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Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

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Do you wish to study in Canada? Do the expenses make you wonder about your decision? Do high tuition fees, cost of living or other day-to-day activities make you feel burdened in monetary terms?

We understand that you will have to loosen your purse strings a little to study in Canada. However, giving up on your dream and future, for this reason, is not a good idea. So, why not work part-time to support your finances? Sounds great, right?

There are many part-time job opportunities in Canada that you can go for while studying there. You can work part-time, either on-campus or off-campus. Working part-time is not only going to help you with managing your expenses but also with gaining work experience.

International students can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week of a paid job. Nonetheless, students enrolled for an intensive course are advised to work for a maximum of 12 hours per week.

Let us have an in-depth look at part-time job opportunities in Canada for International students.

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs

Many students choose to work part-time while studying due to their financial requirements. Nonetheless, quite a few of them do so voluntarily. There is no harm in working part-time as long as one can balance study and work.

The study should not be compromised at any cost; after all, you have spent a good amount of money to study at your dream university and destination. Mentioned below are a few (out of the many) benefits of doing a part-time job:

1. Learning the task of budgeting
2. Earning a few extra bucks to enjoy at the weekend
3. Boosting your time management skills
4. Getting properly trained along with good money
5. Understanding the concept of dedication and hard work

How can you find a part-time job?

The bulletin boards on the university campus are used to display job openings. You will also be acquainted with various websites that post job openings and vacancies. You can work anywhere, such as:
3.Coffee shops
4.Retail stores
5.As a lifeguard
6.Swimming coach
7.Translator if you know an additional language

The part-time jobs in Canada pay on an hourly basis. You may assist your professor in research work. If you wish to work on-campus like this, you do not require a work permit and can work beyond the stipulated hours. Work of this kind is usually paid less but helps you gain work experience. Students are free to work off-campus after completing six months of study.

What are the part-time jobs (off-campus) and their salary in Canada?

There are various part-time jobs available for international students. However, salary depends on the city and where one chooses to work:

Customer Service Representative

Approximately 14 CAD/hour


Approximately 25 CAD/ hour


Approximately 15/ hour


Approximately 20-22 CAD/ hour

Office Assistant

Approximately 15 CAD/ hour


Approximately 15 CAD/ hour

Web Designer

Approximately 20 CAD/ hour

Sales Assistant

Approximately 12 CAD/ hour



On-campus part-time jobs in Canada are a good option for those who do not want to live on-campus while working. There are several part-time jobs within the campus to earn decent money. On-campus jobs are challenging to get, so you need to make sure that you stick to the job to keep it for a long time. Some of these job profiles are:
1. Library Assistant
2. Teaching Assistant
3. Campus Tour Guide
4. Cafe Attendant
5. Research Assistant
6. Fitness Assistant
7. Social Media Manager

It is very common to be worried about expenses when studying abroad. Part-time jobs play an important role in helping one manage them, and they also train a student in various activities.

We hope this blog helps you understand all the jobs you can do during your study in Canada. Still, got any queries? You can get in touch with team Canam, and our experts will help you get a more comprehensive understanding of the process.

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