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Master's Universities in Australia

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Australia is among the top places to pursue higher education. However, selecting a university and studying in Australia can take time and effort. Especially for postgraduate courses, as there are diverse options. That’s why this blog is here to help students figure out the top universities in Australia for Master’s courses.

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Australia is one of the best destinations for international students to study abroad, especially for those who wish to pursue a Master’s degree. The opportunities for them in Australia are lovely. The top universities in Australia for international students will open abundant doors to new possibilities. Additionally, such universities also offer distinct course choices to students. Studying in Australia also gives students good exposure and helps them learn to overcome numerous challenges.

Students face a lot of trouble while finding a suitable university, as many options exist. They need to be careful while handpicking a university, as it’ll influence them greatly. There are various things that students need to consider while choosing an institution, which will be discussed in this blog.

This post will cover all the top universities in Australia for Master’s. Students can also find the procedure for finding a suitable university.  

Top 10 Universities in Australia for Master's 

Most universities in Australia are ranked as the top universities in the world, providing a high-standard education. They prepare students for their professional lives and motivate creative thinking in them. Moreover, such universities adopt a practical strategy and educate the students accordingly. The top universities in Australia for Master’s are as follows:

Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is among the top universities in Australia for international students for Master’s. The university has six campuses: Parramatta, Penrith, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Richmond and Bankstown. It also offers several programs and courses in distinct fields. In 2022 and 2023, this university was ranked no. 1 in sustainability and societal impact. Students can expect a vibrant student and campus life from this university.

University TypePublic
Master’s Programs• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Professional Accounting
• Master of Marketing
• Master of Engineering
• Master of Engineering Management
• Master of Data Science
• Master of Special Education
• Master of Educational Leadership
• Master of Teaching
• Master of Clinical Psychology
• Master of Public Health
• Master of Nursing
Course Duration1-4 years
Tuition FeesAUD 41,000 - AUD 51,000 (Annually)

University of Technology Sydney

UTS is known for its focus on technology, practical learning, and innovation. It offers wide-ranging undergraduate and postgraduate programs along with research programs. Students can expect to gain valuable experience in their particular disciplines. This university resides in the heart of Sydney, allowing students to access several cultural and social events. The university centres on research, which has a massive impact on the industry and the society.

University TypePublic
Master’s Programs• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Information Technology
• Master of Engineering
• Master of Data Science
• Master of Design
Course Duration1-3 years
Tuition FeesAUD 35,000 - AUD 60,000 (Annually)

University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales is the leading research university known for its teaching and world-class research. It has continuously ranked among the top universities in the world. The universities offer extensive programs and courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Its exciting campus life and diverse clubs and activities give the students a lively experience.

University TypePublic
Master’s Programs

• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Data Science
• Master of Engineering
• Master of Information Technology
• Master of Laws (LLM)
• Master of Public Health (MPH

Course Duration1-2 years
Tuition FeesAUD 33,000 - AUD 44,000 (Annually)

The Australian National University

The Australian National University is among the best Australian universities for Master’s for international students. Students have a flexible choice for their graduate studies with this university. They can only select any graduate course from the given option if they fulfil the admission requirements. The university’s faculty ensures students can easily focus on learning and reach their full potential.

University TypePublic
Master’s Programs• Master of Public Administration
• Master of Project Management
• Master of Science Communication
• Master of Applied Data Analytics
Course Duration1-2 Years
Tuition FeesAUD 30,000 - AUD 40,000

Bond University

Bond University is the first university that is not-for-profit. This university is famous for its creative curriculum, small class sizes, and personalised learning environment. It offers various facilities and amenities to the students. The university also provides considerable course options to the students.

University TypePrivate
Master’s Programs• Master of Philosophy
• Master of Laws
• Master of Clinical Pharmacy
• Master of Architecture
Course Duration1-2 Years
Tuition FeesAUD 44,000 - AUD 54,000 (Annually)

Central Queensland University

Central Queensland University is the only university with a campus in every mainland state. Students can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies and get diplomas and certificates from this university. The university is known for its education, health, business, and engineering programs. This institution was found not too long ago but has shown tremendous growth. Students will benefit a lot from enrolling in this institution.

University TypePublic
Master’s Programs• Master's In Business Management
• Master's in Education & Teaching
• Master's in Engineering & Built Environment
• Master's in Health
• Master's in Information Technology
• Master's in Law
• Master's in Psychology
Course Duration1-4 Years
Tuition FeesAUD 30,000 - AUD 40,000 (Annually)

Asia Pacific International College

The Asia Pacific International College is known for its business, marketing, accounting, hospitality, and information technology courses. They also offer English language programs, which help international students work on their English. This institute is perfect for students who wish to pursue technology and business courses. 

University TypePrivate
Master’s Programs• Master of Project Management and Business
• Master of Information Technology
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Business and Project Management
Course Duration1 Year
Tuition FeesAUD 43,000 - AUD 53,000 (Annually)

ECA College of Health Sciences

This institute offers courses mainly in health sciences. The college provides numerous courses for nursing, midwifery, health management, and public health students. This college’s centre lies in research, and the academics are involved in several research projects. Students can expect a high-quality education and a lot of exposure from this college. Due to the small class sizes, the teacher is able to attend to the students better.

University TypePrivate
Master’s Programs• Nursing
• Midwifery
• Public health
• Health management
• Health informatics
• Clinical research
• Mental health
Course Duration1-2 Years
Tuition FeesAUD 32,000 - AUD 40,000 (Annually)

Victoria University

Victoria University was established through the integration of several institutions. Its popularity comes from its cutting-edge teaching methods. Their VU Block Model is created to assist students in focusing better on their studies and developing a better understanding of the subject. This model also focuses on research and their researchers work on multiple projects. Moreover, their projects also address real-world challenges.

University TypePublic
Master’s Programs• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Accounting
• Master of Business Analytics
• Master of Finance
• Master of Educational Leadership
• Master of Professional Accounting
• Master of Engineering
Course Duration1-4 Years
Tuition FeesAUD 30,000 - AUD 50,000 (Annually)

La Trobe University

La Trobe University is the third oldest university in the state. Students can get a range of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. This university is esteemed for its health, education, and environmental research. Students can obtain various facilities, such as a library, a sports centre, and a student village. 

University TypePublic
Master’s Programs• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Information Technology
• Master of Education
• Master of Public Health
• Master of Clinical Psychology
Course Duration1-4 Years
Tuition FeesAUD 14,300 - AUD 15,000 (Annually)

Eligibility Criteria for Master's Universities

To study in Australia for a Master’s in a top university, there are eligibility criteria for every student. They need to keep the requirements in mind while applying for the Master’s course. The eligibility criteria for the master’s universities are as follows:

• A bachelor’s degree with minimum 3.0 scores
• GRE scorecard (if necessary)
• Language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE
• Fully filled out the application form
• Work Experience (If required)
• A valid passport or visa

These are the eligibility criteria to apply to the top universities for a Master’s in Australia. Students need to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria before applying to the university.

How to Choose the Best University for a Master's?

To choose the most suitable university, there are a few things that students must consider. These are as follows:

how to choose a university for master's program.webp

Pick an Appropriate FieldThe student needs to pick a field in which they want to pursue a Master’s. Once that is determined, they can start searching for the university accordingly. According to the field, students should research the best area for their particular field of interest. It’s recommended to search for Master’s universities only for appropriate results.
Shortlist a UniversityOnce the course is decided, students need to select a university. While choosing an institution, the applicants need to check the tuition fees and whether it meets their budget. They also need to see if the university offers any financial aid, such as scholarships, student employment, or student loans. The location of the institute also has a huge impact on the students’ overall health.
Check for Extracurricular ActivitiesAlong with the programs, applicants must also check the extracurricular activities the university offers. For a well-rounded experience in a foreign country, clubs and extracurricular activities are essential. The clubs and events are what actually shape an excellent college experience.


Hopefully, this blog will help students choose a fitting university for themselves. In this post, students can find the best universities in Australia for Master’s. Along with this, they can also see important information regarding the university, such as the tuition fees, Master’s programs, and the duration. They can find the rest on the university’s website. Furthermore, if the applicants are having trouble choosing a university, this blog has explained some ways to select an institute.If there’s any other issue that the student faces or requires further guidance, visit the nearest Canam office straight away!


Pursuing a Master’s in Australia guarantees a worthy education and helps students make many connections. Through university events, students can meet potential employers and even get internship opportunities, helping them gain real-time experiences. That’s why Australia is the perfect place for numerous international students.
To apply for a Master’s program in Australia, there are some requirements that every candidate needs to meet. They need to provide all the previous qualifications, including a bachelor’s degree, which is a must. Apart from this, they must also provide valid proof of the English Language Proficiency test such as IELTS & TOEFL.
Australia is filled with great cities to pursue a Master’s. However, Melbourne is especially popular among international students for postgraduate courses. It is known for its scenic landscapes, exciting campus life, top-notch universities, and a high standard of lifestyle. After this city, Sydney is another place to pursue this course.
To apply for the Australia study visa, there’s a criteria that every student must meet. This includes a letter of acceptance from a registered university. Another thing the student needs to show is financial proof of sufficient funds to cover their expenses for a year. There are some other requirements, but these are the main ones.
Yes, international students have a variety of options to work alongside studying in Australia. Students can apply for on-campus as well as off-campus jobs. Some on-campus jobs include teacher’s assistant, and some off-campus jobs have bartenders, cleaning jobs, waiters, babysitters, and others. They just need to keep an eye out on platforms for vacancies.

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