The United States of America is Considered to Be a Land of Opportunities.

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The United States of America is Considered to Be a Land of Opportunities.

It is one of the world's most significant economies and churns out globally competent graduates year after year. Many students wish to study in the USA as they believe that such a decision would help them to achieve their goal of increasing their standard of living. Engineering has been a popular course for young graduates since time immemorial, and it is as significant even today. Nearly one-fourth of the international students in the USA pursue STEM subjects of which engineering is a part. Today we would delve into why, year after year, multiple students worldwide have decided to study engineering in the USA.

1. Excellent quality of education – The educational institutions of the USA don't believe in using any technology, which is the second-best. It has top of the state infrastructure and excellent faculties. From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which is the best engineering institution in the world to Stanford University which ranks second in the list of top engineering colleges in the USA, to the University of California, Berkeley which has a strong alumni network of Nobel Prize winners, to the Harvard University which is the dream University for most engineering aspirants – USA is filled with such prestigious institutions with global recognition. Aspirants apply to such colleges/universities to get educated from the best, and such graduates are welcomed into the workforce by all organizations.

2. Wide Variety – There are multiple options that an international student may choose from when he/she decides which engineering major he/she would want to pursue. The most popular has always been mechanical engineering since it is one of the broadest engineering branches as its scope ranges from manufacturing to designing almost everything. The USA offers excellent electrical engineering courses, and this field is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Other majors like civil engineering, computer engineering, biomedical engineering, aerospace, and aeronautical engineering are also popular amongst international students.

3. Your future is secure – Generally, there are two types of graduates from the USA – those who wish to go back to their home country and work and those who fall in love with the USA and want to work and finally settle down in the USA. Regardless of whether one falls in the former or latter category, an engineering degree from the USA will always earn you extra brownie points with your organization. It is more comfortable for such graduates to get jobs, but their salaries are also unimaginably higher than those who haven't done their engineering from the USA. The USA's government allows foreign companies to employ specialists in engineering fields, provided they have graduated from a recognized US educational institution. Hence, most international students opt to stay back and work in the USA after finishing their graduation.

4. Focus is upon "innovation" – The government of the USA understands the importance of education in human development, which, in turn, leads to national development. Hence, each year a huge chunk of the budget is set aside for investments towards research and development in Universities and Colleges, whether public or private. This is because the Universities/colleges aim to be in line with the rapid progress of the world. They are globally recognized for a reason, which is that they don't believe in mediocrity. In case a student has a new idea that has some potential, there will be funds available to turn this idea into something more substantial. Since the USA allows capable young minds from across the globe to freely and fearlessly work upon their designs, such educational institutions end up playing a huge role in various innovations that have helped human beings across the world.

5. Optical practical training – This is an option for F-1 Visa students who have recently graduated from a US institution. It allows such graduates to get temporary employment provided such a job is related to the subject they have graduated in. International students who have graduated in disciplines like science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are qualified to get a two-year extension of Optical Practical Training compared to others who receive only up to one year of OPT employment authorization.

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