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Options for Accommodation in Canada

  • Options for Accommodation in Canada

Studying overseas could be one of the significant decisions taken by the student. It includes a lot of factors that had to be looked upon, one of them being the place for living or accommodation. Selecting accommodation in Canada could be tiresome as the country is vast enough, and the student had to look for a location near his university or college. Once the student had planned to study in Canada and got an acceptance letter from the university, the next step is to search for affordable accommodation.

So, to cut down on a student’s time and efforts, we have come up with some options that can be looked forward to selecting the appropriate accommodation:

1. Rent Apartments

If a student is looking forward to affordable accommodation, then a rental apartment is the best option they can go for. This makes it easy for the students to pay the rent equally among the roommates. The pressure of paying for accommodation is not on a single person. The student can lease or rent a property through a real estate agent or personally. The renting procedure involves the signing of a bond with the landlord. The rental amount includes the repairs that will be done by the landlord and will be refunded once the student leaves.

2. On Campus Houses

On-campus staying cuts down on a significant part of transportation costs and saves the time to travel to the university. Most universities offer options for accommodation in Canada. The best part about on-campus housing is the provision of many facilities like fully furnished apartments, cleaning services, and meals. The procedure of on-campus staying requires students to check with the university about the facility and get details about the costs.

 3. Home Stay

A homestay is almost a free option for accommodation as the student lives with their relatives, local family or close kins. In this case, they don’t have to pay for staying and getting home comfort. It also creates a friendly environment for the student and makes him feel like he’s staying in his own house. The stress about independent accommodation and finding one vanishes. Students could experience the culture and get to learn about it very closely. It makes a student’s life simple and easy as he gets time to study, interact and have fun with the host family.

4. Hostel

Hostels are also one of the good options for accommodation for staying in Canada. They also save time on transportation as they are located either inside the campus or very near it. The rooms provided can be single or twin, sharing a shared lounge, dining hall and laundry. Meals are inclusive of the student’s stay, and along with this, there are a plethora of activities offered by the hostels. It, too, is a safe and secure option for accommodation in Canada.
Searching for accommodation could be daunting and confusing, so it’s better to take guidance from expert counsellors, and Canam Consultants is all ready to help the students in any case.

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