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Top Reasons to Study in Birmingham

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Birmingham is a major metropolitan city in the UK, which is known globally for its prestigious higher educational institutions. Every year, many international students opt to study in Birmingham. Let us understand why

1.Quality of Education  The prime factor that drives students to study abroad is the academic excellence offered by the institutions. Universities and colleges of Birmingham are home to exceptionally well-trained faculty working in highly equipped educational institutes. With the help of modern technology, they focus on ensuring a high standard of education coupled with much-needed practical skills.

2.Focus on increasing the employability of Students It is not enough to get a degree from a reputed school if a great job opportunity does not follow. After all, the goal is to be able to land a job that fulfills the ambitions of international students. Studying in Birmingham helps the students in this regard. Students are encouraged to work here, both on-campus and off-campus. It also allows international students who have graduated from such universities to remain in the country for a stipulated period to seek employment.

3.Multicultural City  Moving away from the comfort of your home country to a foreign land to study can be quite unnerving. Birmingham is famous all over the world for being one of the friendliest cities in the world. The people are hospitable, and the surrounding neighborhoods are also quite safe. Due to Birminghams international community, students are lucky to witness different cultural events throughout the year.

4.Nature at its best  Apart from offering outstanding education in elite institutions, Birmingham is also famous for its greenery. From parks to gardens to Nature Reserves, this city offers picturesque views. International students who are fond of nature and the outdoors must consider studying in Birmingham.

5.Known for research and innovation  The University of Birmingham is a founding member of the leading global network of intensive research universities. It has produced 11 Nobel Prize laureates whose innovations and inventions have positively impacted the world. Students learn under the tutelage of world-class researchers, which makes studying in Birmingham an extremely lucrative option for international students.

6.Pocket friendly  Birmingham has one of the largest international student communities in the UK. The city caters to all of their needs and requirements. There are many affordable options in terms of restaurants, pubs, accommodations, and groceries for students to choose from. It is also known for being more than 50% cheaper than London in terms of rent and other living expenses

7.Well connected to other places  Birmingham is almost at the center of the UK, making other places like Liverpool, London, Oxford, Bath, Edinburgh, and Stratford-upon-Avon quite accessible. Students who are studying in Birmingham often like to explore these popular destinations during their break from school through public transport and other ways of conveyance.

8.Food  Birmingham offers a diverse range of food, which is loved by international students. Since it is home to various cultures, it provides many delicacies from all over the world! There are many Michelin-starred restaurants here. Just 5 miles out of the city is Bournville, where you can find the world-famous Cadbury headquarters. Students visit this place to relish the chocolate and also to can learn about chocolate manufacturing, packaging, and advertising.

9.Social Life  Students have numerous options to let their hair down. The city is home to various theatres like New Alexandra, Hall Green Little Theatre, and so on. It also has excellent places to watch movies at multiplexes like Cineworld in Broad Street and old school cinemas like The Electric. Birminghams Sea Life Centre is home to around 1000 freshwater and marine creatures, which is loved by locals and visitors alike. There are clubs like Snobs, Mailbox, Gatecrasher, and so on, where students who are studying in Birmingham can enjoy a great night out.

10.Library of Birmingham  The city has the most important public library in the UK. It is hugely beneficial for the students as it hosts numerous events like workshops on interview skills and CV writing.

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