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Master's in Germany 2024 : Universities, Eligibility, Courses & More

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Pursuing a Master’s in Germany unlocks doors to many exciting opportunities for international students. Studying in Germany is a dream come true for several students. If it is yours too, read to know about institutes, programs, eligibility criteria & more for admission to universities in Germany. 

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Germany is known for its quality education system and in-depth courses. A degree from this country is what every student aspires to have, as it opens multiple doors to international opportunities. A master’s degree from Germany helps them obtain extensive experience and prepare for their professional lives.

However, to proceed with this, there are many things to consider. For instance, which master’s programs to choose, which universities, eligibility criteria, fees and more. Students often feel overwhelmed with the whole procedure. This blog will cover all the information that a student needs to know. 

Why Study Master's in Germany?

A Master’s from Germany will significantly benefit international students in ways that are listed as follows:

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Globally Identified DegreesSome of the top-ranking universities in the world are in Germany. This makes Germany’s MS degrees widely acceptable across the world.
Negligible Cost for Higher EducationAnother reason students choose to study higher education in this country is no tuition fees. Public universities in Germany offer close to no tuition fees to both domestic and international students.
ScholarshipsStudents wishing to study in private universities must pay a tuition fee. If any applicant faces financial issues, they can avail scholarships.
Part-time Job OptionsFor international students, there are various job opportunities available. With a part-time job, students can manage their monthly expenses well.
English-taught ProgramsAs the number of international students is increasing in Germany, universities are introducing more English-taught programs.
Exciting Future OpportunitiesSome of the world-renowned companies reside in Germany, increasing the scope of better job opportunities for international students.

Popular Master's Courses in Germany for International Students

The scope of Master’s courses in Germany is vast, a common reason why international students pursue it. But students also need to select a field they want to study further. Some popular courses in Germany are as follows:

Universities that Offer the ProgramsPrograms
Arden University• Executive MBA
• Master of Public Health
• MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management
• MSc Engineering Management (CMI)
• MSc IT Security Management
• MSc Project Management (APM) (CMI)
• MSc Strategic Digital Marketing
• Strategic Human Resource Management
• MSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Berlin School of Business and Innovation• Global MBA - UCA
• MA in Energy Management
• MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Logistics
• MA Tourism Hospitality and Event Management
• MA Visual Communication
• MSc Data Analytics
• MSc Digital Marketing
• MSc Finance and Investment
• MSc in Engineering Management
• MSc in International Business and Management (Top Up)
• MSc in International Health Management
• MSc in Psychology - Cognitive Processes and Technologies
• MSc Information Technology Management
University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)• MA Communication Design
• MA International Sport and Event Management
• MA Marketing Management
• MA New Media Design
• MA Photography
• MBA Diplomacy
• MBA Master of Business Administration
• MBA Shipping and Logistics
• MBA Sustainable Water Management
• MSc Asset Management
• MSc Corporate Management
• MSc Double Master in Clinical Psychology and Coaching
• MSc International Business Management
• MSc International Logistics & Transportation Management
• MSc International Public Health Management
• MSc Psychology Coaching
• MSc Psychology Rehabilitation
GISMA Business School• Global MBA
GISMA University of Applied Sciences• Masters of Engineering Computer Science
• MSc Business Management Cybersecurity
• MSc Business Management Finance
• MSc Business Management Human Resources
• MSc Business Management Marketing
• MSc Business Management Project Management
• MSc Data Science, AI and Digital Business
• MSc International Business Management
• MSc Leadership for Digital Transformation
International University of Applied Sciences (IU)• Master of Business Administration
• MBA in Data & IT
• MBA in Business & Management

Lancaster University• MSc Data Science
• MSc Cyber Security
• MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management
• MSc Management
Macromedia University of Applied Sciences• Brand Management
• Business Management
• Design Management
• Digital Media Business
• MBA Data Analytics
• MBA International Business
• MBA Marketing
• MBA Master of Business Administration
• Media and Communication Management
• Music Management
• Strategic Marketing

Universities for Master's in Germany

There are various universities for Master’s in Germany with some top-quality teaching methods and programs. Some of the top universities are as follows:

Arden UniversityArden University is a private university located in the Berlin. The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. They offer programs in business, health & science. The average tuition fee for master’s courses ranges between 15,000 EUR and 25,000 EUR.
Berlin School of Business and InnovationThe Berlin School of Business and Innovation is a private institute that specializes in providing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the business field. The institute focuses on skills that are significant for the industry and have various connections. The average fee for a master’s course at this school is approximately between 7,000 EUR and 13,250 EUR.
University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)The University of Europe for Applied Sciences was named the best private university in Germany and received the “German Education Award 2023/24”. It focuses on applied learning, real-life projects, and integrating internships. The average tuition fee for masters at this university ranges from 12,000 EUR to 35,000 EUR.
GISMA University of Applied SciencesThe GISMA University of Applied Sciences is a private institute with a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in multiple fields. This university mainly focuses on practical as well as applied learning. They aim to provide students with crucial skills and knowledge. The average tuition fee for this university is 13,500 EUR to 18,500 EUR.
International University of Applied Sciences (IU)The International University of Applied Sciences is known for its courses in business, engineering, and other fields. The average tuition fee for this institute is between 3,000 and 11,000 EUR annually.
Lancaster UniversityLancaster University is a public research university known for its research in varying areas such as management, law, and environmental science. The university was also ranked in the top 20 universities for its teaching quality. This university’s average tuition fees for master’s courses are between 5,000 EUR and 16,000 EUR.
Macromedia University of Applied SciencesThe university offers wide-ranging programs in different fields, such as Communication Design, Fashion Journalism, Business Psychology, Film & Motion Design and more. This institute emphasizes learning through workshops, projects, and collaboration with industry partners. The approximate cost of this university is between 8,600 and 13,000 EUR.

Eligibility for Master's in Germany

To apply to the above universities, there are eligibility criteria for each student. Students must ensure the requirements are followed to enroll in the institute successfully. The criteria for master’s in most universities in Germany is as follows:

Undergraduate DegreeStudents must have an undergraduate degree to apply to a Master’s program in Germany. Moreover, they must have at least 75% in the UG degree to get admitted.
IELTS or TOEFLTo study abroad, no matter what the country is, a valid IELTS and TOEFL score are necessary. The applicant must score at least 6.5 in IELTS and between 60-90 in TOEFL to get accepted.
GRE/GMATTo pursue a Master’s in Germany, the student might have to take an entrance exam. A good GRE or GMAT score will increase the chances of getting into a better university. The minimum score requirement differs depending on the course and the program.
Test of German as a Foreign LanguageSome universities might also require the student to take a test of their German. This is not the case for every university; most institutes only ask for an IELTS or TOEFL score.

Job Scope for Master's in Germany

A Master’s degree from a German university will improve the student’s chances of getting a better job. Several job opportunities will present them with great salary packages. Some of the job positions are as follows:

• Architects
• Software developers
• Civil engineers
• Health care professionals
• Finance experts
• Research experts
• Tutors
• Electronics engineers
• Data scientists and IT professionals


This blog has covered all the crucial information international students need to know about Master’s in Germany. In this post, students can find out about the universities, popular courses, eligibility criteria for the universities, and the job scope. Hereon, students can begin applying for the universities and their German study visas. To know more about the application procedure for universities and institutes in Germany, consult Canam Consultants.


Yes, Germany offers a variety of Master’s in Science programs for international students. Not only this, a German degree is accepted all over the world—students’ chances of obtaining a better job increase by pursuing the program from Germany. German institutes provide students with up-to-date skills and knowledge and prepare them for their careers.
Yes, due to the rise in the number of international students going to Germany for further studies, they have introduced courses that are English-taught. Students can consult Canam experts to check for the specific programs & universities. 
Not really; some universities require international students to take an entrance exam, depending on their course. Some universities require students to take the GRE or GMAT for master’s programs. To know which university accepts the entrance exam, connect with the counselors at Canam.
Yes, multiple scholarships are available for international students who wish to study in Germany. International education experts at Canam can help students apply for them and avail them. 
Yes, several part-time jobs are available for students who wish to study in Germany. Students can search for on-campus as well as off-campus jobs. The on-campus jobs can be those of teacher’s assistant, research assistant, etc. Some off-campus jobs include waiters, bartenders, event managers.

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