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Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

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Working part-time while studying in Canada is a great way to pay necessary expenses and learn new skills. Read the blog to learn about the types of part-time jobs students can explore in the country, their eligibility requirements, and the steps to apply.

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Canada is a trending destination among international students due to its excellent educational institutions, diverse culture, and welcoming environment. While pursuing education in a foreign country seems like a great career opportunity, international students often find it challenging to make ends meet. This is one of the primary reasons many students work part-time. Besides financially supporting themselves, students prefer to work part-time to gain valuable work experience and develop new skills.

The blog below discusses everything about part-time job opportunities in Canada for international students and tips on finding and securing a position.

Let’s first learn about the benefits of working part-time in Canada!

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs

Working part-time offers numerous benefits to international students in Canada. Some of the advantages of part-time jobs include:

Financial support: The foremost benefit of working part-time is it provides international students with additional income to help cover living expenses and other costs associated with studying.

Improved language skills: Working in an English-speaking country like Canada can help international students enhance their foreign language skills through regular interaction with native speakers.

Work experience: Working in Canada can be a valuable experience for students' future as employers often value candidates with local work experience and a good understanding of the Canadian work environment.

Networking opportunities: Part-time jobs offer a chance to build a network with colleagues, supervisors, and customers, which often leads to references, job opportunities, and career advice.

Skill development: Part-time jobs help students develop valuable skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management, which later help to benefit students in various professional settings.

Adaptability: Balancing work and study commitments help international students develop adaptability and resilience, which are valuable traits in today's fast-paced, globalised world.

Time management: Juggling part-time work and academic responsibilities improves time management skills, helping students prioritise tasks effectively and become more organised.

Potential pathway to permanent residency: Gaining work experience in Canada may contribute to the eligibility for immigration programs such as the Canadian Experience Class, providing a path to permanent residence for qualified candidates.

How Can You Find a Part-time Job?

As an international student, finding part-time jobs in Canada requires persistence, research, and a tailored approach. Here are some steps and tips to help in the search:

Begin early: The first step in a job hunt is to begin with a job search as soon as possible after settling in. This gives ample time to explore different opportunities and submit applications.

Use multiple resources: Students can use numerous job search platforms to find suitable part-time jobs. Some of the popular options include:

  • Online job portals: Websites like Indeed, Workopolis, Glassdoor, and Job Bank can be great resources for job search
  • University career centres: Many educational institutions have career centres offering job postings, career advice, and resources tailored for students, including international students
  • Social media: Platforms like LinkedIn also can be a good source of finding job postings and connecting with potential employers
  • Local newspapers: Students can also check the classifieds section in local newspapers for job advertisements

Network: The next step is to leverage personal and professional connections to find job opportunities. Attending career fairs, workshops, or networking events hosted by educational institutions or other organisations is best.

On-campus jobs: Look for work opportunities available at the university or college campus, such as library assistant, research assistant, or administrative support roles. These roles offer flexible hours and are conveniently located.

Tailor resume: Customise application related documents such as resume and cover letter, highlighting relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. Ensure that the application documents match the requirements and expectations of the job posting.

Prepare for interviews: Research about the company and the available job roles, along with practising interview questions.

Seek assistance: Reach out to your educational institution's career centre or international student office for guidance, resources, and support during your job search.

Be persistent and patient: Searching for a job is a challenging and time-consuming process, so it is essential to stay persistent, apply to multiple positions, and follow up on your applications.

Eligibility Criteria for Part-time Jobs in Canada

International students pursuing their studies in Canada are allowed to do part-time jobs only if they fulfil the following eligibility criteria:
1.Valid study permit: Valid study permit is an extremely important document to work off-campus or on-campus while studying in Canada.

2.Full-time enrolment: Those looking to apply for part-time jobs must be enrolled as full-time student in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

3.Satisfactory academic progress: Another factor to keep in mind is that student must maintain satisfactory academic progress as per the requirements of their educational institution.

4.Work-hour limit: International students should work within Canada's permissible working hour limit, which is 20 hours a week off-campus during regular academic sessions and 40 hours a week during scheduled breaks.

5.Social Insurance Number (SIN): A valid Social Insurance Number is another prerequisite required to legally work in Canada by international students.

6.Language proficiency: Proficiency in English or French is often required for part-time jobs in Canada. Employers may ask for IELTS, TOEFL, or TEF test scores or assess language skills during the interview process.

Highest Paying Part-time Jobs in Canada (off-campus and on-campus)

Off-campus part-time jobs in Canada

The table below presents the popular part-time jobs available for international students, along with the estimated average pay they earn per hour:

Job positionsAvg. pay per hour (CAD)
Sales assistantCA$14
Teacher AssistantCA$15-16
Writer / EditorCA$25
Custom Service AssistantCA$13
BookkeeperCA$ 25
Ride-sharing driver/delivery driverCA$19

On-campus part-time jobs in Canada

There are several part-time jobs within the campus to earn decent money. Some of these job profiles are:

Job positions
Avg. pay per hour (CAD)
Teaching Assistant
Laboratory Assistant/ Technician
Personal Support Assistant
Library Assistant
Career Center Student Assistant
CA$ 21.36
Student Cashier
CA$ 15.53
Food Service Worker
Grocery Clerk
Food Store ClerkCA$17

These were some of the popular part-time jobs available to students studying in Canada. Since working while study is a great way to gain practical experience and boost confidence, it is essential to search thoroughly to find the job that best suits your profile.

Finding a decent job that pays well can take some time, but the wait will be worthwhile, so keep searching for a suitable part-time job in Canada and learn more about your field of work.

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International students studying in Canada can search and apply for numerous on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs.
Jobs that offer experience related to the field of study or help students learn a new skill are considered best. Some of the popular jobs include nanny, cab driver, sales assistant, bartender/server, teacher’s assistant, etc.
There are many part-time job options that pay a decent per-hour salary to students. Some of the high-paying jobs include the roles of freelancer, writer/editor, bookkeeper, translator and more.
The hourly wage for a part-time job in Canada may range from CA$10 to CA$22. The wage rate for part-time jobs also varies from city to city.
Yes, students can continue working part-time in Canada after the duration of their program only if they have enrolled to a new program or availed a work permit before the expiry of their study permit.

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