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Why Study in the UK

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The UK is one of the most popular destinations for international students who want to study abroad. The quality education and the standard of living in the country have undoubtedly convinced students to study in the UK. The United Kingdom welcomes international students with an open heart and takes various initiatives to make international students feel at home.

Various reasons have made the UK stand out as a study abroad destination. If you are looking forward to studying in the UK, this blog will give you a better understanding of the country:

Affordable cost of living

The UK has a pretty affordable cost of living for both domestic as well as international students. Some cities like London, Brighton, and Oxford tend to be a little expensive for students; however, there are still ample affordable cities for students in the UK that equally have a high quality of education and lifestyle, like Manchester, Aberdeen, and Newcastle.

Enhancing English-speaking skills

The UK is one of the most popular English-speaking destinations in the world for international students. Studying and immersing yourself in the English language in the UK will enhance your English language skills significantly for future success once you finish your graduation.

Enhancing English language skills will always help as English is accepted in most countries in the world. So, which other country other than the UK to improve your English?

Health Benefits

Students studying at universities in the UK are eligible for free healthcare. Free medical treatment is provided to students and their spouses (and dependent children) by the National Health Service (NHS) if students are studying full-time programs. Many universities also offer special health policies to their students.

Financial Support

Universities in the UK have various scholarships available for students looking forward to getting themselves enrolled in master's, which help them support their study and living costs. Scholarships play an important role for those who want to save money.

Although scholarships depend on programs and the university, you can always get an expert's help to know which scholarship is available based on your profile.

Work Permit

You cannot avail work permit in every country you pursue your studies from. The best part about studying in the UK is that it is possible to get a work permit after completing their program at a UK university.

If a student wants to obtain a work permit, he/she needs to have a job offer with a minimum salary of 28,000 pounds per year. It will give you an edge over others (in your home country) if you have worked in the UK after completion of your graduation.

Cultural diversity

It has been seen that a great number of students in the UK are from overseas, which brings an excellent exposure to cultural diversity hence enabling students to develop a global perspective.

The government of the UK warmly welcomes international students across the world. Besides organizing parties, arranging events, and outings, the societies made for international students help in your rough days, give advice on personal problems and assist you.

Study in the UK with Canam

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