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Psychology Courses in Canada- Universities, Courses, Eligibility and Career Prospects

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Canada has become the epitome of education and constantly offers unique study programs for international students in diverse domains, such as Psychology. Canada has also been the favourite abroad destination for international students due to its hospitality and welcoming nature. Students can take the assistance of Canam Consultants for the whole process, from choosing the right subject to the completion of the application and submission.

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The branch of science studies the human mind and its functions, primarily the affecting behaviour of a particular context. Generally, psychology refers to the study of mental characteristics of an individual or a group. It is the science dealing with human behaviour and mind, their conscious and unconscious phenomena, and their feelings and thoughts.

Students have the option to study psychology either as a major subject, in Bachelor of Arts/Science, Master of Arts/Science, or Post-Graduate Diploma. They can study different subjects like Cognitive Neuroscience, criminology, education, etc. The country is also home to many renowned universities offering psychology courses in Canada at all levels of study.

Psychology Courses in Canada

Canadian Universities and Courses
Psychology studies what motivates people to do things they do and how society affects human thought, learning, and action. Students learn to critically engage assumptions about human nature and understand how these assumptions are important in our modern world. Hence, students can opt for psychology and transform their lives. Students also realize how moving to Canada for education can change their lives.

Universities/ CollegesProgram Name
Concordia University of EdmontonBachelor of Arts, concentration in Psychology
Kings University College
Bachelor of Arts in psychology
University of AlbertaBachelor of Arts with Honors in Psychology
University of LethbridgeBachelor of Arts and Science in Psychology
Adler University
  • Master of Applied psychology
  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
Alexander CollegeAssociate of Arts in Business and Psychology
Camosun collegeAssociate of Arts in Psychology

Benefits of studying Psychology in Canada

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Psychology courses in Canada are offered by reputed institutions. They are designed to build a strong theoretical base in various aspects of human behaviour as understood by traditional and contemporary thinkers and well-renowned social scientists. Students can choose their major to study in Canada.Canada provides a number of courses in the field of Psychology. The study programs on psychology in Canada encourage learners to contribute to social science research. Canadian Universities and Colleges are more important to psychological studies because, unlike other clinical studies, Psychology teaches more methodologies to cure a person better than generic medications.

There are some prominent benefits for international students in studying psychology courses in Canada.

  • Acquisition of Critical thinking skills
  • Enhancement of personal knowledge
  • Development of career
  • Best and quality education
  • Cost-effective education and living
  • Experience life in a multicultural society
  • Attain a Globally recognized degree

Psychology Courses in Canada Admission requirements- Eligibility

Psychologists study the relationships between mind and behaviour by investigating the nature of thought processes and behaviours in humans and other animals. Psychology also studies the evolutionary, social and cultural factors affecting the development of our thoughts and behaviours, focusing on topics that have a direct bearing on our day-to-day experience. Admission requirements for Psychology are as follows:

  • Minimum level of education qualification required to be accepted into this program is Grade 12/ High school diploma.
  • Academic Standard XII certificate with second-division standing. Vocational Standard XII certificates will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In some courses, Maths is required in Grade 12.
    Minimum Overall Score- 6.0
    Minimum overall score- 80.0
  • PTE
    Minimum overall score- 54
  • Duolingo
    Minimum overall score- 105

For Post-graduation in Psychology

  • Minimum level of education required to be accepted into this program: Applicant must have a baccalaureate degree or equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Evidence of interest and experience in social change efforts.
  • 3-year bachelors are accepted by many universities.
  • For masters in applied psychology and MPPA programs, students are accepted from different academic programs. They should only be able to demonstrate their social commitment through their volunteer work, internships or any work in the area of social development.

Psychology Courses in Canada Admission process

  • Connect with study abroad consultants of Canam or log on to the website (http://www.canamgroup.com/signup)
  • Sign up on the platform and create a profile, filling in necessary details such as educational backgrounds, test scores (if any), program preference, etc.
  • Search and shortlist desired programs in Canadian universities based on intakes, fee waivers, tuition fee, etc.
  • Start the application process by uploading necessary documents, including academic transcripts, CV, SOP, LOR, and any standardized test scores (if required).
  • Keep track of pending and active applications.
  • Wait for the offer letter sent by the admission authority of the applied institute after thoroughly checking the candidate’s profile.
  • As a final step, pay the tuition fee and confirm the seat for the course.
  • Apply for a student visa with the guidance of a counsellor.
  • Fly to the country and begin the session.

Psychology Courses in Canada Career Prospects

A degree in Psychology will allow students to become well-versed in Psychological topics. They will be able to understand and use different worldviews, concepts, languages, and major theories of the discipline to account for psychological phenomena. There are a few possible career prospects:

  • Addiction counsellor
  • Career Development Professional
  • Child and Youth Care Worker
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Court Trial Consultant
  • Crime Prevention Coordinator
  • Crisis Counsellor
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Group Home Coordinator
  • Life Skills Coach
  • Manager of Volunteer Resources
  • Mental Health Clinician
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Parole or Probation Officer
  •  Research Scientist
  • Social Worker
  • Speech Language Pathologist

For more detailed information on Psychology courses in Canada and complete information for international students preparing to study in Canada contact Canam Consultants, the leading overseas consultants.

Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes. Students gain invaluable insights into the human condition and explore the phenomena of language, learning, development, personality and memory. Psychology provides not only a wide breadth of knowledge but also depth, developing and refining skills such as research and analytical assessments, how to communicate with all types of individuals, and how to create practical applications that can enhance the overall human experience.


The scope of psychology in Canada is vast, especially considering the varied study and research areas such as clinical psychology, child psychology, cognitive science, and psychoanalysis.
BA (Bachelor of Arts)/ BS (Bachelors of Science) in Psychology is a three-year / Four-year curriculum divided into two semesters per year that covers various topics such as health, personality, human development, human behaviour, and cognitive functions.
The average psychologist's salary in Canada is approximately $104,00 per year or $53.00 per hour.
A master’s degree provides training for various applied settings, such as in schools, business and industry, mental health, and government. Also, they can work as child welfare workers, school counsellors or administrators, testing and assessment psychologists, or therapists.
License to practice is granted by regulatory bodies in each Canadian jurisdiction. Alternate terms for licensed are registered and chartered.

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