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How to Convince Your Parents to let you Study Abroad?

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Studying abroad is mainly categorized as an exciting new challenge for students, but it is much more than that. In addition to their once in a lifetime investment, it is a feeling for parents- a scared and strange feeling of letting their children go, live, and study in a foreign land.

Sometimes, parents don't understand the phenomena that by studying abroad; how it can transform their children not only personally, but professionally also. But, the good news is that you are aware and want to take steps towards it. Now that you have prepared your mind that you will study abroad, it means you have already won the half battle. Now you have to convince your parents. If you are reading this, trust us, with patience and logic, you can convince your parents. Read the following points:

Collect information about colleges and course:

If you want to convince your parents, it is crucial to do your homework. Find out which course you want to pursue and why? For example, if you're going to study journalism, then find out your specialization areas such as documentary, or arts & culture, or crime reporting or business or politics, and many more.

After finding out your area of interest, the next step is to find the best college/ university in your desired study abroad destination. You will come across many top universities/colleges overseas, and it will be very tough to find the best fit. Therefore, you have to research extensively! You have to find the employment rate once your course is complete or famous alumni of your field. You have to compare it to many universities and colleges. If possible, you can also talk to their faculty members and can get an insight into the course and the institute. Also, get in touch with some of the ex-students and talk about their experience at the institute and teaching methods, and many more. It will help you narrow down your search to just 1-2 universities/ colleges. Things don't end here. You also have to gather information on all the required documents to apply to a university and for the visa as well.

  • How will you apply?

After gathering all the necessary information, now is the time to know how you are going to apply. If you are thinking of applying on your own, then you have to make sure to fulfill all the requirements on time, such as bank statements to show sufficient balance to support your education, purpose of statements, recommendation letters, and many more. It is one hell of a task if you plan on doing it yourself.

Therefore, research thoroughly for the best education consultants in India. You will come across a few renowned names in the field such as Canam Consultants. Trust us, when we say this, your entire process will be hassle-free as they take all your worries!

Also, you can't just apply to one institute only. You have to apply a minimum four- 2 for safer side, 1 is your desired institute, and 1 is your dream university/college. Making so many applications is a tiresome job, and for this reason, Canam has launched iApply in which you have to make your profile only once and can make multiple applications with a click of a button. Or else you will be drowned in all the information and different application forms and their requirements. While convincing your parents, this point will give them confidence, and your convincing will almost be done!

  • Talk about finance:

Finance is the most crucial point that parents are worried about. Therefore, gather all the vital information regarding funding. Also, find ways to reduce the financial burden from your parents' shoulder. For example, you can look for scholarships, or grants, or bursaries, or specific discounts you can get on your tuition fees.

Canam has an extensive list of scholarships, and our expert counselors guide students on how to find the awards they are qualified for and also help them fulfill all the requirements.

  • Makes you academically and professionally better.

Make sure you explain that how studying abroad can make you academically and professionally strong. Tell them that teachers not only focus on theory but also on practicality. It helps students gain the necessary industry skills needed for a job. Knowing them helps students stand out in the job market.

Also, big employers look for candidates who have international exposure. They believe that such candidates make good employees as they already know how to work and behave in a multicultural environment. Also, employers look for candidates who have exposure to the current industry practices and that what universities abroad teach students.

  • Personally better

In addition to academics and professional growth, studying abroad contributes to personal growth as well. You have to explain the same to your parents. While explaining you have to tell that by studying and living abroad, you have to manage your expenses, your time, and your mental health too. You will have to make sure to wash your clothes properly, will cook your meals, and will be very responsible for your studies and many more. All these factors may look small, but taking care of your self will make you a responsible and mature person.

  • Will always be in touch

Parents will always be worried 24*7 for you. You have to convince your parents that you will be available 24*7 through WhatsApp and other mediums. Make a small directory mentioning important phone numbers like your roommates, college professors, your workplace, or so. It will give them confidence that you are just a call away.

  • Success stories

Now, this is one of the most important points. You have to show some success stories either of your friends or someone from your family who have turned their life for better and are living their dream. Explain how studying abroad actually helped them not only professionally but also personally.

Convincing your parents to let you study abroad will be a challenging task! But if you explain to your parents well, we are sure they will understand and will let you go abroad to fulfill your dreams!

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