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Top Reasons to Study in Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan, a province in Western Canada, is brimming with opportunities for international students as it provides quality education and excellent job opportunities. In this blog, we will be listing out the reasons why so many international students want to study in Saskatchewan:

  1. Affordability and Quality of Education  International students are not only in the pursuit of an institution that imparts quality education but also in the look for one that doesnt burn a hole in their pocket! Saskatchewan luckily offers both, and students are offered various courses and credentials like Masters and Doctorate. They have one of the best faculties as well as innovative and state of the art research facilities. Classes are taught in almost every field like health care, fashion designing, business administration, etc. The University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan are the two globally competent government institutions famous amongst international students who want to study in Saskatchewan.
  2. Flexibility  Since time is of the essence and international students aim to start their post-secondary education as soon as possible, they have the opportunity to commence their chosen course at, say, a regional college and complete it at a University. Sometimes, international students get a diploma or certificate from another institution to gain practical skills while completing their degree. This kind of system helps students studying in Saskatchewan get maximum output in a minimum time without any hassle.
  3. Accessibility  Students who a Designated Learning Institution of Saskatchewan accepts is issued a study permit, and it ensures the highest quality of education to international students. However, no study permit is required if a student opts for a short term course, which is for six months or less, and Such a short term course can be done at any institution regardless of whether it is designated or not.
  4. Safety International students often get anxious about whether they would be accepted in a foreign land or not. Thankfully, Saskatchewan is one of the friendliest and safest provinces of Canada. The welcoming nature of the locals, along with tolerance towards people of different cultures, religions, and backgrounds, makes it popular amongst international students looking to study in Canada.
  5. Thriving economy  Saskatchewan has the third-lowest unemployment rate in Canada. It is primarily an agricultural economy with an ever-growing industrial sector. Since the education system focuses on research, this province is a hub of technology that combines innovation with efficient traditional knowledge to produce great job opportunities with handsome pay packages. Full-time international students who have been enrolled at a Designated post-secondary educational Institution can work part-time off-campus and full time on campus, provided it does not interfere with their academic schedule without a work permit. However, if students wish to join an internship or a co-op program, they need to apply for a co-op work permit.
  6. Lifestyle People in Saskatchewan are fun-loving, and the province provides plenty of options for leisure activities for nature lovers. Students love the restaurants and pubs. The region is brimming with enchanting parks and historical monuments like Fort Walsh and Batoche National Historic Site. Cultural activities like symphony orchestras and other forms of dancing can also be enjoyed here.
  7. Graduate Retention Programme  All the students studying in Saskatchewan can apply under this program, whether local or international. If found eligible, according to the governmental guidelines, such graduates get tax benefits, including a rebate of up to $20,000. These benefits will be given only to those who reside, work, and file tax returns in Saskatchewan. Such programs incentivize international students to settle down in the region for a better quality of life under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme or the Canadian Express Entry system.

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