1 Year Master of Science (MS) in USA

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  • The USA offers a unique one-year Master's degree for students who are short on time but still want to earn an advanced degree.
  • One-year Master's program is more intense as compared to the usual Master's program.
  • Students gain a competitive edge in the job market with a one-year MS degree.

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Not everyone has the liberty to take their time and pursue a complete master's program in the USA; some have ends to meet, other dreams to chase or just do some other important stuff that bounds them with limited time to pursue their studies and be a student. That is why the USA has developed a smart way to allow students to study master's, give it their all and graduate with a valid degree within a year. That's right! Students can pursue a 1-year Master of Science (MS) program in the USA and add value to their CVs with certificates awarded by accredited universities in the USA along with work experience.

Why Study 1 Year Master of Science (MS) in the USA? 

It's not news that graduating from a US university puts a student two steps ahead of other students; such is the reputation of the US universities. Most of the time, this reason is enough to convince a student to continue their higher studies in the USA, but that's not all there is to it. There are many other benefits of pursuing a one-year Master's (MS) in the USA; one such benefit is the American education system's flexibility. In America, students can choose from a range of master's programs and gain work experience alongside their studies, which helps them build a strong CV. Here are some other benefits of studying a 1-year Master of Science program in the USA:

  • Students can do part-time work to cover their expenses and support their families.
  • STEM graduates can get a work visa extension after they complete their studies.
  • After completing their studies, students can also apply for teaching or research assistant positions.
  • Students can reduce their financial burdens with the help of scholarships offered by US universities and the government.

Difference Between 1-Year & 2-Year Masters in USA

Students may wonder how the one-year master's program differs from regular MS programs in the USA. Aside from the one-year difference in the program duration, the 1-year program is more rigorous. It is more in-depth, intense, and suitable for students who want to gain a degree immediately and at a low fee.

One-Year Master of Science ProgramTwo-Year Master of Science Program  
More rigorous curriculumLess rigorous curriculum
It takes one year to completeTypically, it takes two years to complete
Low tuition feesHigh tuition fees
Suitable for students who want a degree immediatelyIdeal for students who wish to stay longer in the USA 

1-Year Masters (MS) Programs in USA

1-year master's programs are designed for focused and ambitious students, and they allow students to maximize their time and investment to graduate with a prestigious STEM MBA in just 12 months. These programs are ideal for busy professionals who wish to quickly advance in their careers. Here are some courses that students can consider while planning to study in the USA:

  • Master of Science in Medical Science
  • Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a Specialization in Reproductive Technology
  • Master of Science in Medical Device Engineering
  • Master of Science in Management
  • Master of Science in Healthcare Analytics
  • Master of Science in Entertainment Business
  • Master of Science in International Business
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Materials Science and Engineering

Universities Offering 1-Year MS in USA

Not everyone has the luxury or desire to dedicate two years to a master's degree, which is why many universities in the USA offer intensive, one-year master's programs across various disciplines. From computer science and engineering to business analytics and data science, students are sure to find a one-year program that aligns with their academic interests and professional aspirations. Here are some of the universities in the USA that provide 1-year MS programs in the USA:

Arizona State UniversityTempe, ArizonaMaster of Science and Technology Policy
Jacksonville UniversityJacksonville, FloridaMaster of Science in Medical Science
Colorado State UniversityFort Collins, ColoradoMaster of Science in Biomedical Sciences with Specialization in Reproductive Technology
Keck Graduate InstituteClaremont, CaliforniaMaster of Science in Medical Device Engineering
California Lutheran UniversityThousand Oaks, CaliforniaMaster of Science in Management
Alliant International UniversitySan Diego, CaliforniaMaster of Science in Healthcare Analytics
Full Sail UniversityWinter Park, FloridaMaster of Science in Entertainment Business
Florida Atlantic UniversityBoca Raton, FloridaMaster of Science in International Business
Hawaii Pacific UniversityHonolulu, HawaiiMaster of Science in Criminal Justice
University of Illinois SpringfieldSpringfield, IllinoisMaster of Science in Computer Science
Johns Hopkins UniversityBaltimore, MarylandMaster of Materials Science and Engineering
Clark UniversityWorcester, MassachusettsMaster of Science in Computer Science
Lasell UniversityNewton, MassachusettsMaster of Science in Medical Science
Northeastern UniversityBoston, MassachusettsMaster of Science in Economics
Western New England UniversitySpringfield, MassachusettsMaster of Science in Construction Management
Minnesota State UniversityMankato, MinnesotaMaster of Science in Advanced Dental Therapy
Saint Louis UniversitySt. Louis, Missouri

Master of Science in Applied Financial Economics

Eligibility Criteria for 1-year MS in USA

Earning a 1-year master's degree in the USA can jumpstart student's careers in exciting fields like data science, biotechnology, or engineering management. But before diving into program applications, it's important to understand the eligibility criteria. To get admission in a one-year master's program in the USA, the student must first meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must have completed their bachelor's degree with a minimum score of 65%- 70%
  • Applicant must have obtained a decent score on English proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL)
  • Applicant must have scored well in the entrance tests (optional)
  • Applicants may be asked for work experience by some universities.

Documents Required for 1-Year MS in USA

Students are advised to gather all the necessary documents to make sure that their application process is seamless. It's also beneficial to double-check the requirements to avoid any last-minute delays. A complete and well-organized application helps to increase the chances of securing a spot at the desired university. Here are some of the documents required for applying to the US universities:

Application Process for a 1-Year MS in the USA

The application process to apply to a US university is fairly simple and streamlined, focusing on key aspects that demonstrate a student's academic readiness and suitability for the program. Remember that the deadlines for one-year MS programs can be earlier than those for traditional programs, so plan accordingly. Being organized and presenting a strong application package may help students secure a spot in a prestigious one-year MS program. Below are some general steps that students can follow:

Check qualificationDetermine if they meets the eligibility criteria.
Fill out the online applicationComplete the application form and pay the application fee. 
Gather documentsStudents can gather the required documents while awaiting their application review.
InterviewSome universities ask students to appear in multiple interview rounds, so be prepared for the session.
Acceptance letterOnce accepted, students will receive their acceptance letter from the university. 
EnrolStudents must secure their spot on time and complete the university enrolment process.

Job Opportunities after MS in the USA

Completing a one-year MS program in the USA opens the door to abundant job opportunities students can find through their university or the connections they make during practical internships. Here are some of the job profiles that students can consider after completing their studies:

  • Project Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Software Developer
  • Industrial Production Manager
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Operations Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst


In conclusion, pursuing a one-year MS in the USA can unlock pathways that students don't even know exist. Students must thoroughly prepare everything to successfully apply for a US university and begin their journey abroad. That's where Canam Consultants comes to the rescue, as the study abroad consultants at Canam are the best at offering proper guidance to students who wish to study in the USA. Studying abroad is no longer just a dream; students can now get global recognition for a master's degree from the USA under a one-year master's program.


One-year Master's program is best for students who want to:
  • Earn a Master's degree quickly 
  • Gain valuable work experience alongside studies
  • Reduce financial burden
Here are the benefits of a one-year Master's program compared to a two-year Master's program:
  • Faster completion
  • Lower Cost
  • Intensive learning
The application process follows these simple steps:
  • Check the eligibility
  • Complete the online application and pay the fee
  • Gather required documents 
  • Prepare for potential interviews
  • Receive and accept the offer letter
  • Enrol in the program 
Yes, a one-year master's program from accredited universities in the USA is recognized globally. 
Several universities in the USA offer unique one-year Master's programs. Some popular institutions are:
  • Arizona State University
  • Jacksonville University
  • Colorado State University
  • Keck Graduate Institute
  • California Lutheran University
  • Alliant International University
To apply for one-year MS programs, a student must submit academic transcripts, a CV/resume, a statement of purpose, letters
Getting a one-year degree opens doors to various fields, including project management, software development, healthcare administration, data science and business/ financial analyst roles.

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