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A Guide to Australia's Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements

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Australia is one of the most popular study abroad destinations. Candidates aiming to pursue their higher education in Australia must fulfil the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements. GTE in Australia is mandatory for international students, and they must provide proof that they are temporarily coming to the country for study purposes. Read the blog to get an insight into GTE, its requirements and process. 

Australia is a dream destination for many students due to its prestigious institutions. However, to pursue higher education in Australia, a student needs to complete the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). GTE is mandatory for international students to pursue their higher education in Australia as it is substantial proof that the student is entering the country intending to gain quality education and has no intention to overstay his approved visa illegally. 

The information provided during the GTE assessment includes several parameters through which the Higher Authorities of Australia decide whether the student and their intentions are genuine. Hence, the applicant must provide credible information during the process. 

Basic GTE Criteria

The Basic criteria of GTE mention that any international student who intends to enter the country to pursue their higher education needs to meet the GTE requirement. However, applicants opting for part-time courses or part-time jobs to support themselves are exempted from the process. 

What is GTE Statement for a student visa?

The GTE statement is a personal statement written to address the GTE requirements. Students must write their statement in English and mention the reasons for pursuing higher studies in Australia. All claims in the statement must be supported with genuine evidence. 

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Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirements

The GTE requirement is a set of assessments that all applicants must provide to prove that they are coming to Australia temporarily and not as a channel to gain residency. It is advised that applicants provide a personal written GTE statement in English addressing the requirement for GTE. Applicants also need to provide several details; however, statements that are not supported with genuine evidence aren't weighted heavily. One has to provide authentic documents and information in their statement, which include:

Previous academic qualifications: Applicants must provide details for their past capabilities, supporting documents, and transcripts. The transcripts must have the education provider's name, study duration and certificate of attainment.
Mention gap years: Students must mention the gap years, if they have any, during GTE assessment and the reasons for the mentioned gap years, including where they did not maintain enrolment.
Employment details: Candidates are required to provide information about their employment. It includes- current employer, company details, period of work and attach supporting documents.
Evidence of having strong ties in the home country: Applicants need to provide their family background details and proof of financial and family ties in their home country, proving that the applicant has a significant reason to return home.
Economic situation: Candidates are required to provide documents stating their financial situation. This includes documents showing employment or business activities, income tax return or bank statements of their family or sponsors.
Reason to choose the specific university/course - Students need to explain the reason behind selecting the particular university. It is essential to demonstrate how the intended course relates to previous qualifications and employment, its relevance to future career goals, and the potential benefits upon completion, including salary prospects and opportunities in various countries.
Reason to choose Australia: Applicants must mention the reasons for choosing Australia instead of any other country. It is essential to provide details of their living arrangements during their stay in the country, details of partner/ spouses and children (if any), siblings, relatives or friends residing in Australia.
Immigration history: Students must share any previous visa applications for Australia or other countries. They must include details of visa refusals, acceptances, cancellations etc. 
Proper Documentations: All the statements made during the GTE process must be supported with valid documents to prove that the details shared are credible. The points shared must match the ones mentioned in the documents provided. 

Understanding the process of GTE

Australia has implemented a streamlined process for the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) assessment. The process involves a questionnaire and personal statements, aiming at evaluating the genuineness of the applicant’s intention in Australia. 

Some educational institutions promptly provide the GTE questionnaire link to students upon application and the rest may request the completion of the questionnaire alongside a conditional offer letter. There are certain cases wherein selected applicants may be invited for a GTE interview conducted by higher authorities. 

After successfully clearing the GTE assessment, the candidate becomes eligible to apply for an Australian student visa. The process aims to ensure that individuals seeking to study in Australia possess genuine intentions to pursue their qualification and do not have any ulterior motives for their stay in the country.

Common Questions asked during GTE Australia Interview

What led you to select this particular course of study?

Students can answer the question by sharing details about the course and classes they opted for, the potential for growth and how it is related to their past qualification, future opportunities available after completing the course. They can further talk about the potential job opportunities and expected salaries after completion of the course. 

How are you funding your tuition and living expenses?

Applicants will likely have to share their exact tuition. If family members are sponsoring, applicants must have an idea about their salary and employment details. It is essential to know the monthly expenses and average living costs. 

Why did you choose Australia instead of studying in your home country?

Candidates can discuss the academic facilities and their strengths. They must prove through their conversation that they have researched the campus, the courses, and other campus surroundings.


It is important to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement for international students aspiring to pursue their further studies in Australia. The process will help Higher Authorities of the country to evaluate various parameters and determine the genuineness of the candidate and their intention for stay. It is important that candidates are honest while filling their application as well as while writing their GTE statement. The credibility of the details shall make it the most attractive. Clearing the GTE assessment process shall represent the genuine intention of the candidate to go to the country for study purpose only. 

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After completing the GTE process, it takes a minimum of 10-15 days for it to be accessed. It is advised to provide all necessary documents as it will help in decreasing any delay. 
If the authorities are unsatisfied with the provided details or documents, they can cancel the GTE application. 
The Australian Home Affairs has changed the written statement word limit to 300 words (with a maximum of a 2000-character limit). 
Submitting a written statement as part of the GTE requirement is mandatory. 
Gap years are acceptable only if the student can provide justification supported by reliable documents. 

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