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Nursing Colleges in Canada- Universities, Courses, Eligibility and more

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Canadian universities are known for providing world-class education, paired with cutting-edge research and up-to-date practices, and are often highly ranked and thus globally recognized. Studying nursing in Canada is also considered quite affordable. 

Nursing-Colleges-in-Canada.webpIf one wants to serve people, feel fulfilled and make a decent living, head to nursing schools in Canada. A nursing degree in this country sets one up to become not just a staff nurse, nurse anaesthetist or case manager, but it prepares them for a wide range of alternative career options as well. 

Nursing is considered a noble and fulfilling pursuit, and there is always a demand for more nurses. A good and satisfying job in one of the greatest countries in the world- ample reasons to join nursing schools in Canada. 

Why pursue Nursing in Canada?

Being a land of opportunities, Canada can provide ample reasons to study in Canada and offer plenty of programs across several fields, including healthcare, engineering and others. Canada is always on a quest to improve its healthcare services, which makes it recognized among the best healthcare providers in the world.
• Studying nursing in Canada comes with the promise of plenty of job opportunities, high-paying salaries, and a better quality of life. 
• A Canadian degree is recognized worldwide and gives students a secure career. 
• Canada’s universities and colleges offer some of the best nursing degree programs in the world, with their graduates sought after internationally, offering endless career possibilities. 
• Their nursing schools are tied to world-renowned research departments or programs focused on helping students fast-track into a clinical placement. 
• Some Canadian schools and universities even offer specialized courses such as Emergency Nursing, Cardiac Nursing, Oncology Nursing, School Nursing, Paediatric Nursing, and Geriatric Nursing. 
• Completing studies in the field of Nursing from Canada can place students in the most affluent medical institutes/ hospitals/ path labs and other medical chains across the globe. 

Nursing Universities and Colleges in Canada

International Students are completely aware of the ways in which moving to Canada for education can change their lives, and so they decide wisely.

Canada is home to several top universities that offer outstanding nursing programs, providing students with quality education and opportunities for professional growth in the nursing field. These institutions offer a range of nursing programs, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, specialised nursing tracks, and opportunities for clinical placements and research collaborations.

Sault CollegeBachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing
Northern College at PuresGraduate Certificate in Nursing Management and Leadership and Health care
Nipissing UniversityBachelor of Science in Nursing
Mohawk College- Institute for Applied Health Sciences Diploma in Practical Nursing (without math)
Lakehead UniversityBachelor of Science in Nursing 
Humber CollegeBachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing
Confederation CollegeBachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing
Conestoga College• Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administrative Management - Nursing Leadership
• Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Practice for Internationally educated Nurses

Nursing Courses in Canada for Indian Students

Below are some Nursing courses in Canada for International students.


Diploma in Practical Nursing

A Diploma in Practical Nursing in Canada is a program designed to prepare students for a career as licensed practical nurses (LPNs). LPNs are valuable members of the healthcare team, providing direct care to patients under the supervision of registered nurses or physicians. 

BSc in Nursing

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) in Canada is a comprehensive and rigorous undergraduate program that prepares students to become registered nurses. This program offers a solid foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for a career in nursing. Throughout the program, students study various subjects, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, nursing theory, healthcare ethics, and patient care. 

Advanced Nursing Leadership & Management

Advanced Nursing Leadership & Management programs in Canada are designed to provide experienced registered nurses with the knowledge and skills necessary to take on leadership roles in healthcare settings. These programs aim to enhance critical thinking, strategic decision-making, and effective management techniques to improve patient care outcomes and advance the nursing profession. 

Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing

A Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing in Canada is a specialized undergraduate program that focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for providing mental health care to individuals across the lifespan. This program prepares students to become registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs), who play a crucial role in promoting mental wellness and supporting individuals with mental health challenges. 

MSc in Nursing

A Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) in Canada is a postgraduate program designed to prepare nurses for advanced roles in the nursing profession. The MScN program focuses on developing expertise in a specialized area of nursing practice, research, education, or leadership, allowing nurses to contribute to the advancement of the field and make a significant impact on healthcare delivery. 

Master of Nursing

A Master of Nursing (MN) in Canada is a postgraduate program that provides nurses with advanced knowledge and skills to excel in specialized areas of nursing practice, education, research, or leadership. The MN program aims to develop nursing professionals who can contribute to advancing the nursing profession, promote evidence-based practice, and improve healthcare outcomes. 

Admission requirements to study nursing in Canada for international students


• Minimum overall score- 6.5 minimum
 Some colleges also allow students with IELTS bands at an overall- 6.0 (5.5 Band in any one module)


• Minimum overall score- 86


• Minimum overall score- 58


• Minimum overall score- 125

Minimum Level of Education Required

• Applicants must have a grade 12/ High School Diploma or equivalent. 
• Students must have a minimum 75% average in five subjects, with no grade below 60%. The subjects include:
1. English 30-1 (65% or higher is required)
2. Biology 30
3. Chemistry 30 or Science 30 
4. One of Math 30-1, Math 30-2 or Math 31

Admission Process for Nursing Courses in Canadian Universities

• Connect with study abroad consultants of Canam or log on to the website.
• Sign up on the platform and create a profile, filling in necessary details such as educational backgrounds, test scores (if any), program preference, etc. 
• Search and shortlist desired programs in Canadian universities based on intakes, fee waivers, tuition fee, etc. 
• Start the application process by uploading the necessary documents, including academic transcripts, CV, SOP, LOR, and any standardized test scores (if required). 
• Keep track of pending and active applications. 
• Wait for the offer letter sent by the admission authority of the applied institute after thoroughly checking the candidate’s profile. 
• As a final step, pay the tuition fee and confirm the seat for the course. 
• Apply for a student visa with the guidance of a counsellor. 
• Fly to the country and begin the session. 

Career opportunities

The profession of registered nursing offers a highly challenging and enriching career for dedicated individuals. Registered nurses play a vital role within complex and changing health systems. 

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, students may find employment with

• Regional Health Authorities
• Clinics (medical, dental and community)
• Nursing Homes
• Home Care Agencies
• Large Corporations and Insurance Companies
• Government Services (e.g. penitentiaries) 
• Community Health Nurse
• Home Care Nurse
• Hospital-Based Nurse
• Long-Term Care Nurse
• Mental Health Nurse
• Occupational Health nurse
• Occupational Health and Safety Officer
• Public Health Nurse
• Registered Nurse

For more detailed information on nursing colleges in Canada, contact Canam Consultants , the leading overseas study consultants. 


In a nutshell, completing the studies in the field of Nursing from Canada can place students in the most affluent medical institutes/ hospitals/ path labs and other medical chains across the globe. Not only will studying in Canada be great for one’s career, but it will also be greatly beneficial to them as an individual as it will help them to polish their people and personal skills. Students might still get overwhelmed at any step or need any assistance with their study decisions. One can simply reach out to international education experts at Canam Consultants, and they will be pleased to guide them through the admission procedure.


The required IELTS score for nurses in Canada may vary depending on the nursing program and institution. Students need to take IELTS Academic for nursing. A minimum overall band score of 7.0 is required for most nursing programs. It is important to note that each institution may have its own specific English language proficiency requirements, so it is recommended to check the requirements of the institution one plans to apply to. 
Eligibility criteria for nursing programs in Canada may vary depending on the province and institution. Usually, individuals who have completed high school education or its equivalent are eligible to apply for nursing programs. Some programs may have specific prerequisite courses or require applicants to meet certain academic and English language proficiency requirements. It is vital to check the requirements of the specific nursing program and institution one is interested in. 
To become a nurse in Canada after completing the 12th grade, one would typically need to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program, which is a 4-year undergraduate degree. Students must have completed high school education with specific prerequisite courses in subjects such as English, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Additionally, one would need to meet the institution’s English language proficiency requirements, which may include taking IELTS or an equivalent exam. 
Yes, there are 2-year nursing diploma programs available in Canada. These programs, or Diploma in Practical Nursing or Practical Nursing programs, provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs).
A nursing program in Canada will typically take 1-4 years to complete. Some nursing programs are for 2 years as well. 
Nursing course fee largely depends on university guidelines, although the average bachelor degree fee ranges between CAD 53,000 to 170,000 approximately. Master programs will cost around INR 46 lakhs to INR 1 crore approximately. 

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