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Bachelor of Law (LLB) in UK: Best Affordable Colleges, Courses, Scholarships, and Scope

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United Kingdom is a home to some of the world’s best and most reputed law schools, offering numerous law programmes to guide students gain the right skills needed to build a career in this field. Read the blog to learn about top affordable colleges offering popular courses in LLB.

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The United Kingdom has been a popular destination for students preparing to study law degree abroad. UK’s rich legal history, coupled with reputed universities and in-demand courses, makes it an attractive place for aspirants from around the globe.

Read the blog to learn about the Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree in UK, law colleges offering potential courses, eligibility, steps to apply, scholarship options, and more.

But first, let’s explore why candidates should choose UK to study LLB!

Why Study LLB in UK?

Regarded as a highly desirable destination for studying law, universities in UK carry significant prestige. Being an undergraduate degree, LLB in UK has fewer requirements compared to a law degree in other countries. Here are several reasons that make this country a top choice for pursuing LLB:

  • Graduates from UK law schools often find career opportunities across continents
  • •The country is home to many leading law schools with highly qualified faculty, offering a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on developing practical skills
  • Studying LLB here exposes students to a continuously evolving and developing legal system
  • UK operates under a common law system used in many countries around the world. This provides a solid foundational understanding for international students, even if they plan to practice law in their home countries
  • Law schools in UK offer a wide range of specializations to students, allowing them to tailor their degree to their interests and career goals
  • Students with an undergraduate degree can further enrol in a 2-year Senior Status LLB program
  • Studying law abroad often provides an international perspective, preparing students for work in the current globalized legal environment

LLB in UK: Types of Courses

The LLB degree in UK typically lasts three years and offers a mix of compulsory and optional modules. Some of the key courses include:

  • LLB – Bachelor of Law
  • Graduate LLB – Fast track LLB
  • LLM – Master of Law
  • GDL – Graduate Diploma in Law
  • LPC – Law Practice Course
  • BPTC – Bar Professional Training Course

LLB in the UK: Specialisations

Here is a list of the popular specialisations in the UK for Indian students looking to pursue their higher studies abroad:
•Legal Studies
•Law (Others)
•International Law
•Environmental Law
•Family Law
•Intellectual Property Law

LLB in the UK: Popular Universities

Aston University
Newcastle University
Edinburgh University
University of Law
Durham University
Bath Spa University
University of Manchester
University of Leeds
University of Birmingham
University of Warwick
University of Bristol

Scholarships for LLB in UK

The following table presents some scholarships awarded by the UK government and Law schools to aspirants planning to pursue LLB in UK:

Scholarship NameProvided by
Law School Scholarships and GrantsUniversity College London
Dickson Poon Undergraduate Law Scholarship ProgrammeKing’s College London
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipUniversity of Cambridge
Commonwealth Master ScholarshipsGovernment of the UK
Chevening ScholarshipGovernment of the UK

Bachelor of Law (LLB) in the UK: Scope

Upon successful completion of the LLB course in the UK, students can choose from a wide range of career opportunities. Some of the most common paths LLB graduates might take are:
•Legal Analyst
•Legal Advisor
•Corporate Lawyer
•Public Prosecutor
•Legal Researcher
•Legal Associates

Bachelor of Law (LLB) in UK: Eligibility & Requirements

Students considering studying LLB in UK, should keep the following eligibility criteria in mind. While many requirements vary as per the institution, some common criteria are:

Education Qualifications

•The specific grades needed depend on the university, but for major competitive law schools, students need at least three A Levels with AAA or AAB grades
•Some universities also consider the GCSE grades of the candidate. In general, they should have at least a C grade in English Language and Mathematics

Personal Statement

Universities in the UK pay close attention to personal statement written by student, therefore, it is essential to draft one carefully. While writing the statement, students should express their interest in the law, demonstrate understanding of the course, explain all the reasons why they want to study in the country and highlight any relevant experience or skills.

Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT)

Many law schools in the UK require the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT). LNAT is a test designed to assess students' aptitudes like comprehension, interpretation, analysis, and reasoning, which are crucial aspects of law studies.

Legal Work Experience

While not a formal requirement, legal work experiences such as placements, mini-pupillages, or vacation schemes can strengthen the application.

Bachelor of Law (LLB) in UK: Steps to Apply

•Visit the official website of Canam and connect with the expert counsellors for free profile assessment
•Search and shortlist programs and universities that best match the interest and career prospects
•Check program eligibility and available scholarship options
•Keep all the necessary documents ready and make applications for the chosen universities
•Regularly check for emails sent by admission authority inviting students to attend interviews in order to verify their competence for the program
•Upon successful completion of the interview, the university then contacts students for further proceedings

Note: The admission procedure varies from one university to another, therefore, it is important to seek the guidance of expert study abroad consultants who can help students in making easy application.

It is essential to check the specific requirements of the universities before making an application, as they can vary. Remember, meeting the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee admission, as law is a competitive field of study in UK. This is why it is recommended that students take the help of abroad education consultants to make a strong application.


The duration of a full-time LLB course in the UK is 3 years. However, some universities also offer a 2-year accelerated program, and part-time LLB programs can take up to 4 to 6 years to complete.
No, not all UK universities require the LNAT. The test scores are required by only highly competitive law schools, so It is essential to check the specific entry requirements for each institution before applying.
International students can apply for both types of scholarships. While the Chevening Scholarships are open to students from around the world, the Commonwealth Scholarships are awarded to students from Commonwealth countries.
An LLB degree from the UK provides graduates access to a wide range of career paths. Many become solicitors or barristers, while others may choose careers in academia, the public, or the corporate sectors.
The cost of an LLB program in the UK varies from institution to institution. While some universities have higher tuition fees, others are more affordable. Students seeking financial help can apply for scholarships which greatly reduce their financial burden.

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