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Sandwich Programs in the UK

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In the United Kingdom, the Sandwich Course is a degree program in which students work for nine months to a year before returning to courses for the remainder of the program. These courses are obviously longer than a conventional degree, but the advantage is that universities frequently arrange for students to be placed, and this job experience is quite valuable when they graduate and begin looking for work.

The sandwich program in the United Kingdom allows students to stay in the nation for an additional year while also gaining valuable work experience. The concept, on the other hand, is limited to undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Two kinds of sandwich course

Thin Sandwich course

A thin sandwich course, which is usually part of a three-year degree, is one in which students study and earn work experience at the same time, for example, with two six-month placements sandwiched between their studies - one in year two and one in year three. Work assignments are frequently in the United Kingdom, although they might also be abroad.

Thick sandwich course

A thick sandwich course is a four-year program in which students study full-time for the first two years before completing a year-long work placement in the third year. Students will then return to university to finish their degree in their fourth and final year. If they decide to study abroad, they will spend their third year at a sister university, usually through a study abroad program.

Whether students choose a thin or thick sandwich program, their university will almost always have connections with various companies and may be able to assist them in finding specific placements. They may need to apply to employers directly with the university's assistance at times.

Use knowledge in a real-world environment

Sandwich year placements provide practical experience, allowing students to use their newly gained academic knowledge in the workplace. This can be an extremely useful learning tool, especially for individuals who learn best by doing.

Enhance Your Learning

Spending time in the working environment in between the studies will allow students to apply context to their learning. This improved understanding could potentially help students achieve better results and, subsequently, a higher degree classification.


Sandwich courses are a fantastic opportunity to meet people in their chosen sector. If they do well in their placements, their connections may remember that person for future positions or recommend that person to their own contacts, making it simpler to get work after getting graduated.

Learn more about your chosen career path

While a study-based course will provide you a theoretical understanding, sandwich courses will give students a taste of what their chosen profession entails. During their placement, they will get to work on projects that are similar to ones they will be working on as a graduate employee, and they will have plenty of opportunities to discuss their future career path with colleagues.

Cultural Experience

The student will not only get an experience of another place and culture, but they will also gain new or enhanced language abilities if they study abroad. Additionally, they will gain new skills and abilities such as improved confidence, independence, and cross-cultural communication, all of which are highly desirable to potential employers.

Acquire new and transferable skills

Sandwich placements will provide students with additional skills valuable to prospective employers, including teamwork, communication, and time management, as an addition to enhancing their knowledge of their chosen field. These skills are applicable to any employment in any business, even if they decide to pursue a different path after graduation.

Provide Opportunities for Future Employment

Sandwich courses can help students stand out in the graduate job market by allowing them to demonstrate relevant work experience in addition to their degree. Furthermore, many sandwich year placement students are offered fast track possibilities to graduate programs run by their placement firms.

Valuable insights

Students who take a Sandwich Course will stand out from other candidates who have no prior work experience in this field. When it comes to job applications, most employers look for persons who have official degrees in this field as well as experience in the field. The sandwich course will also provide students with significant insight into the world they are studying and will allow them to ask questions.

Financial incentives

The stipend earned during the internship can help ease students living abroad expenses. Sandwich students are paid a salary for their troubles during a sandwich course, just like any other normal employee would be paid.

Sandwich courses equip students with theoretical and practical skills that are accepted globally. Owing to the hands-on training they earn during the course, it will provide them with the advantage of being career-ready immediately. Enrol in a Sandwich Program and enjoy the perks of studying in the world-class institutions in the UK. Contact team Canam to know which courses suit you best.

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