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Part-time Jobs in Singapore for Indian Students

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  • Singapore is becoming a trending study destination for higher education, but the cost of living abroad can be a concern. 
  • Fortunately, a Singapore student visa allows part-time work, with many well-paying options available. 
  • This blog will guide you through part-time job opportunities in Singapore to ease your financial burden and gain valuable experience.

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Singapore has been gaining a lot of preference among Indian students for pursuing their higher education. However, there’s no doubt that studying and living in another country can put a dent in the aspirant’s wallet. But this isn’t the case in Singapore! As the country’s study visa allows holders to work part-time while studying. There are numerous part-time jobs in Singapore available for Indian students that pay a decent wage.

However, it can be challenging to find suitable job roles in a foreign country due to language barriers, unfamiliar industries, and other factors. Thus, this blog is here to help students learn about part-time job opportunities in Singapore. A part-time job can help students gain valuable experience and manage their living expenses smoothly.

So, let’s proceed and explore the benefits of part-time jobs in Singapore for Indian students.

Benefits of Part-time Jobs in Singapore for Indian Students 

By getting a part-time job in Singapore, students can earn their pocket money as well as keep their budgets in check. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of working part-time, which are mentioned below:

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Financial IndependencePart-time work allows students to make money for their everyday expenses, such as accommodation, food, transportation, and others. This can help them ease their financial stress and not rely on their family for financial support.
Valuable Work ExperienceWorking part-time helps students grasp the basic skills required to work in a professional environment. Students can work on skills like management, teamwork, communication, multi-tasking, etc. This work experience can help them score desirable jobs after graduation.
Enhanced NetworkingWorking part-time can help students build their professional networks. Moreover, they can also connect with professionals in their own fields, which can be helpful in the long run.
Effective Time ManagementJuggling work and studies at the same time hones the student’s multi-tasking and time management skills. They will learn to manage their student life, work life, and social life together, as it can be struggling at first.

Part-time Job Rules in Singapore for Indian Students

Singapore allows international students to work part-time as long as they meet the requirements and abide by the rules. The rules they need to follow are mentioned below:

  • The student must be registered in a full-time program at an approved institution.
  • They must have a student pass issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).
  • Aspirants must be the age of 14 years or above to work part-time.
  • Students must inform MOM of their purpose of working in Singapore.
  • During the course period, the work hours should be 16 hours per week and not more than that, under the industrial attachment program held by the institute.
  • The part-time job should contribute towards the graduation requirements.

Along with working, students need to ensure they have a study-work-life balance. Their part-time job should not have a negative impact on their education.

Top 10 Part-time Jobs in Singapore for Indian Students

There are several high-paying part-time jobs in Singapore, some of them are mentioned below:

Types of JobAverage Pay per Hour (SGD)Details
Administrative Assistant$10 - $12/h
  • This role offers sufficient exposure to a corporate work environment. 
  • The candidate will answer phones, make photocopies, and manage clerical duties day to day.
Bartender$16 - $27/h
  • This role is among the most popular and coolest jobs worldwide and is also one of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore.
  • The candidate must be of legal age and should know how to make cocktails easily.
Caregiver/ Babysitter$17 - $20/h
  • Caregivers and babysitters are in high demand in Singapore. Students with minimal qualifications looking for a high-paying job can seek such roles.
  • A caregiver is for an elder person, whereas a babysitter is for a child. 
  • There are no eligibility criteria for these roles. The candidate should be compassionate, patient, and responsible.

Customer Service Agent$9 - $10/h
  • A customer service agent, also known as a call centre agent, has responsibilities such as handling customer queries, providing product knowledge, and more.
  • The job is quite flexible and offers decent pay.
  • No specific qualification is needed for this role and training is usually provided to a fresher.
Data Entry Operator$10 - $12/h
  • There are data entry operator jobs also available for students in Singapore. 
  • The job requires only a system to work on with some basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.
Food Delivery Person$12 - $25/h
  • As the demand for online food ordering rises, the requirement for food delivery persons also rises.
  • This job role is perfect for numerous students, as it offers flexibility and no qualifications are required.
Receptionist$16 - $24/h
  • The receptionist job role is highly desired among Indian students, as it doesn’t require any skill or qualification.
  • In this, students only need to pick up calls, handle customers, and have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office. 
  • Candidates with good interpersonal and problem-solving skills are usually favoured for such roles.
Restaurant Server$10 - $20/h
  • The Food & Beverage industry plays a huge role in the country’s economy, which is why there is always a high demand for people to work in this sector.
  • Since no major qualification is needed, restaurant server is one of the most student-friendly job roles in Singapore.
Retail$9 - $12/h
  • Retail shops generally need new and young individuals to help customers and organise & maintain stock merchandise. 
  • Students in this role are offered great perks, such as work flexibility and staff discounts.

$20 - $90/h

  • Tutoring is another excellent job opportunity for students.
  • Students can teach kids of any age and earn good pay.
  • Undergraduates with a good academic record and top scorers should apply for such job roles

How to Find Part-time Jobs in Singapore?

Tremendous part-time job opportunities are available for Indian students in Singapore. But, in an unknown country, it can be difficult to find the appropriate job roles. Therefore, below are some ways to help students:

Online Job PortalsThe most effective tool to find a job is through online portals. Students can apply for jobs at LinkedIn, JobsDB, JobStreet, Indeed, GrabJobs, etc.
Recruitment AgenciesThere are numerous recruitment agencies in Singapore available that help students find appropriate job roles.
Social Media GroupsSocial media can also prove to be incredibly helpful in locating jobs. Students can join online groups and find references.
University ResourcesSome universities also have career centres that help students with job placements. With their assistance, students can easily find a job.

Tips: Students should also look for jobs on campus to increase their chances of getting a job. 


Part-time jobs are an effective way to help ease the financial burden that falls on students after moving to another country. There are multiple job roles available for them in Singapore with decent pay and other perks. But in a new place with no contacts, it can be challenging to find a job; that’s where this blog comes into play. It provides valuable insights into the various job roles along with some ways to find job opportunities in Singapore.

Navigating life in Singapore can be difficult for students. Therefore, the expert study-abroad consultants at Canam Consultants are always here to help streamline this journey.


The job market in Singapore is strong, ensuring a wide range of job opportunities for international students, especially in the F&B industry, which is among the top economic contributors in Singapore. Students can find jobs such as food servers, bartenders, food delivery guys, etc.

There are many online platforms available, such as JobStreet, IndeedSingapore, FastJobs, and others. Along with this, there are numerous other ways through which students can find suitable jobs, such as recruitment agencies, university job centres, and others.

The eligibility criteria for part-time jobs differ on various factors. Most don’t require candidates to have any qualifications. The candidate must be 14 years of age at least, have a Singapore study visa, and have English language proficiency. The rest of the requirements vary from job role to role.

No, there’s no minimum wage for part-time jobs in Singapore. However, students can earn quite a bit from part-time jobs. There are job roles with at least $8 wage per hour, then students can also find $15 wage per hour jobs as well.
Before making a final decision, students must consider the work timings if they align with their schedule and the distance from their home to the workplace. They must also check if they’ll receive any other benefits.

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