Popular intakes in the USA

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The United States of America is home to the largest economy, beautiful landscapes and several top-ranked universities, and is also the land of opportunities. The USA is home to the majority of international students across the globe. Universities in the USA have been able to sustain the leading spots in the world university rankings consistently. Application process for studying in the USA varies from course to course. This blog is regarding university intakes in the USA. Read the entire blog to know more about the most popular intakes in the USA to find out which suits you the best.

American Universities generally have three popular intakes:

Spring Intake: The duration of Spring intake is January to April.

Summer intake: The duration of Summer intake is May to August.

Fall intake: The duration of Fall intake is August to December.

Every intake has its different hidden features. You should be well versed with them to decide which intake works the best for you. To know about popular intakes in the USA in detail, keep reading the blog.

Spring Intake

Spring Intakes in the United States Of America commences in January and ends around early May. Spring admissions are emerging as a preference of international students as they emphasize the school they enrol in. Also, the number of applicants for this intake is less, which is for sure an advantage. Nonetheless, not all universities accept applications during spring intake.

Benefits of spring intake

  • Spring admissions save you from muddling amongst thousands of students and loosens up the pressure of enrolling in a university.
  • A spring admission benefits you in examining your decision to see things from a different viewpoint and decide what you want for yourself.
  • Students who go for the spring intake have an advantage of increased staff support as most of the staff is settled by the spring semester.
  • Spring intake gives its scholarly students a chance to complete their degree in a shorter period.

Summer Intake

Summer intakes in the USA commences in May and gets over in August. The major downside for the summer semester is that it lasts only for two months. The number of applicants is really low, and not many universities accept students during the summer semester.

Benefits of Summer Intake

  • There are not many pros of going for the summer semester. No good university offers summer admissions, and most students usually prefer spring or fall intakes in the USA.
  • Going for the summer semester will give you an upper hand in applying to on-campus jobs before other students as you will be ahead of regular fall.
  • The same applies to internship opportunities because you are ahead of everyone, so you can start applying for internships in the spring term.

Fall Intake

Fall Intakes in the USA begin in late August and end in December or early January, right before the spring semester commences. Students, especially international students, commonly prefer fall intake in the USA. Fall intake is one of the most popular intakes in America, also known as the primary intake in the country. All American universities offer a number of courses during this intake. Aso, many US universities only accept fall intake for their admission processes.

Benefits of Fall Intake

  • Most opportunities are available during this intake regarding scholarship and networking options as this is the commencement of the academic year.
  • The biggest advantage of a fall intake in American universities is the availability of a range of courses. Most universities provide more variety of courses during the fall intake in comparison to other intakes.
  • The number of opportunities in terms of scholarship is much higher in fall intake than the spring intake.
  • Students of fall intake will have the chance to apply for internships to meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Students of fall intake have more on-campus job opportunities as the jobs usually open up during this intake.

Which intake should you choose?

Fall and Spring intake are the two most famous intakes in the USA. So, let us go through the major differences between the two intakes:

In fall intake, you have a chance of getting more opportunities in terms of scholarships and better networking options as this is the time of the commencement of the academic year wheres, in spring intake, fewer opportunities are available at the beginning of the academic year because most of the scholarships have been available at the beginning of the year.

In fall intake, more on-campus opportunities, research and teacher assistant jobs are available. On the other hand, in spring intake, the chances of working on-campus and as a researcher are slightly low, as you begin in the middle of the year.

During the fall intake, Universities offer a variety of options for courses to select. However, In spring intake, universities offer a comparatively limited number of courses.

Hopefully, this blog helped you in clearing your doubts regarding intakes in the USA. Still, Sounds ambiguous? Want to know about the financial information pertaining to studying in the USA?  Get in touch with Canam experts to get the best guidance in getting admission to your dream university.

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