

Tuition FeesThe tuition fee of courses depend on the course specializations and universities in the USA. On average, the tuition fee for MS courses in the US can vary from approximately $20,000 to $70,000.
Living ExpensesThe cost of living varies according to lifestyle choice. For international students, the average monthly cost of living in the USA is between approx. $9,00 and $1,500.

Scholarships for MS in USA

Studying in the USA might be expensive for international students. So, to help them, there are several funding options like assistantships, scholarships, study loans, etc. Getting a scholarship for MS in the USA for Indian students is a dream come true. Following are some of the scholarships for MS courses in the USA. 

Scholarships for MS in USA.webp

• Fulbright Foreign Student Program
• Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships (2022-23)
• Fulbright- Nehru’s Master’s Fellowships
• AAUW International Fellowships
• University scholarships
• Merit-based scholarships 

Job Opportunities After MS in the USA

The US is known as the land of opportunities and has the world's most advanced market economy. Pursuing an MS in the USA will boost the career prospects of students and can fetch ample job opportunities where they can earn approximately $58,212- $59,428 annually. US universities do not offer direct employment to their students. They have a career service department that invites businesses to hire students as interns or project assistants. Following are some job profiles with courses on which students can work after completion of the course.

CoursesJob Profile
Master of Science in EconomicsEconomist 
Master of Science in Physician Assistant studiesPhysician Assistant
Master of Health Care AdministrationHealth Care Administrator 
Master of Science in Industrial ManagementIndustrial Production Manager 
Master of Science in Applied MathematicsMathematician


US universities are the leading education provider of STEM courses in the world. The US is a hub of knowledge and diverse culture.  From higher studies prospects in USA, and a high standard of living to a wide variety of entertainment for every taste, studying in the USA is undoubtedly a lifetime experience. This comprehensive guide will help students to understand the MS study process in the US. Still confused?  Connect to expert counsellors at CANAM to understand MS in the USA and which course specialization has a wide scope in the future. 


The average cost of an MS in the United States varies according to the university, state, and topic of study. According to several sources, the average annual tuition cost for pursuing a master's degree in the United States ranges between $18,000 and USD 65,000 (roughly INR 16.5 and 53.6 lakhs).
The most sought-after and highly compensated master's degrees are those in information technology, business administration, and nursing science (MSN and MBA). You can also pursue a master's in marketing or engineering management to increase your earning potential.
In the US, there is no set age limit to pursue a master's degree. If they meet the university's admission requirements, students of any age can apply to master's programs.
It is an exciting and difficult journey to get into an international master's program. Although entrance exams, such as the GRE or GMAT, are typically required, academic records are also important.
Many job opportunities in a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, finance, and education, become available to individuals with a master's degree. Positions as a data scientist, financial analyst, nurse practitioner, and college professor are among the well-liked career paths for individuals with a master's degree.

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