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Australian Dual Degrees for Indian Students

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Australia is one of the great study destinations for dual degrees. Read more to know about Australian dual degrees for Indian students and preferable universities to pursue dual degrees.

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Australia is one of the dream destinations for many international students who want to pursue higher educational programs. It provides an edge to students in terms of networking opportunities, job placements and following their passion. This blog will give in-depth knowledge about a dual degree program and Australian dual degree programs to pursue.

Types of Dual Degrees

A dual degree program means studying a combination of subjects in which one subject complements the other based on the student's academic goals. For example, one can do Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Dual degrees help individuals get 2 degrees without investing double time, money and effort. There are two types of dual degrees:

1.Double degree:1. Double degree: In a double degree, an individual completes two separate qualifications, one after the other. Therefore, students have to complete one degree before starting a second.
2.Combined degree: A combined degree is different from a double degree as it allows students to study two different degrees simultaneously. This means that the student would be studying two different subjects at the same time.

Why study a dual degree?

College life is a time when students can explore new things. They can discover their passion and interests. By pursuing 2 degrees at the same time students get knowledge of various subjects. Let’s see the benefits of pursuing a dual degree in Australia:

  • In-depth knowledge: Pursuing 2 degrees simultaneously means students will study double subjects than a standard degree. For example, if students are pursuing Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce, they will learn about economics, accountancy and also about law.
  • Fast Learning: A dual degree helps students learn more in less time. A dual degree doesn’t mean that a student has to study double. Students will pursue the dual degree as a single one only. They would be able to focus on a single degree at a time.

  • Pursue Passion: With the help of a dual degree, students can follow their passion easily. A dual degree helps students learn about two entirely different disciplines. Students will learn about two different fields through a dual degree program.

  • Professional Network: A dual degree is a great way to network with like-minded individuals. A dual degree allows students to connect with professors and students from different countries. This helps students learn more about the culture of other countries, their perspectives and much more.

  • Career Opportunities: Students who do dual degrees will naturally get more career opportunities as employers look for individuals who specialize in more than one field.

Popular dual degrees for Indian Students

Below is the list of dual degrees at the level of bachelors and masters which Indian students can pursue:

Bachelors Dual Degree ProgramsMasters Dual Degree ProgramsBachelors + Masters Dual Degree Programs
Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Information TechnologyMaster of Business Administration + Master of International RelationsBachelor of Arts + Master of International Relations
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of ScienceMaster of Engineering + Master of Project ManagementBachelor of Engineering  + Master of Engineering Management
Bachelor of Engineering + Bachelor of Business AdministrationMaster of Public Health + Master of Health AdministrationBachelor of Science + Master of Environmental Management
Bachelor of Laws + Bachelor of CommerceMaster of International Business + Master of MarketingBachelor of Business + Master of Marketing
Bachelor of Science + Bachelor of EducationMaster of Finance + Master of Financial PlanningBachelor of Education + Master of Special Education
Bachelor of Design + Bachelor of CommunicationMaster of Computer Science + Master of Data ScienceBachelor of Computer Science + Master of Data Science
-Master of Environmental Management + Master of Sustainable DevelopmentBachelor of Laws + Master of International Business
-Master of Architecture + Master of Urban PlanningBachelor of Architecture + Master of Urban Planning

Australian Universities Providing Dual Degrees

There are many universities in Australia which provide dual degree programs. Some preferable universities for pursuing dual degrees are as follows:

Name of UniversityPopular Bachelors + Masters Dual Degree Programs
University of SydneyBachelor of Commerce / Master of Professional Accounting
Bachelor of Engineering Honours / Master of Project Management
University of MelbourneBachelor of Arts / Master of Teaching
Bachelor of Science / Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Environments / Master of Urban Planning
Monash UniversityBachelor of Laws (Honours) / Master of International Business
Bachelor of Arts / Master of Teaching
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Business
University of QueenslandBachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Arts / Master of International Relations
Bachelor of Biomedical Science / Master of Molecular Biology
University of Western AustraliaBachelor of Science / Master of Engineering Science
Bachelor of Commerce / Master of Professional Accounting
Bachelor of Arts / Master of International Relations
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)Bachelor of Business / Master of Business
Bachelor of Design / Master of Architecture
Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Master of Business
RMIT UniversityBachelor of Business (Management) / Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Bachelor of Design / Master of Landscape Architecture
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)Bachelor of Science in Information Technology / Master of Data Science and Innovation
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Professional Engineering
Deakin University
Bachelor of Business / Master of Marketing
Bachelor of Arts / Master of International Relations
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Engineering.
University of New South Wales (UNSW)Bachelor of Commerce / Master of International Business
Bachelor of Science / Master of Science Communication
Bachelor of Computer Science / Master of Cyber Security

Entry Requirements

To study dual degree programs in Australia, one must meet the eligibility requirement of a particular university. To take admission to an undergraduate program, one needs a senior secondary qualification. Although the requirements entirely depend on the type of program and university.

For example, the entry requirement for Engineering (Honours) program is higher than a Business or Information and Communications Technology program.

Scholarship Options

A dual degree is often more expensive than a standard degree hence it might put financial burden on students. To tackle this problem, students can go for scholarship options provided by various universities.

The scholarships are offered at both institutional and government levels. The grants vary from a 10-25% reduction in annual fees and are often provided during the complete program.

Some institutes also offer scholarships up to 30-50% of tuition fee and for high achiever students, this can also go to 100%. Many universities give grants and scholarships based on merit.

Work Integrated learning in dual degrees

During the dual degree work integrated learning is an excellent way to gain work experience.
Many universities also provide professional placement programs to students, including industry-based projects, industry study tours, student exchange programs, etc.

Dual degrees are a great way to explore two entirely different fields, which helps students to network with students and professors from other countries. A dual degree program also allows students to follow their passion and get in-depth knowledge of various subjects. If students have doubts about a dual degree, they can connect with Canam Consultants.


No, the double degree is not hard as students would be studying the same number of subjects, so the workload will remain the same.
The program's cost entirely depends on the dual degree program and university.
Rather than double degrees, combined degrees have more worth in Australia.
An Australian dual degree will help students network with students from different countries, get more in-depth knowledge in less time, and much more.
Yes, dual degree is allowed in Australia and many universities offer dual degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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