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7 Study Abroad Safety Tips for Students

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The journey of studying abroad is lonely as students leave their parents' home, guidance and protection to learn and live in a country thousands of miles away from their home town. While students have access to diverse resources, Canam Consultants actively welcomes the opportunity to offer personalized guidance to students. In this blog, learn some excellent safety tips that students can use to manage and protect themselves while studying abroad.

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Studying abroad can be an exciting and life-changing experience for students. It offers an opportunity to immerse in a different culture, gain new perspectives, and receive high-quality education. However, students need to prioritize their safety while studying abroad. In this article, learn seven study abroad safety tips that every student must know to protect themselves on foreign land. Not only will these tips help students to dodge unfavourable lawsuits, they also help to stay clear of dangerous situations. Read the blog to prepare for studying abroad and achieve academic goals safely.  

Seven Study Abroad Safety Tips for Students

The start of a safe overseas journey begins from stage zero when the student is only considering the country and program to choose to study abroad. Students must take certain precautions before embarking on a study abroad journey to ensure a safe experience. Here are some safety tips for students to consider before departure:

Safety tips to follow before departure

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Research the DestinationBefore choosing a program, thoroughly research the study abroad destination. Familiarize with its culture, customs, laws, and potential safety risks. This knowledge will help students to stay safe and adapt more easily to their new environment.
Stay InformedStay updated on the study destination's current political, social, and economic situation. Subscribe to reliable news sources, follow local social media accounts, and register with the country's embassy. Being well-informed enables students to make informed decisions and avoid risky situations.
Obtain Travel InsurancePrior to the departure, make sure to purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost belongings. It's better to be prepared for unexpected events and have the necessary financial protection.

Safety Tips to Follow to Stay Safe While Studying Abroad

Once a student is at the study abroad destination, it's important to continue prioritizing safety over anything. Here are some tips to ensure a secure experience:

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Be Aware of SurroundingsAlways stay vigilant and be mindful of the surroundings. Pay attention to the people in the neighbourhood and university, especially in crowded places. Trusting one's instincts may help avoid situations that make students feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
Buddy SystemWhen exploring a new city or going out at night, travelling with a companion or in groups is safer. The buddy system enhances safety and reduces the chances of becoming a target for criminals. 
Secure BelongingsKeep the personal belongings secure at all times. Use a reliable lock for accommodation, avoid carrying large amounts of cash, and be cautious while using public transportation. It's also essential to back up all the necessary documents and store copies in a safe place.
Respect Local Laws and CustomsTo maintain safety and avoid legal issues, respect the laws and customs of the host country. Get familiar with the local traditions, understand the dress code, and abide by the cultural norms to tackle cultural differences. By showing respect, students will stay safe and build positive relationships with the locals.

Evaluating Emergency Situations

While it's always best to prevent emergencies, it's essential to know how to react in case of any unfortunate incidents. Here are some guidelines for evaluating emergencies:

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Know Emergency Contact InformationStore emergency numbers (police, ambulance, embassy, program coordinators) on the phone and keep a paper backup. Call the relevant authorities immediately in any emergency.
Follow Safety GuidelinesIf there is a crisis while studying abroad, follow the safety guidelines provided by the study abroad program or the local authorities. This may involve evacuating a building, seeking shelter, or following specific instructions. Stay calm, be patient, and cooperate with those in charge.
Seek AssistanceIf a student finds themselves in a difficult or dangerous situation, don't hesitate to seek assistance. Contact the program coordinators, local authorities, or the country's embassy for support and guidance. They are there to help international students through any challenging circumstances.


Studying abroad can be an incredible opportunity, but ensuring one's safety should always be a top priority. By following these study abroad safety tips, students can have a rewarding and secure experience in a foreign country. Contact Canam consultants for more expert tips, and remember to stay informed, be aware of the surroundings, and take necessary precautions for a successful study abroad journey!


Extremely important! Understanding the culture, laws, and potential risks helps to adapt and avoid surprises. Think of it as packing knowledge in one’s mental suitcase.
Look for comprehensive coverage that includes medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost belongings. Remember, peace of mind is priceless!
Stay calm, know the emergency contact numbers, follow safety guidelines, and seek assistance from program coordinators or the embassy. 
Yes! By following these tips and being resourceful, students can overcome challenges and adapt to their new environment. 
It's about avoiding legal trouble and showing respect for the host culture. Think of it as building bridges with the new community.

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