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Duolingo Test Centres in India

Duolingo (DET) is an English language assessment test that is required to apply for study abroad in various universities or for immigration purposes. It was launched five years ago and became popular at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These days, Duolingo English Test is popular among individuals because of its convenience, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly environment that helps candidates demonstrate their English language proficiency. Unlike other English proficiency tests like IELTS and PTE, Duolingo allows applicants to take the test anytime, anywhere, based on their convenience.

Duolingo does not launch a test schedule, as this test is online and can be taken anytime from anywhere. However, Duolingo also has test centres around the world where candidates can take the test in person. So it’s better to always search for an appropriate place to take the test. Anyone can simply visit the official Duolingo English Test website and click on the "Find a Test Centre" option available on the top navigation bar to find the Duolingo test centres available near them. Here you can find the closest test centres; otherwise, you can choose to take the test from home.

How to consider a Duolingo test centre?

  • It would be best if you look for the proximity to a test centre. Always choose a testing centre that is conveniently located near your home or workplace. It ensures that you start your test on time.
  • Select your test schedule that offers a date and time that suits your schedule and availability.
  • If you have mobility issues, look for Duolingo test centres that are easily accessible through any mode of transportation.
  • Ensure all the Test centre facilities are up to the mark and have a quiet and comfortable testing environment.
  • You may also check the availability of discounts to book the test, because the test fee may vary depending on the discount coupon availability.

System Requirements to take the Duolingo test at home

  • A stable and reliable internet connection is crucial for taking the Duolingo test from home. Ensure that the internet speed is fast enough to support the test and avoid any inconveniences while attempting.
  • Check all the technical requirements for the Duolingo English Test, be it a webcam, microphone, and the latest version of Google Chrome or other internet explorers.
  • The computer or laptop should be set up in a quiet and distraction-free environment for the test. All the devices such as television, mobile phone, noisy fans, etcetera must be turned off to stay away from distraction.
  • Make sure that the equipment you use is of high quality, such as a webcam and microphone, so the proctor can see and hear you clearly from the beginning to the end of the test.
  • It would be best if you were not interrupted or distracted by other responsibilities, such as work or family obligations at the time of your test.
  • Always be familiar with the test format beforehand by practicing for the test ahead of time. Duolingo also offers a practice test that you can take to prepare for the real test.

By following the above-given factors you can increase your chances of achieving your desired score for the Duolingo English Test.

Steps to Register for Duolingo English Test

  • First of all, you must have government-authorized ID proof to register for the test.
  • Visit the official Duolingo website to create an account.
  • Provide all the essential details and get your login details.
  • Now you can access your dashboard for further formalities via quick login.

Benefits of Taking the Duolingo English test

  • It provides low-cost, high-quality language education to anyone with an internet connection.
  • You can measure your language proficiency.
  • It has a growing demand because of its reliability for language proficiency assessments.
  • Other language proficiency tests like the TOEFL and the IELTS are expensive and time-consuming.
  • Duolingo allows taking a convenient and affordable test that is administered entirely online.
  • Duolingo English test has recognition among universities, employers, and government agencies around the world.

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