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Arts and Design Programs in Canada

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Arts and design programs allow individuals to take up various job roles such as video editor, fashion designer and web developer. Discover various arts and design programs in Canada for international students.

Arts and Design Programs in Canada.webpWith the rapid growth of fashion, art and video games industry, the demand for arts and design professionals has increased. The field opens up a wide array of opportunities for students. Read this blog to learn about the benefits of pursuing arts and design programs and how students can pursue them in Canada.

Benefits of Pursuing Arts and Design Programs in Canada

Renowned Institutions

Canada is the home to world-class institutions such as Bow Valley College, Concordia University of Edmonton, Keyano College and Lakeland College ensuring that students receive first-class education.

Multi-ethnic Environment

An arts and design program in Canada exposes students to a multicultural environment where they can meet with individuals from around the world.

Real-World Experience 

Canadian universities provide practical experience to students through internships, co-ops and industry collaborations which prepare them for the job market.

Work Opportunities

Canada provides Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) to international students through which they can work in Canada for three years after graduation.

Arts and Design Programs in Canada

Various arts and design programs students can pursue in Canada are:

Diploma in Theatre Arts - MacEwan University

The MacEwan University’s Diploma in Theatre Arts is a 2-year diploma program which focuses on musical theatre actor training. 

The program will cover topics such as acting, voice, dance and performance. During the program, students will learn about the program through private coaching, classroom lectures and workshops.

After completing the program, students will be able to work at different venues like theatres, TV, film and video gaming. Students can also pursue higher studies in directing, acting and writing.

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Art and Design - Medicine Hat College

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Art and Design provided by Medicine Hat College is a 3-year full-time bachelor’s degree which covers topics like virtual space, digital media and print-based design.

The program also provides a 3-month paid work placement which helps students to apply the skills learned in classes. 

Print shops, design studios, publishing houses, film studios, museums and art galleries are some of the places where international students can pursue jobs after graduation.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dramatic Arts - University of Lethbridge

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dramatic Arts is a four-year bachelor’s degree which develops soft skills in students, such as creativity, confidence and discipline. 

The program teaches several techniques to students, such as scenery, lighting, sound, costuming, stage management, and safety. 

During the program, students will be able to take part in cooperative education, international exchanges, applied studies and volunteer activities.

Upon completion of the program, students can explore various high-paying careers such as artistic directing, lighting design, costume design, scriptwriting and stage directing.

Bachelor of Arts in Honours Arts - English - Rhetoric, Media, And Professional Communication - University of Waterloo

It’s a 4-year bachelor’s degree provided by the University of Waterloo which focuses on digital media and teaches various principles of effective communication. 

During the program, students will be able to develop various skills such as communication, critical thinking, analysis and persuasion. Students can choose from 4 majors available in the program, which are creative and professional writing, literature, literature & rhetoric and rhetoric, media, & professional communication.

Students can pursue the program as a co-op, regular and even as a major or minor. They can add different areas of expertise such as creative writing, global literature, digital media studies and technical writing.

Diploma in Foundation Visual Art and Design - Vancouver Film School

It’s a 1-year diploma course which will allow students to make a portfolio showcasing their work. In the final term of the program, students will be able to choose their desired specialization from animation, film and design, where they will get mentorship from experienced instructors.

The program will get the students to do different live projects such as animated shorts, game design, concept art packages and narrative or documentary short films.

Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design - University of Alberta

Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design is a 4-year bachelor’s degree which provides seven areas of study in design, fine arts and art history. 

Students will get the opportunity to learn from award-winning instructors such as artists, designers and scholars.
The completion of programs opens various careers for students such as Architect, Artist Critical, writer, Furniture Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer and Professor.

Bachelor of Media Arts - University of the Fraser Valley

Bachelor of Media Arts is a 4-year bachelor’s degree provided by the University of the Fraser Valley which provides required computing and digital design skills to students.

Students can choose from various specializations available in the program, such as Digital Entertainment Arts, digital performance, film, interactive media and interactive media leadership. 

The program opens up various high-paying careers for students, such as digital concept artist, game artist, VFX compositor, level designer, virtual production specialist, motion capture artist, cinematographer, and producer. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media - University of Lethbridge

Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media is a 4-year bachelor’s degree which teaches about various techniques in graphic design, web design, interactive design, animation and video game design and development.

Through the program, students will get access to co-operative education, international exchanges and volunteer activities. The program covers the subjects of Dance, Drama, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Science.

After completing the program students can work in various such as digital media production, digital marketing and video game development as Digital Producer, Video Game Artist, 3D Modeller, Screenwriter and Artist.

Certificate in Art and Design Fundamentals - Cambrian College

Certificate in Art and Design Fundamentals is a one-year diploma course which provides students with the opportunity to experiment with different media applications, such as illustration graphic design, printmaking, and multi-media arts.

The program helps students to strengthen their creative and artistic talents with a diversified portfolio. It covers subjects such as Colour and Design, Introduction to Art History, Fundamentals of Drawing, Fine Art Studio 2D and Design Fundamentals. 

During the program, students will also get a chance to collaborate with students from other creative arts and design programs to participate in creative group projects.

Certificate in Foundations in Art and Design - Durham College

Certificate in Foundations in Art and Design is a 1-year hybrid diploma course where students will be able to learn in different settings such as classrooms, labs, shops and studios.

The program will teach students a variety of techniques and design processes. They will also work on a variety of projects to show as a portfolio. Students will get the chance to showcase their work through exhibitions such as annual Juried Art Show at Whitby’s Station Gallery.
The curriculum of the program includes subjects such as communication for design, drawing, and art of photography, digital drawing, general education elective and studio practice. 


Canada is one of the study abroad countries which offers various arts and design programs to help students pursue various high-paying jobs like graphic designing, video editing, animation, photography and interior designing. Students considering the above-mentioned programs to study in Canada can connect with Canam to apply to the arts and design program in Canada.


Within the arts and design program, a student studies different visual media like drawing, graphic design and painting.
The common art and design courses are Diploma in Foundation Visual Art and Design, Certificate in Art and Design Fundamentals, among others. 
The Bachelor of Arts and Design develops technical skills in 2D and 3D art media.
Yes, the demand for graphic designers and illustrators has increased more than ever.
A bachelor’s degree in arts and design is of three to four years.

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