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Qualities in a Roommate You Should Look Out When Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad is an exciting journey filled with cultural exploration, academic challenges, and of course, the quest to find the perfect roommate. For new students who have moved abroad for their higher education, the choice of a roommate can significantly impact their overall experience. This blog covers the qualities students should prioritize in a roommate, to help enriching their academic journey with a cherished friendship.

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Swapping home hugs for foreign adventures, studying abroad is a dream come true, but with all the excitement, there can be a little homesickness too. Missing family is normal, even with all the cool sights, new opportunities and friends. It is therefore important to have the right roommate. Finding the right roommate while living abroad is not just about finding a place to crash, they are more than just someone to share the rent and laundry with.  Think about the late night chats about classes, laughing over cultural blunders, and high-fiving over big wins, these are the moments that make any study abroad story worth telling.
By understanding key qualities, avoiding red flags, and embracing open communication, students can transform their shared space with their roommate into a place of harmony and productivity. 

Why is it important to have a good roommate? 

Studying abroad remains popular among students, with millions of students moving abroad for higher education every year. When students move abroad, having a good roommate becomes crucial. It's not merely about sharing a room but finding someone who understands.

A reliable roommate is like a newfound family in a new place, simplifying everything. They become the person to talk to, laugh with, and navigate the highs and lows of living in a different country. Discovering someone who agrees on aspects like money and cleaning simplifies daily life. It is like having a teammate for everyday tasks. A trustworthy roommate is not just someone to live with, they enhance the entire experience of studying abroad, making it more comfortable and enjoyable.

Qualities to look in a roommate while studying abroad

Roommates with time become families, helping students deal with homesickness while studying abroad. A student's study abroad experience is enriched when living with someone who shares similar values, habits, and lifestyle choices. From sleep schedules to cleanliness preferences, finding common ground fosters a harmonious living environment. Here are a few qualities to look for in a roommate while studying abroad. 

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CleanlinessBefore signing the lease, it's important to understand potential roommate’s hygiene habits. Be upfront about expectations. Remember, compromise is key, but chronic clutter shouldn't become a daily battle. A clean and respectful living environment is important for everyone.
Mutual RespectIt is the glue that holds a living arrangement together. Students thrive in an environment where each roommate acknowledges and appreciates the differences in their cultural backgrounds, habits, and personal space. It is a two-way street, respecting each other's boundaries and creating a space where everyone feels valued contributes to a positive and supportive atmosphere.
FlexibilityThe secret sauce to a successful roommate relationship is being flexible. Students encounter diverse situations while studying abroad, and a flexible roommate adapts gracefully to changing circumstances. Whether it's adjusting to cultural differences, unforeseen challenges, or evolving study schedules, a flexible mindset is one of the many essential skills students need to acquire while studying abroad.
Money MattersThe cost of studying abroad for international students is fairly high, therefore it is important to discuss financial expectations openly. Who handles bills? What is the grocery sharing policy? Be clear about spending habits and be willing to compromise. Financial transparency avoids future feuds and ensures fair use of resources
CommunicationOpen and honest communication is the foundation of any successful friendship while studying abroad. Students thrive when they can express their needs, concerns, and expectations openly. Regular check-ins and honest conversations pave the way for understanding each other better, resolving conflicts, and creating an environment where everyone feels heard and valued.
LIfestyle Understanding and aligning with a roommate's lifestyle choices significantly impact daily coexistence. Whether it is dietary preferences, social activities, or sleep routines, finding common ground in lifestyle choices minimizes potential conflicts and contributes to a more seamless and enjoyable living experience while studying abroad.
SocializationBalancing socialization preferences is essential for a positive roommate experience. While some students may enjoy frequent social interactions, others may prefer more solitude. Finding a roommate with compatible socialization preferences ensures that both individuals have the space they need, contributing to a respectful and comfortable living atmosphere.
BoundariesSetting clear expectations and boundaries upfront is a proactive approach to building a positive living dynamic. Students benefit from openly discussing preferences regarding guests, study hours, and personal space. Establishing these guidelines from the beginning helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that both roommates feel comfortable and respected.

Tips for students to bond better with their roommate

Living with a study abroad roommate can be an experience of a life time. Students get to learn about their culture, make new friends, and explore the city together. But sometimes, living with someone new on a foreign land can be tricky. 

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Here are some easy tips to bond better with the roommates while studying abroad:

TalkGet to know each other. Share common interests, ask about theirs, and chat about daily life.
LearnBe curious about each other's cultures. Ask questions, try new things, and share the different traditions.
Set RulesDecide how to make the best out of the shared living space, keep things clean, and handle guests. Talking this out ahead helps avoid problems later.
Find fun There are various amazing things students can do while studying abroad,  like exploring the city, joining clubs, or cooking together. Make memories together.
Be openEveryone does things differently. Be patient, understand their habits, and talk things out. 
Cheer each other onCelebrate successes, offer help when things get tough, and be a good friend. Support makes living together better.
Have some spaceIt is good to hang out with other friends and let them be on their own at times too. Balance is key.

Remember, it takes time to become best buds with anyone. Be patient, open-minded, and willing to compromise when needed, because the friendships made under foreign stars are the best souvenirs students take home after their education journey abroad. 


Don’t settle for just any roommate, search for a kindred spirit, helpful and caring person, the significance of a compatible roommate cannot be overstated. From navigating cultural nuances to sharing the highs and lows of academic challenges, the right roommate contributes immensely to the overall wellbeing of students. Students can connect with overseas counsellors at Canam and get expert guidance on managing life while studying abroad. 


Having a good roommate while studying abroad can significantly enhance the experience. Support, friendship, and shared experiences are often count for a smooth and enjoyable journey abroad.
Be upfront and open about your own expectations during the initial conversations. Talk about wake up times, guest policies, noise levels, and cleaning habits. Being open helps to find a compatible roommate.
Open communication is key. Any issues are addressed directly and respectfully. If things don't improve, options are discussed with the landlord or study abroad program coordinator. Finding a new roommate might be necessary in some cases.
Many universities and study abroad programs offer roommate matching services. Online forums and social media groups dedicated to the host city or program can also be helpful resources.
Be transparent about finances at the outset. Discuss bill splitting, grocery arrangements, and communication strategies for larger purchases. Flexibility and willingness to compromise are key to ensuring fairness and avoiding financial strains.

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