7 Study Abroad Safety Tips for Students

7 Study Abroad Safety Tips for Students

Going for studies abroad is an enjoyable experience, and one must make the most of it, as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. However, while having fun, one needs to be alert of all the risks and dangers which one can encounter while pursuing their education overseas.

This blog aims at providing you with some tips and suggestions to be safe and sound while having the time of your life overseas.

1. Gather information regarding the country you are traveling to 

When you leave for your destination, you should try to gather as much information you can about the country you are visiting. One should also try to get information with regards to the customs, traditions, and procedures to have a comfortable and hassle-free stay in your host country.

2. Be alert and learn to trust your instincts

For traveling abroad, it is imperative to stay alert and vigilant of your surroundings. If you are enjoying yourself in a busy marketplace, then make sure that you are aware of what is happening around you. Another essential thing to be mindful of is to trust your instincts, and if you feel uneasy about anything, one should move away from that location and relocate to a new one.

3. Be careful of your valuables

If you try to draw attention to your valuables, it will make you susceptible to being robbed by the pickpockets. Also, ensure that you are extra careful of your luggage and other valuables.

4. Maintain a low profile

Being a foreigner, one should always keep a low profile and try not to attract too much attention. This does not mean that one should be avoidant of people but try your level best not to broadcast the fact that you are a foreigner. An example of this is not to be loud while in a public place, and dressing like the local population will help you integrate, which will also stop unnecessary attention being drawn to you.

5. Get to know your surroundings

Apart from getting information about the country you are visiting, it is equally important to gather the requisite information with regards to the city or town you are visiting. This information will, in all probability, be available at the study abroad office, but you can also get in touch with the past students to gather the same. You should know about the transportation system, areas to avoid, etc.

6. Drink responsibly

Often socializing leads to drinking, the golden rule while consuming alcohol is to drink responsibly. Alcohol tends to remove inhibitions and lowers the sense of judgment, which can make you highly vulnerable to trouble and thieves.

7. Keep in touch with your nears and dears

One of the most important rules while traveling abroad is to be in constant contact with your friends and family and to inform them of your whereabouts. Also, if you are staying in an apartment, then notify your roommates of where you are going- that way, if something goes wrong, someone knows where you went.

Also, if you want your study abroad experience to be enjoyable and with no hassle, then be sure to be well informed, avoid trouble at any cost and be sure to have a great time.