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Master (MS) in Marketing in Australia: Universities, Eligibility, Scholarships, and Career Opportunities

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Pursuing a Masters/M.Com (MS) in Marketing in Australia can offer valuable insights and skills in the dynamic field of marketing. A country with a strong economy and vibrant marketing industry, Australian universities offer high-quality programs in the field of marketing. Read the blog to know the admission requirements and process, universities offering excellent programs, scholarships available and job opportunities.

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A Master’s (MS) in Marketing program typically covers a wide range of marketing concepts, strategies, and techniques, including market research, consumer behaviour, branding, digital marketing, advertising, and more. Master’s in Marketing in Australia is designed to help students excel in various marketing roles. Similar to other master's programs, the duration of an MS in marketing program in Australia can vary. It is commonly a one to two-year full-time program; however, some universities may offer part-time or online options to accommodate different schedules. The program offers a range of options and a ready job market. 

Admission Requirements for Masters in Marketing in Australia

Admission requirements for Masters in Marketing program in Australia may vary by university, but generally, candidates need a relevant bachelor's degree, preferably in a business-related field, along with English language proficiency test scores (i.e., a minimum IELTS of 6.5 and a minimum TOEFL score of 79). This is if English is not their native language.

Students interested in pursuing the program must keep a check on the criteria before applying, in order to avoid any last-minute hassle. Some of the most common eligibility criteria are:

Academic Degree: Students must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in business or related field.
GRE or GMAT scores: Several universities ask for the GRE or GMAT scores. 
Statement of Purpose (SOP): Candidates are required to provide a statement of purpose
Letters of Recommendation: A well-written LOR supports the student’s story as they act as testimonials. LORs add credibility to the SOP and Resume and highlight the overall personality. It serves as recognition of the candidate’s academic or professional presence, as evaluated by their professors or supervisors.
Experience: Some universities may require work experience of 1-2 years, but not many do.

Admission Process to Pursue Masters in Marketing

The process for admission to a marketing program in Australia can vary depending on the university. However, there are some general steps all candidates must follow: 

Check the admission requirements: The first and foremost step is to check the requirement of the universities one intends to apply for. 
Gather required documents: Candidates must gather all important documents required during the process including bachelors’ degree transcript, English language proficiency test scores, GMAT or GRE scores, LORs, and SOP.
Complete application form: The application form generally requires details such as personal information, academic history, work experience, etc. 
Submission of the application: Once the form is completed, one needs to submit the form to the university which can easily be done online. 

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Universities Offering MS in Marketing in Australia

Australia has several universities known for their strong marketing programs. Some of these universities include:

1. University of Melbourne
2. University of Sydney
3. University of New South Wales (UNSW)
4. Monash University
5. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
6. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
7. RMIT University
8. Deakin University
9. Curtin University

Masters in Marketing: Scholarships

Studying abroad can be expensive. Several organisations offer scholarships to talented international students to help them study and reach their career goals. Below are some major scholarships

ScholarshipsAwarded by
International Merit ScholarshipQueensland University of Technology
Future Leadership ScholarshipRMIT
Monash International Merit ScholarshipMonash University
Melbourne Mobility AwardsUniversity of Melbourne
International Scholarships for business school studentsUniversity of Sydney
Future Change ScholarshipUniversity of New South Wales

Career Opportunities in Masters in Marketing

Australia offers numerous job opportunities to individuals with a Masters’ degree in marketing. The field holds a prominent position and can make way for a lucrative career. Among various job roles to consider, some of the top ones are: marketing assistant, affiliate manager, digital marketing manager, brand manager, marketing manager, marketing executive, and sales and marketing assistant.

1. Marketing Manager: A marketing professional with a versatile skill set, and a wide knowledge of the existing market is highly in demand. Having international experience as a marketing manager can increase the candidate’s prospects for advancing up the corporate ladder, potentially reaching esteemed and well compensated positions. 
2. Brand Marketing Manager: Creating effective marketing strategy starts with establishing a robust brand identity. As a brand expert, the responsibility of the individual would encompass defining and safeguarding the company’s personality, visual identity, and overall image. The responsibilities involve roles like maintaining consistent tone of voice for the brand, creating product taglines, designing logos.
3. Marketing copywriter: In today’s day and time, when people consume information both online and offline at an ever- increasing rate, hence the demand for compelling marketing copy continues to rise. The need for strong writing skills is essential and the job role for a marketing copywriter is more than just creative wordsmith. It is important to comprehend the consumer behaviour and create the write-ups effectively. Creating taglines, social media posts, crafting product catalogues and scripting advertising videos are some of the primary job roles of marketing copywriter.
4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist: Google algorithms have become more sophisticated with time. SEM primarily revolves around enhancing the company’s online presence. SEM specialists specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) and generate leads and traffic to their company's website by optimizing content, web code, and inbound links from other websites.
5. Specialist in Social Media Marketing: Digital platforms have transformed the way audience interact with brands. The realm of social media marketing is expansive, offering the choice to specialize in a specific platform or medium or to advance into high-level positions. 


The first step towards the journey of skill enhancement and professional growth is by obtaining a Master’s degree in Marketing in Australia. The program offers a multitude of benefits and serves as a foundation to build a successful career. A marketing student get insights into what strategies prove effective and which ones do not, empowering them to make informed decisions. The program enables candidates’ to refine their expertise and navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing with proficiency.

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Tuition fees for an MS in Marketing can vary based on the university and program duration. On average, tuition fees for international students can range from AUD $20,000 to $40,000 or more per year.
Yes, marketing is a profitable profession in Australia as it offers excellent job opportunities with outstanding growth.
Among various job roles to consider, some of the top ones are: marketing assistant, affiliate manager, digital marketing manager, brand manager, marketing manager, marketing executive, and sales and marketing assistant.
Some scholarships provided by Australian universities are: International Merit Scholarship, Future Leadership Scholarship, Monash International Merit Scholarship, etc.

As a brand expert, the responsibility of the individual would encompass defining and safeguarding the company’s personality, visual identity, and overall image.

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