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Courses after B.com in Canada

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Postgraduate programs after B.com in Canada help students take up several high-paying job roles in top companies. Read more to know about the courses that one can pursue after B.com in Canada.

Canada is amongst the top choices of international students for pursuing higher educational programs after completing their bachelor’s degree. Students can choose from various courses after B.Com in Canada, which helps them gain work experience and take up lucrative jobs in top MNCs. This blog will discuss the seven courses one can opt for after completing their B.com degree in Canada.

Courses after B.com in Canada

1. MBA
2. Finance
3. Global Management
4. Project Management
5. Sales and Marketing
6. IT and Business Analytics
7. Human Resource Management


Canada is among the top choices of many international students to pursue MBA. The country is also home to some of the Top-B schools in the world. Pursuing an MBA program in Canada can be helpful for students who want to enhance their skills, gain work experience and establish a successful corporate career.

MBA in Canada is around 1-2 years. The students can choose amongst the various specializations available in MBA, like marketing, HRM, finance etc.


The subjects covered under MBA programs are economics, accounting, finance, operations management, statistics, information system, human resources and organizational behaviour. The optional subjects are leadership skills, sustainability, business communication, business analytics, business ethics, international business, entrepreneurship etc. Besides these programs, students can also learn from courses like social media marketing, consumer behaviour, labour relations, etc.

Learning Opportunities

Canadian universities also provide various opportunities to students to gain experience and skills as follows:

• Internships
• Research Projects
• Exchange Programs
• International Study Tours

Career Support

After completing the program, Canadian universities help students to have successful career. This is ensured by providing networking opportunities, specialized programs, skill-building workshops and interactions with industry professionals.


A program like a Master of Finance could be suitable for those students who want to gain in-depth knowledge of financial markets, investments, and economic trends. The program length is of 1-2 years. Students can also pursue postgraduate certificates to gain finance skills besides a degree. The duration of these certification courses is 8-12 months. 


Under finance programs, students will learn about various subjects like financial markets, corporate governance, financial instruments, market and operational risk, accounting software and institutional wealth management. 

Learning Opportunities

• Individuals will be involved in research and practical experience.
• A finance degree from a Canadian university help students take high-paying job roles in top companies.
• The course prepares students for major exams like GARP, CSC, CFA etc.

Career Support

Many universities provide career counselling, networking opportunities, skill-building workshops, and mentorship programs to make students work-ready.

Global Management

It is one of the most preferred courses after B.com in Canada for students who want to know how business functions across nations. Students can pursue a master degree in this field which is of 1-2 years.  Other than the degree program, students can also pursue certification courses in the same. The duration of certification courses is between 1-2 years.


The program will cover relevant business subjects like international business law, global business strategy, international marketing, international banking, international finance tools and international business.

Learning Opportunities

• Some universities like Royal Roads MGM provide the opportunity to apply learning with its internship research options. 
• The certification programs in global management provide valuable work experience to students.

Project Management

As projects are becoming a huge part of companies worldwide, project management could be one of the most suitable courses after B.com in Canada. In the program, students will learn about various subjects like quality management, essential software and quality management. The course lasts for one year. The courses in top colleges in Canada are registered with the Project Management of Institute (PMI). PMI is a professional organization for setting standards for project management work, so students don’t need to worry about the quality of the course.


The subjects students will study in the program are team dynamics, project leadership, project negotiations, procurement management, project economics and project management best practices. Some elective courses include information technology, public sector, construction and strategic portfolio management.

Learning Opportunities

Many programs often provide opportunities to sharpen students' skills, including the co-op work term, where students can work with the company and gain real-world experience.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is another preferred course in Canada. Students can choose their desired program from various graduate certificate and diploma courses available in sales and marketing in Canada. The course length ranges from 8 months to 2 years which highly focuses on hands-on training, making students job-ready.


The subjects will depend on the type of specialization one chooses, but below is the list of common subjects one will study during the program:

• Marketing management
• Professional communication
• Web design for optimization
• Business-to-business selling
• Global market strategy
• New media marketing
• Search engine marketing
• Innovation applications

Learning Opportunities

• Work placements during the study term
• Work projects during the work term
• Co-op option to work in a company

Business Analysis

Data drive today’s world; therefore, companies look for professionals with analytical skills. In the course, students will learn how to process large amount of data, gather business requirements and channel them into solutions for business decision making. The duration of the courses is 1-2 years. 


Under the program, students will learn about Data Analysis for Business Analysts, Business Process Modeling, Business Strategy and Planning privacy and ethics, strategic leadership business process analysis etc.

Learning Opportunities

The program will provide various opportunities to students, like hands-on learning, work-integrated learning semesters and industry-based capstone projects.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management or HRM is the backbone of every business which ensures everybody is working properly. The course will teach various skills to students like recruitment and performance management, HR strategies, leadership skills etc. The duration of the course is between 8 months to 1 year.


During the course, students will learn about the topics like organizational performance, principles in human resource management, strategic training and development, recruitment strategy and selection and management accounting for human resources. 

Learning Opportunities

To make students job-ready, many Canadian universities provide various learning opportunities to students like internships, workplaces and co-op terms.

Universities & Colleges after Bachelor of Commerce in Canada

Following is the list of universities and colleges where students can pursue courses after B.com in Canada:

Brock University
 University of Manitoba
University of Winnipeg
Thompson River University
Vancouver Island University
University Canada West
University of New Brunswick
Cape Breton University
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Nipissing University 
Trent University
Humber College
Lambton College
Fanshawe College
George Brown College
 Langara College
Durham College
Georgian College
Sheridan College
Bow Valley College
Centennial College
Seneca College 
Conestoga College
Mohawk College
Niagara College

Saskatchewan Polytech


Pursuing higher education courses after B.com in Canada can help international students to excel in their careers. Canadian universities offer various master courses after B.com. Students can connect with Canam Consultants to know which course they should pursue in Canada.

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Some courses after B.com are MBA, M Fin, M.com, PGD in Accounting, Business analytics, Marketing, SCM.
The courses which have high demand in Canada are Accounting, Finance, Health and Engineering programs.
Students in Canada can pursue graduate diploma courses in Financial Planning, Supply Chain Management, Business Analysis.
Canada could be a great study-abroad destination for commerce graduates.
Yes, after completing B.com, students can pursue an MBA degree in any country including Canada.

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