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LLM Abroad: Universities, Eligibility, Courses, Countries, Scholarship, Jobs for Indian Students

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Read and discover which country is the best to pursue an LLM abroad, its advantages, eligibility criteria, universities and scholarships offered by the universities. Learn why pursuing an LLM abroad is a wise decision for students and how it can help them boost their careers and strengthen their resumes.

LLM Abroad Universities, Eligibility, Courses, Countries, Scholarship, Jobs for Indian Students.webpLLM is a course specially designed to teach students in the field of legal studies and master's in areas such as international law, environmental law, human rights, etc. LLM abroad lasts for about 1 or 2 years, and in that period, students gain in-depth knowledge of the subject and experience diverse cultures. LLM is among the most popular and highly pursued in foreign countries because of the high job prospects and market.

LLM is one of those fields that never go out of trend because of the nature of the program, which is why students with a passion for justice and law usually want to pursue this course over others. Some famous destinations for pursuing an LLM abroad include the UK, Australia, USA and Canada.

Why Pursue LLM abroad?

It is always a wise decision to pursue an LLM abroad because of all the exposure students get to learn and experience things that they would miss out on in India. Here are some of the reasons why LLM abroad is the best decision a student can make for their future in the field of law:

Better opportunities: The opportunities that students experience abroad are endless, allowing students to realize their goals and consistently achieve a notch above their original plans. Also, there are great and respectable firms in foreign countries. 

Global interaction: Students get to interact with people from all around the world and build a strong connection with them. Such links always come in handy to build a strong career.

Build a strong resume: Studying LLM abroad adds value and weight to one's resume, as recruiters always give preference to students with in-depth knowledge, exceptional skills and degrees from renowned universities.

LLM in India vs. LLM Abroad

Although no matter where the student pursues their LLM degree from, they are sure to get the benefits of a hard-earned degree, having a degree from abroad does have the upper hand than having a degree from India. The advantage lies in the fact that after pursuing an LLM abroad, students eventually settle there and enjoy a much bigger package than they would get here. In foreign countries, students gain access to resources and learn from the best, which also serves as an upper hand compared to LLM study in India.

LLM in the UK

UK is a trendy destination among students to study LLM as many reputable legal schools are located there. It might come as a surprise, but the fees for pursuing an LLM in the UK are much lower than in other countries such as USA and Canada. The average range of LLM fees in the UK falls between INR 19,00,000-26,00,000 approx., excluding other expenses such as health insurance and cost of attendance. Although this cost can vary, the total amount is still significantly lower than the cost of study in the USA, which is why most students prefer UK as their study destination.

Universities Offering LLM in the UK

Bath Spa University - Newton Park Campus
Birmingham City University - City Centre Campus
Bournemouth University - Talbot Campus
Buckinghamshire New University - High Wycombe
City, University of London
Durham University
Kingston University London - Penrhyn Road Campus
Lancaster University

Eligibility Criteria for LLM in the UK

There are some eligibility criteria that every student must qualify to get admission to their dream university. Here are some basic bars that students are expected to qualify by almost every university:

• Bachelor of law or LLB degree with a minimum of 50-60% marks.
• Language Proficiency Test Scores (Min. TOEFL score- 80 or IELTS- 6.5). However these test score requirements are subject to universities and are not always required. 
• In case students want admission to premier law universities, a first-class degree is required.

To get real time updates on the eligibility criteria for pursuing LLM abroad get in contact with Canam Consultants.

Scholarships for Pursuing LLM in the UK

• Chevening Scholarship
• Birmingham City University Postgraduate Scholarships
• Academic Excellence Scholarship
• Commonwealth Scholarships

LLM in Australia

Australia is another great country to make a career in the legal field, as it also offers excellent legal courses and hosts many prestigious universities with a top-notch education system that leaves no loopholes in education and learning. 

Universities Offering LLM in Australia

• University of Wollongong - Innovation Campus
• Western Sydney University - Parramatta South Campus

Eligibility Criteria for LLM in Australia

Here's a list of some general criteria that students must meet to get admission in LLM in Australia:

• Bachelor's degree in Law or LLB from a recognized university or an equivalent degree in law from an accredited law school
• A minimum score of 6.5 on the IELTS test
• A minimum score of 90 on the TOEFL test
• A minimum score of 72 on the PTE test
• A minimum of 2 years of professional experience in law or any related field, preferably from a recognized university

Scholarships for LLM abroad

• UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship
• Vice-Chancellor's Academic Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships
• Swinburne International Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship

LLM in the USA

The USA is the first country that comes to mind whenever LLM abroad is mentioned, and the reason for that is the finest institutes and education system of the USA. Universities in the USA offer broad programme structure along with excellent career opportunities. Students get exposure to activities such as moot court and practice sessions that help them to prepare for real-world problems and how to present their cases in court. 

University Offering LLM in the USA

• The University of Arizona
• Suffolk University

Eligibility Criteria for Pursuing LLM in the USA

Here are some of the basic criteria that every student must qualify to get admission to an LLM in USA :

• A bachelor's degree in LLB or equivalent field from a well-recognized law school
• A minimum score of 3 on a GPA of 4; however, the score requirement may vary based on different universities
• English Language Proficiency scores
• Work experience of 2 years, if required

Scholarship for Studying LLM abroad

• CAS Graduate Grant

LLM in Canada

Canada is also a hotspot for LLM abroad for Indian students because of their high education quality and low study fees. It's also important to mention that Canada is always on the lookout for people to hire due to its low population, which makes it very easy for students to get employed once they are done with their studies. 

Universities Offering LLM in Canada

Students can consider the University of Ottawa to pursue their career in the Legal field and bag a high-paying job.

Eligibility Criteria for Studying LLM in Canada

• 70% scores or a first-class degree in LLB is required for admission
• English Language Proficiency Test scores are required, Minimum of 7 in IELTS and 100 in TOEFL. Score requirements may vary according to the university's conditions.
• Relevant work experience, if required

Specializations for Studying LLM Abroad

LLM Abroad opens up a world of specializations that students can master and make their career in the field of their interest. LLM focuses on educating students about how the law works, how they can defend their client and much more. Criminal law is the most basic Here are some of the specialization courses that students can consider while applying for LLM abroad:

• Masters of Law in Legal Studies
• Masters of Law in Criminology
• Master of Administrative Law and Policy
• Masters in Comparative Law
• Corporate & Financial Law 
• LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law
• Masters in Comparative Law

Career Prospects After Studying LLM Abroad

After LLM abroad, students are presented with a long list of employment possibilities that they can follow. Here are a few professional options after LLM abroad for Indian students:

• Private investigator
• Court Administrator
• Federal Regulatory Agent
• Legal Consultant
• Compliance Director
• Lawyer
• Policy Analyst
• Associate Attorney 
• Judge
• Law firm partner
• Personal banker for financial services


LLM is a prestigious course that comes with respect and power to change the fates of others, which is why it is crucial that the students get proper education and information. The education system of all the countries mentioned above comes in the list of top countries to pursue LLM abroad. From education to career opportunities, students get it all from expert professors from esteemed universities. Not to mention all the additional exposure students get in terms of vibrant and diverse culture.

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Yes, if the student compares India with other countries regarding legal studies and career opportunities, they will find that LLM abroad is a great decision. Pursuing LLM in foreign countries provides the required exposure and broadens the scope of legal study for students.
LLM abroad spans over two years but can vary depending on different factors like the university and specialization students choose.
Yes, many countries offer the opportunity to work while studying to sustain a healthy lifestyle and study without worrying about financial issues
Yes, many universities offer scholarships to pursue LLM abroad for Indian students.
Yes, there is some general LLM abroad eligibility for Indian students, such as: A bachelor’s degree in LLB or equivalent field from a well-recognized law school, Qualifying English Language Proficiency Scores, Work experience, if required by the university.

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