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Top Highest Paying Jobs For International Students in The UK

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UK has one of the best cities in the world in terms of education and is a top choice for international students from all around the world. The country has countless careeer opportunities and high salaries to meet the financial expectations of students. It has some of the highest paying jobs in the world and therefore, is a preferred among students. This write up deals with the highest paying jobs in the UK based on their weekly salaries.

  • Aircraft controllers

Aircraft controllers is a highly esteemed job and is in high demand currently as more and more people have been taking planes as a mode of transportation. In order to ace this job, one must possess amazing leadership skills, mental strenghth and a high degree of professionalism. As this job requires a lot of effort and skill, it is one of the highest paying jobs. Working as an aircraft controller in the UK, can help you earn around 1,960 per week, making it the highest paying job in the UK. One has to take up a number of examinations, skill tests, and intensive training sessions to get qualified for this job.

  • Flight Engineers

The UK has one of the world's best aeronautical systems in the world. It has a great system of airline networks and state of the art modern equipment. Likeiwse, theaeronautical engineering industry in the UK is highly developed and more and more professionals are seeking jobs in the field of aeronautical engineering. The job is also in high demand as engineers are needed to check the maintainance of aircrafts. This job is highly demanding as one has to follow strict schedules, be prim and proper. Based on official estimation flight engineers earn 1,491 on an average. To qualify as a flight engineer one must have a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering and relevant experience in the field.

  • Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales is an up and coming field and over the years, there has been a considerable rise in jobs pertaining to this field. Marketing strategies are imperative for companies and their reputation. More and more universities in the UK and around the world are offering programs in the field of Marketing and its different verticles. Individuals with professional skills to design, and organize marketing campaigns and stratergies are in high demand. According to the official statistics, a marketing and sales director earns around 1,397 per week. To qualify for this job, an individual must have a bachelor's degree in a business-related subject.

  • Law and Legal Professionals

Law is one of the highest paid professions in a number of countries around the world. A degree in law opens up job opportunities for professionals in a number of sectors. A rough estimate states that law graduates earn 1,349.3 per week on an average. In order to obtain a job, one needs at least a bachelor's degree in law. Almost every corporation in the professional sector has vacancies for a lawyer and hence, we see more and more students take up law as a profession.

  • Information Technology and Telecommunication

Computers are essential for any type of professional work and are used in every organization, therefore, there is a huge demand of IT professionals worldwide. Information Technology and Telecommunication professionals are in charge of maintaining and updating the computer systems in a company. IT professionals in the UK earn around 1,380 per week and they can even earn higher as per their qualifications. Students get jobs in this field by completing degrees in the field of computer science, IT engineering, Computer Management, and others.

Apart from all the careers mentioned above, several professions, such as business management, healthcare workers, brokers, real estate, and others, are extremely lucrative. Any student traveling to the UK for education has plenty of chances for abundant professional opportunities and a great lifestyle.

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