Timeline for September 2023 Intake to Study in the USA: Deadlines and Universities Requirements

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Choosing to study abroad requires long-term planning and careful decision-making. There are many factors to consider, including the academic program, financial aspects, cultural differences, language barriers, and social adjustments.

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Seeking to study in the USA offers an excellent opportunity for students. With high-quality education and diverse cultural experiences, students can learn and create. The country offers more than 4,000 universities in USA. Choosing to study in the USA provides the flexibility to find a program per the student’s interest and career aspirations. Well, we all know the US education system’s global recognition globally with the global university rankings.

Which Intakes are Offered to study in the USA?

Commencing Month
Ending Month
Fall (September)
Major programs are offered during this intake. There are numerous applicants, leading to intense competition.
Spring (January)
Students who miss the Fall intake apply for this intake. It does not offer as many courses as the Fall intake.

Very few colleges and universities in the USA offer short-duration courses for non-English speaking candidates.

Let’s Find out More About September 2023 Intake in the USA:

1.Availability of Courses: The Fall or September Intake is the primary intake for most undergraduate and graduate programs in US universities. A wide range of courses and majors are available for students to pursue.

2.Competitive Admission Process: Since the Fall intake is the most popular, the admission process can be highly competitive. It requires students to submit their applications several months in advance. It is the only way to have the best chance of securing a place in their preferred program.

3.Availability of Financial Aid: Many US universities offer financial aid and scholarships to students who enrol in the Fall semester.

4.Diverse Student Body: The Fall or September intake attracts many international students worldwide. It allows students to learn from and interact with diverse individuals.

5.Availability of Extracurricular Activities: During the Fall or the September Intake, the US universities offer various extracurricular activities, such as sports teams, clubs, and student organizations. This academic intake is an excellent time for students to explore these activities and get involved in campus life.

6.Post-Study Work Opportunities: The Fall or September Intake offers students innumerable post-study opportunities.

How to Apply for the September 2023 Intake to study in the USA?

Students need to research and appear for the standardized tests to apply for the September 2023 Intake to study in the USA. Here is a descriptive Timeline for the September/Fall 203 Intake in the USA for students to follow and apply to their desired university/college to study in the USA.

April - July 2022
Research your options
Research and scan through the various universities and make a list of your choice. Always check the deadlines for the admission process

May - September 2022
Take Standardized Admission Tests
Each university has its own rules and requirements. Check for the required admission test such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, GMAT or GRE in the university list you have made.
November - July 2023
Apply to Universities
It is the right time to apply to the list of universities with all the essential documents.
January - July 2023
Wait for the Response
This is the time for a roller coaster ride, where you patiently wait for the acceptance letter from the list of universities you applied to.
April to July 2023
Focus on the Finances and the Study Visa
The next crucial step to study in the USA is to manage your finances. It can include applying for scholarships, financial aid and the USA student Visa.
August 2023.
Prepare for the new journey
It's time to pack your essentials and board the flight to study in the USA.

A Detailed Guide to September 2023 Intake in the USA:

September 2023 Intake in the USA is popular and witnesses numerous applications. This intake is considered to be the best to study in the USA. Let's break down the timeline and gather all the necessary details for this intake:

1.The First Step: Let’s Research
The most crucial step to study in the USA during the September/Fall Intake is to research and survey. Getting clarity on what you want to pursue and why is essential.
What are the two significant parts of the research?
As a student, choosing the right course and the university to pursue it matters the most.

If you are confused about which course to study in the USA, shortlist two or three courses.
The other option is to ask for assistance from a counsellor. 

Step 2: Taking the Standardized Admission Tests
The second task is to understand the admission process during the September 2023 Intake in the USA and appear for all the necessary admission tests. Different courses have different requirements. Thus, narrowing down the research to the tests you need to qualify becomes vital.

 Test Required

Bachelors Degree
Scholastic Admission Test(SAT) and American College Testing (ACT)
Masters Degree
Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
If the First Language is not English
For Law School
Law School Management Test (LSAT)

Students should always check with the university for any other requirements for the particular course applied for.

Step 3: Apply to Universities
After shortlisting the courses and clearing the standardized admission tests, filling in the application for the September 2023 Intake in the USA is time.

Some reminders before you fill in the application:

-Always check for the necessary documents that need to be attached to the application.
-Students who apply for the Bachelors are required to submit: transcripts, letters of recommendation, an essay and all the documents asked for.
-If you are applying for the Masters, transcripts of the previously attended college/university, resume, letters of recommendation, and Statement of Purpose should be submitted.

As per the course and university norms, a fee must be paid while applying.   
Step 4: Time to Wait for the Response and the Acceptance Letter
After submitting the application form, it's time to patiently wait for the acceptance letter from the universities you have applied to.

Documents Required for the September 2023 Intake in the USA:

Submitting academic records with the application is mandatory for the September 2023 Intake in the USA. Here is a list of documents required to be submitted:

  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Entrance Exam Scorecards  – SAT/ ACT
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Essays
  • Passport
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Marksheets and pass certificates
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Work Experience Letters (if any)
  • Certificates for extracurricular activities
  • Application confirmation copy
  • Proof of Funds

Some Advantages of the September 2023 Intake in the USA:

The fall intake, which typically begins in August or September, is the most popular time for international students to begin their studies in the USA. Here are some advantages of the fall intake:

1.Diverse Programs: The September Intake offers comprehensive programs. It allows students to follow their dreams.  

2.Better Social Stage: The September Intake surely means a student can participate in orientation activities, meet more people, and get involved in campus events and organizations from the beginning of the academic year.

3.Better Weather: The weather during this intake is generally milder and more pleasant, allowing students to adapt quickly to their new surroundings.

4.More Time for Internships: The September Intake offers time to explore internship opportunities and build resumes. Many companies start recruiting for internships during this intake. Students get ample time to develop their skills and gain experience before graduation.

5.More Time for Scholarships and Funding: Students can research and apply for scholarships, fellowships, and other financial aid forms. Many scholarship deadlines fall in the spring, so starting in September gives students more time to prepare their applications and increases their chances of receiving funding.

Here is a List of Universities that Offer September Intake in the USA:

Name of the University

Programs Offered

Arizona State University

 MS in Computer Science

 MS in Data Science

MS in information technology

MS in Business Analytics

Bachelor of Arts in Business – Business Administration

BS in Biology

 MS in Mechanical engineering

  BS in Mechanical engineering

 BS in Computer Science

 BS in Data Science

North-Eastern University

MPS in Analytics

MS in Business Analytics

MS in Biotechnology

MS in Project Management 

MS in Regulatory Affairs

MS in Human Resource Management

Saint Louis University

MS in Computer Science


Master in Public Health

University of Alabama at Birmingham

 MS in Data Science

MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering

BS in Computer Science

MS in computer Science

 MS in Civil Engineering


IMP Master in Public administration

MS in Biotechnology

IMP in Mechanical Engineering

DePaul University

MS in Data Science

BS in Business Administration

MS in Computer Science

MS in Software Engineering

Ms in Supply chain management

MS in Psychology

MS in Business Analytics

Shorelight Cleveland State University

MS in Software Engineering

MS in Computer Science


 Master in Information System

BS in Computer Science

 MS in Civil Engineering

 MS in Mechanical Engineering       

Kent State University

 MS in Data Science

 Master in Education in School Counselling

 BS in Computer Science

 Ms in Computer Science

 BS in Biotechnology

 MS in Business Analytics

 MS in Biomedical Sciences


George Mason University

MS in Data Analytics

BS in computational sciences

MS in Electronic Engineering

 MS in Computer Science

 BS in Mechanical Engineering


Florida Atlantic University

 MS in Computer Science

 BS in Computer Science

 Ms in Civil Engineering

 MS in Data Science

 MS in Electrical Engineering

 MS in Artificial Intelligence


The September 2023 Intake in the USA offers students a plethora of opportunities to pursue their academic and personal goals. While the admission process can be competitive, applying well in advance can increase one's chances of securing a spot in their preferred program. At Canam, we utilize our expert study abroad consultants to assist students in fulfilling their aspirations and unlocking their maximum potential.


The most popular intake to study in the USA is the September/Fall intake. This intake is considered to be the primary intake and students around the world apply during this intake.

September Intake in the USA is well known for its:
•Diverse Courses
•High acceptability rate
•Opportunities to get enrolled in your dream course and university or college
Students should start applying for the September Intake 2023 in November 2022, and can apply till July 2023.
The deadline for the application of each university is different. Always check with the university/college website for more information.
After receiving the acceptance letter, students should start the visa application process.
IELTS, TOEFL and PTE Academic are accepted in the USA.

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