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Universities in Canada for International Students

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  • Canada offers explicit and quality education in it's top-ranked institutions.
  • Universities in Canada boasts comprehensive curriculum and safe environment for the international students. 
  • Students need to meet the eligibility requirements and submit the required documents adhering to the deadlines. 

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Canada is among the most preferred study destinations abroad for international students. It is popular for its world-class education, diverse environment, and globally recognized institutions. Canadian universities provide a variety of full-time and part-time courses that foster practical and innovative skills among students and help them excel in their respective fields. According to the QS rankings, Canadian universities are among the top-ranked institutions worldwide. These institutions welcome students from around the world and help them build a strong academic foundation. The blog below includes information on some of the best universities in Canada for Indian students.

Why Study in Canada?

There are several reasons why someone should study in Canada. Regardless of the climactic troop one joins, students will be greeted by a kind community that will present them with an experience that will mould their future. Here are a few reasons to choose to study in Canada:

Safe CommunityCanada is considered one of the safest and most welcoming countries for international students. Its low crime rate makes it secure for foreign learners. 
Employment OpportunityCanada's degrees are well regarded in the global market and are in high demand in the top MNCs worldwide. 
Diverse CultureThe country promotes multiculturalism and houses students from different parts of the world, helping them build global networks.
Quality EducationCanada as a study destination is very popular among foreign learners as it offers world-class education and perfect student life. It is a perfect blend of academic excellence and adventure. 
Affordable Education & ScholarshipUnlike other countries like the USA and the UK, Canada has affordable tuition and a lower cost of living for international students. 

Top Universities in Canada

Canada houses a few of the top-ranked universities around the world. They are well renowned and acknowledged for the quality of education and skills they impart to foreign learners and foster them with practical and innovative skills. Below listed are some prominent institutions to study in Canada.

UniversityQS Ranking
University of Toronto21
McGill University30
University of British Columbia34
University of Alberta111
University of Waterloo112
Western University114
University of Montreal141
McMaster University189
University of Ottawa
Queen's University

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is Canada's oldest university and one of the top ten in Toronto. It was founded in 1827 and has since graduated thousands of graduates who serve the world. Its MBA program is one of Canada's most affordable business programs. It offers about 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate degrees. The University is placed in the top five for global research citations and 11th for graduate employability. Furthermore, the University of Toronto has almost 660,000 graduates. It has a total of three campuses in Toronto province, all facilitating student's academic demands.

Major courses offered at the University of Toronto are: -

Major Courses OfferedApprox. Annual Tuition Fee Range (CAD)
Data Science(BSc.)$55,000- $65,000
Life Sciences$55,000- $67,000
Commerce (BBA)$55,000- $65,000
Computer Science (BSc.)$56,150- $65,000
Engineering$59,000- $70,000

McGill University

McGill University, a popular institution among international students, is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and renowned staff. It is one of Canada's top higher learning institutions and a leading research-intensive global university. The university offers a range of academic and non-academic services to make students' stay memorable. It comprises eleven faculties and eleven schools. McGill University has two campuses—the Downtown Campus in Montreal and the Macdonald Campus. It offers guaranteed housing to first-year undergraduate students.

Major courses offered by McGill University are: - 

Major Courses offeredApprox. Annual Tuition Fee Range (CAD)
Computer Science (BSc.)$37,000- $44,000
Business Administration (BCom)$39,000-$45,000
Management Engineering$38,000- $44,000
Nursing$34,000- $42,000
Psychology(BA/ BSc)$36,000- $42,000

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the greatest institutions in Canada, using active teaching techniques and sophisticated facilities to educate students. The university has an exceptional student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1. The institution enrols students from over 162 countries and provides a diversified learning environment. UNBC has majorly two campuses situated in Vancouver and Okanagan. Both campuses have high-tech research centers and well-built laboratories. 

Major courses offered by the University of British Columbia: -

Major Courses OfferedApprox. Annual Tuition Fee Range ( CAD)
Engineering $28,000- $35,000
Nursing $30,000- $34,000
Data Science$30,000- $38,000
Computer Science$32,000- $35,000
Business Administration$35,000- $40,000

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta provides more than 200 undergraduate programs across 18 faculties to overseas students, as well as 400 research centers. The institution, which serves as a home away from home for its students, has thirteen on-campus homes that provide a safe place for students to study. During their stay at Alberta, students can also join over 450 university clubs and groups. Every year, the institution provides students with about $28 million (CAD) in scholarships, prizes, and financial aid. Many university programs provide students with paid co-op or internship opportunities, both in Canada and abroad.

Major Courses offered at the University of Alberta are: -

Major Courses OfferedApprox. Annual Tuition Fee Range (CAD)
Business Management$31,000- $32,000
Computer Science$31,000- $32,500
Mathematics$32,000- $35,000
Environmental Studies$33,500-$34,000

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo began in 1957, with 74 engineering students. The University has been rated 112th in the QS World University Rankings 2024. The university today has over 42,000 students and an alumni base of over 220,000 graduates. Along with the main campus, it also has three satellite campuses well equipped with labs and sports centres.

The University of Waterloo offers high-quality academic programs like: -

Major Courses OfferedApprox. Annual Tuition Fee (CAD)
Environmental Studies$48,000-$50,000
Computer Science $58,500- $59,500
Business Administration$59,000-$59,200

Western University

Western University is a worldwide community of enthusiastic individuals dedicated to making a difference in the world today. It serves almost 43,000 students from 129 countries. With 400 undergraduate choices and more than 150 graduate degree programs in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences, students may design their academic journey to match their aspirations. Whether off or on-campus, Western University offers housing options to suit every lifestyle and budget. 

Major courses at Western University: -

Major courses offeredApproximate Annual Tuition Fee Range (CAD)
Computer Science (Hons.)
Business Administration (Hons.)$35,000- $40,000
Engineering (Hons.)$35,000- $42,000
Medical Sciences(Hons.)$36,000- $43,000
Nursing (Hons.)$38,000- $45,000

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal, founded in 1878, provides high-quality education to students. The University of Montreal and its associated schools, HEC Montreal and Polytechnique Montreal, are among the greatest higher education institutions in Quebec. The institution has always maintained strong rankings, with about 69,000 students, 10,000 of whom come from international communities. The institution has almost 600 programs spread throughout its 13 colleges. In addition, the institution has done well in both research and athletics. It provides different opportunities to international students to excel in sports along with academics. 

Major courses offered at the University of Montreal are: -

Major courses offeredApproximate Annual Tuition Fee Range (CAD)
Engineering$26,000- $39,000
Public health $27,000- $40,000
MSc in Computer Science$28,000- $40,000
Finance$34,000- $43,000

McMaster University

McMaster University is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, and students and instructors come there from over 90 nations. McMaster's medical school is internationally known, and the university also has colleges of engineering, commerce, humanities, social sciences, and science. The institution focuses a major emphasis on research that addresses some of society's most pressing problems, notably in the realm of health sciences. The University campus is comfortable and provides excellent academic and networking opportunities to its students.

Major courses offered at McMaster University are: 

Major courses offeredApproximate Annual Tuition Fee Range (CAD)
Business administration(BBA)
Msc in Health Science$32,000- $40,000
Software Engineering$32,000- $40,000
Engineering Physics$32,000- $40,000
Psychology$35,000- $38,000

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa was founded in 1848 and is located in Ottawa, Canada. International students can enrol in over 500 undergraduate and graduate programs at the institution. The admittance rate is 42%. According to the Times Higher Education World Rankings, the University of Ottawa is rated 203. It is the world's largest institution that teaches both English and French. It houses well-equipped sports centers, laboratories, and libraries. Every classroom has LED screens and a wireless internet network.

Major courses offered at the university of Ottawa are: -

Major courses offeredApproximate Annual Tuition Fee Range (CAD)
BSc in Nursing$21,000- $24,000
Commerce$21,000- $24,000
Computer Science$21,000- $24,000
BA in Psychology$22,000-$24,000
Engineering$32,000- $34,000

Queen's University

Queen's University, located in Kingston, Canada, is one of the oldest institutions as well as a current powerhouse of academic study. Queen's University is ranked among the best institutions in the world. Queen's University courses have a long history in Arts and Sciences, full of accolades and medals for academic performance. Queen's University has two campuses both equipped with all the top-notch facilities and amenities for students. It offers on-campus dorms to first-year students and many other good accommodation options nearby. 

 Major courses offered at Queen's University: -

Major courses offeredApproximate Annual Tuition Fee Range (CAD)
Life sciences$35,000- $38,000
Computer Science (BSc)$36,000-$39,000
Nursing$38,000- $41,000
Engineering$40,000- $43,000
Commerce$42,000- $45,000

Requirements to Study in Canada for International Students

Though every university in Canada has its own set of requirements and eligibility, the general and primary criteria remain the same. Few of the basic requirements one needs to fulfil to study in the Universities in Canada are listed below: -

Requirements to Study in Canada.webp

To know more about other university-specific requirements to study in Canada, contact the study abroad experts.


It is critical to note that a student's personal preferences, academic interests, and professional goals ultimately determine the institution they attend. Before making a decision, it is advisable to research the colleges and their program options.

From coast to coast, Canadian colleges have a lot to offer prospective international students. For more information and assistance in studying abroad, Connect with the Canam study abroad consultants.


According to several publications and rankings, the University of Toronto is Canada's top university. It is considered as one of the world's top 50 universities and has been crowned Canada's best university on several occasions.
There are no tuition-free institutions in Canada, however there are various scholarships available for international students to attend Canada's premier colleges.
The best courses to pursue in Canada for overseas students are:

  • MBA
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Business and Finance.
  • Engineering Management
  • Agricultural Science
  • Biosciences
Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto are some of the top places in Canada for Indian students. They have a high employment rate, accepting individuals, and a culture that is simple to blend into. They are also inexpensive.
Candidates must prove their English language skills to pursue higher studies in Canada.

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