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Nightlife in Toronto for Students

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Toronto offers numerous options for visitors and locals to enjoy fantastic restaurants, bars, clubs, and lounges. Here is a list of the places that are most popular amongst students who are studying in Toronto. There's a lot to do in Toronto for international students as it is always bustling, such as  parties, plays, shows, musicals, concerts. Let us take a look at some of the affordable experiences that you can look forward to when you study in Toronto

1.Duke of Gloucester  This is often regarded as the best student hangout close to campus for most university students. It is known more for the range of alcohol and activities than food, and you can play the pool and throw darts. Every Thursday, they usually host a trivia night, making it quite trendy amongst the trivia-lovers. Also, they have a jukebox, which makes it a hotspot for music lovers.

2.Einstein  This one is quite close to the campus of the University of Toronto, and the ambience works well for the student crowd. Its rock n roll playlists on rotation, solid beer collection, decent food, ping pong, pinball, and pool tables are what make it a go-to place for any student. Apart from having excellent food and drinks, it is pretty affordable too. Thereby it is a popular hangout spot for international students studying in Toronto.

3.El Furniture Warehouse  Cheap food and tasty food is their USP, and the best part is that their portions are enormous. Every night, they have a DJ, so it is excellent for music lovers. They have a great selection in terms of drinks, which is reasonably priced! Students studying in Toronto love this place due to the affordable yet delicious food, fantastic music, and great drinks.

4.TIFF Bell Lightbox  It is a splendid place that brings smaller indie and foreign pictures to a bigger audience. It gives students the best movie-watching experience with soundproof walls between theatres, comfortable seats, great popcorn, fascinating films, and brilliant events. The facility is clean and classy, and you can also bring your drinks and snacks to the theatre. This place is a must-visit for international students who want to watch movies at an affordable price.

5.Factory theatre  It is a unique place in a heritage building with a subtle everyday dcor. The theatre is quite intimate, with pretty good acoustics. The best part about this theatre is that it is willing to air contemporary and unconventional theatrical events for the locals and tourists. Its rustic charm appeals to many students studying in Toronto who want to enjoy theatre.

6.Fashion District  This district near Toronto is not just about fashion only, but it is also an area where you will find a lot of nightclubs and restaurants. The most popular amongst the nightclubs in the Fashion District is the King Street West club, but keep in mind that it is a bit on the pricier side. However, there are options for international students studying in Toronto, such as The Citizen, Call her Juliet, which have good music and ambience that they offer at a reasonable price.

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