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Master's in Management (MIM) in Germany

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• Germany is a great destination for international students to pursue their postgraduate courses, especially MIM.

• The demand for MIM students is increasing in Germany, so students are choosing this country to pursue MIM.

• So, this blog will highlight all the important information regarding MIM in Germany. 

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The scope of a Master in Management abroad is increasing these days. So this makes the course highly popular among international students. Pursuing this course from an esteemed university in Germany will increase student’s career opportunities. MIM in Germany will help students grasp the skills and knowledge necessary for their fields. Thus, it can benefit the students to pursue this course in Germany.

Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world. Their universities have embraced a different teaching strategy that has proved to be effective. The universities focus on practical learning and help students prepare for their career lives as well. However, to pursue this course, students must gather complete information.

Thus, this blog will contain the thorough details the student needs to know about. So, let’s proceed with it straight away.

Benefits of Studying Master's in Management (MIM) in Germany

Studying abroad in Germany has several advantages that make it the perfect place. Some are mentioned below:

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Course FlexibilityStudents have the option to study MIM part-time as well as full-time. This allows the student to focus on other things and get a part-time job.
Reasonable Course FeeAnother reason that students choose to study MIM in Germany is due to the affordable overall cost of studying.
Distinct Course StructureThe MIM course is unique and wasn’t in any German syllabus. The German education system has refined this course to benefit the students more.
Experience in Research & BusinessGerman universities put a lot of emphasis on research, so students will get to experience critical thinking in real-life experiences. Furthermore, the course structure is designed in a way that they will also be able to obtain practical experience.
Diverse Job OpportunitiesOnce students have pursued their degree in MIM, various exciting job prospects will be presented to them.

Universities Offering Master's in Management (MIM) in Germany

Some top-ranking universities in the world are in Germany. To learn more about these universities, read below:

Arden University

Arden University is a private university with a broad range of courses for bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and similar in distinct subjects. This university is a great choice to pursue MIM. Students can work on their career development with this course.

Course Duration1-2 Years
MIM Courses• MSc Engineering Management (CMI)
• MSc IT Security Management
• MSc Project Management (APM) (CMI)
• MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management
• MSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Berlin School of Business and Innovation

The BSBI is a private institution that offers UG and PG, programs in Business and related fields. The programs offered by this school are practical and industry-focused. Moreover, they also focus on innovation and entrepreneurship and help students develop these skills. 

Course  Duration1-2 Years
MIM Courses• MA in Energy Management
• MA Tourism Hospitality and Event Management
• MSc in Engineering Management
• MSc in International Business and Management
• MSc in International Health Management
• MSc Information Technology Management

University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is a private university that focuses on applied sciences. The programs offered by this institution integrate theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. They also offer internships and project work.

Course Duration1-2 Years
MIM Courses• MA International Sport and Event Management
• MA Marketing Management
• MBA Sustainable Water Management
• MSc Asset Management
• MSc Corporate Management
• MSc International Business Management
• MSc International Logistics & Transportation Management
• MSc International Public Health Management

GISMA University of Applied Sciences

The GISMA University is a private university that provides postgraduate and undergraduate programs in business, technology, and engineering. It was ranked among the top 20 universities in Germany. Several scholarships and financial aid for students aspiring to study in this institution.

Course Duration1-2 Years
MIM Courses

• MSc Business Management Finance
• MSc Business Management Human Resources
• MSc Business Management Cybersecurity
• MSc Business Management Project Management
• MSc Business Management Marketing
• MSc International Business Management

International University of Applied Sciences (IU)

The International University of Applied Science is a private university with a wide range of programs for students. This university offers affordable programs and inclusive education to all students. Students can avail of a number of scholarships and study globally recognised programs. 

Course Duration1-2 years
MIM Courses• MBA – Big Data Management
• MBA – E-Sports Management
• MBA – Engineering Management
• MBA – Healthcare Management
• MBA – Human Resource Management
• MBA – IT Management
• MBA – Salesforce & Sales Management
• MBA – Supply Chain Management

Lancaster University

Lancaster University is a public research university known for its speciality in research such as physics, law, linguistics, and management. The university offers numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees for students. It was ranked among the top 10% for it’s teaching quality.

Course Duration1-2 Years
MIM Courses• MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management
• MSc Management

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

The Macromedia University of Applied Sciences is a private university that focuses on design, media, and management. This university is known for its practical approach to education and project-based learning. The curriculum meets the industry standards and the needs of the current job market.

Course Duration1-2 Years
MIM Courses• Brand Management
• Business Management
• Design Management
• Media and Communication Management
• Music Management

Eligibility Requirements to Study Master's in Management (MIM) in Germany

To apply to German universities, it’s crucial to know the eligibility for MIM in Germany. Students must learn about the eligibility before submitting their application. The eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

• A bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject field
• Valid GMAT or GRE score (if necessary)
• TOEFL, IELTS or PTE valid scores
• Basic German language proficiency (optional)
• A minimum of 60% academic score
• Up to 2 years of work experience (for some universities)

These are the eligibility criteria for pursuing MIM in Germany for international students.

Documents Required for Master's in Management (MIM) in Germany

During the application procedure, the students need to submit some essential documents. These documents are as follows:

• Transcripts of previous qualifications
• Letter of Motivation
• Necessary entrance exam scores
• Passport
• Updated resume/CV
• Evidence of Work Experience
• Most current photo ID

These are some documents that students must gather beforehand to apply for MIM in Germany.

Job Opportunities After Studying MIM in Germany

Similar to an MBA in Germany, the job prospects after MIM in Germany are almost the same. There’s a huge demand for Management students in Germany. Especially after pursuing a MIM from an esteemed university, the scope is even better. Some popular jobs, along with their salary packages, are mentioned below:

Job ProfilesAverage Annual Salary (EUR)
Product Manager60,000 - 70,000
Revenue Manager56,000 - 66,000
Project Analysts60,000 - 70,000
Financial Manager59,620 - 69,620 

*Please note that this is a rough estimate; the salary might vary on the city and several factors.


Students can gather thorough details for MIM in Germany. This blog covers the universities and the MIM courses they offer. Besides, they can also learn the eligibility criteria and important documents. Afterwards, the blog focuses on the job scope after studying MIM. In any case, if the students face any trouble during the application procedure, Canam Consultants is here to help out.


The average cost of studying MIM in Germany depends on various factors. For instance, the university and the city the student has chosen. However, the approximate cost of studying MIM is 20,000 - 30,000 EUR per year. This excludes the living expenses of a month that the student has to cover as well.
Yes, there are numerous scholarships available for international students in Germany. To find a suitable scholarship, students can find them on the university website. To avail of a scholarship, they need to check the eligibility criteria. Afterwards, they can apply for it accordingly.
Yes, Germany offers a broad range of part-time jobs to international students. A part-time job helps students manage their living expenses well. They can find jobs on campus as well as off-campus.
International students can also study in Germany for free. The German public universities offer a zero-tuition policy for domestic and international students. There’s only a small semester fee that students need to pay. To pursue MIM in Germany for free, the students must find an appropriate university and proceed accordingly.
Yes, the MIM degree from Germany opens several exciting opportunities for students. The MIM degree from Germany is globally accepted. So, students can find amazing jobs internationally as well. That’s why it’s a good option to pursue MIM from Germany. 

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