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Master's in Data Analytics in Canada: Colleges, Requirements, Scholarships and Jobs

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Studying data analytics in Canada is undoubtedly a dream for many International students. Read this blog to learn more about earning a data analytics degree overseas, such as well-known universities, scholarships, employment chances, and more.

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With its beautiful and ideal landscape, innovative technology, modern infrastructure and excellent academics, Canada, in recent years, has become a hotspot for international students wishing to pursue a Master's in data analytics. As the digital landscape is growing and ever-evolving, so is the need for data analytics. Today, with everything being digitized, there is a constant need to analyze, interpret and assess information derived from the data. Therefore, a Master's degree in data analytics is booming in demand.

Simply put, a Master's in data analytics is a specialized graduate degree spanning one to two years that intends to analyze raw data and transform it into valuable, innovative and meaningful insights. With its diverse scope, data analytics perfectly blends computer science knowledge with business strategy and statistics.

Reasons to Pursue a Masters in Data Science from Canada

Canada is a thriving economy with a large population of international students. Students from all over the world choose Canada as their study-abroad destination for many reasons. Canada is home to some of the biggest multinational corporations, prestigious universities, and a diverse community of working professionals and students, making it the most suitable location to pursue a master's degree. Here is a list of a few reasons that make Canada an incredible fit for pursuing a Master in data science degree from-

  • Excellent education- Canada offers its students world-class education in some of the most coveted institutions in the world. The education system in Canada focuses on imparting students with practical hands-on training, not confined to mere classrooms. The universities have competitive curriculums explicitly designed considering the needs of students and the marketplace.
  • Multi-cultural society- A distinctive feature of Canada is its diversity. One can find people from all races, castes, colours and backgrounds in Canada, making it a culturally rich and diverse land. This, in turn, makes studying in Canada an overall holistic experience with the scope to enhance one's global perspective.
  • Global exposure- Canada's strongest feature is its strong and vibrant data science community in cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. These cities boast a society and community where data analysts can prosper under the mentorship of big conglomerates etc.

Universities offering Masters in Data Analytics in Canada

In the past few years, Canada has emerged as a leader in higher education thanks to its world-renowned and coveted universities and colleges. These institutions have proved themselves continuously, be it in terms of quality of education, faculty, infrastructure and facilities. Universities in Canada offer a well-designed yet challenging Master's in data science program equipped perfectly to meet students' needs. Following is a list of universities that offer Masters in data analytics in Canada-

UniversityProgram name
Northeastern University•    Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering
Ontario Tech University•    Master of Financial Data Analytics (MFDA)
•    Master of Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (MBAI)
Trent University•    Master of Science in Big Data Analytics: Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods M.Sc.
Thompson Rivers University•    Master of Science in Data Science (MScDS)
University of Victoria•    Master of Engineering (MEng) in Applied Data Science
University of Windsor•    Master of Management- Business Data Analytics

Admission Process and Requirements

Planning to study in Canada can initially seem intimidating for an international student. One must always navigate the admission process with utmost consideration as each university or college has its own set of rules, eligibility criteria and pre-requisites. Some of the usual requirements have been discussed below, along with the admission process-

Step 1- Research and shortlist.
Step 2- Keep documents in hand. On average, the following documents are needed at the time of admission-

  • Official transcripts- This includes all previous transcripts. Some universities have a minimum requirement of 3.0 on a grade 4 scale.
  • Resume/ CV
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose
  • English language proficiency test scores -These may vary for each 8institution. However, typically universities require a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS and a minimum PTE score of 60.

Step 3- Pay the application fee
Step 4- Patiently wait for a response
Step 5- Prepare for the interview if shortlisted and if need be
Step 6- Accept the admission offer

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The expenses of studying for a Master’s degree in Canada can be exorbitant. Therefore, the Canadian government, external parties and universities offer financial aid through scholarships and bursaries to ease the burden on international students’ shoulders. Here is an overview of the scholarships provided-

  • Ryerson Graduate Scholarship-
  • President’s Graduate Scholarship
  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  • International Entrance Scholarship
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  • JN Tata Endowment Scholarship

Career Prospects

As mentioned previously, the field of data analytics is booming in Canada at a rapid speed. This rapid expansion has opened paths to career opportunities in this field, offering high pay. Here are a few of the most common career paths that individuals with a Master's in data analytics in Canada gravitate towards-

JobJob role and details
Data AnalystA data analyst is crucial in making decisions based on data-driven calculations for business stakeholders.
Data EngineerA data engineer works on a project's architecture and database design.
Operations AnalystAn operations analyst can increase a business's efficiency by streamlining operations.
Quantitative ResearcherA quantitative researcher analyses data and uses it to devise strategies, especially in the finance sector.
Chief Data OfficerA chief data officer plays a prominent role in curating the data strategy for an organization.

In a world driven by data, pursuing a Master's program in data analytics is one of the most sought-after choices for an international student. With a thriving and robust economy, Canada is the perfect destination for international students to pursue a Master's in data analytics. The country provides top-notch education and the opportunity to interact with people worldwide, work in leading multinational corporations and build one's dream life. Choosing a university that suits an individual's needs and aspirations requires a thorough understanding of one's personal goals, academic interests and preferred learning environment. Therefore, the importance of in-depth research and understanding is immense.


Each university in Canada has a personally curated curriculum for the data science program. Typically, the following courses are included-
•    Big data technologies
•    Natural language processing
•    Programming for data science
•    Data mining and machine learning
•    Time series analysis
•    Statistical inference
The data science degree in Canada usually takes up to two years to be completed. It may vary depending on the university and course structure.
This depends entirely on the university that one is opting to study in. That said, having basic knowledge of programming languages like Python, SQL, etc., is always advantageous.
Popular companies in Canada that hire data science graduates are Amazon, Netflix, Wipro, Genpact etc.
•    High school transcripts
•    Average GPA of 3.0
•    Resume/CV
•    SOP and LORs
•    English proficiency test results

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