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How Much Does it Cost For Masters in Canada?

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Canada is the most preferred destination for international students offering a plethora of experiences and prospects in a country known for its vastness, multicultural society, and untouched natural beauty. Studying for a Masters degree in Canada has become an increasingly popular option, especially for Indian students. For those who seek a high-quality postgraduate learning experience, Canada is just the right spot for them. In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in international students who enrolled themselves in Canadian universities, and they come from more than 200 countries. If you are looking for a masters degree in Canada, the best part is that the tuition fee structure is comparatively less expensive than other countries like the US, UK, and Australia. The Universities in Canada set their own fee structure; the criteria of this depend on various other factors such as what course you are studying, whether you are an international or a domestic student, and if you are studying an undergraduate or postgraduate course. As per the latest report submitted by Statistics Canada, the tuition fee structure in Canada has risen by an average of 3.1% for undergraduate domestic students in 2017/18. However, if you want to study at the postgraduate level, the tuition fee structure is comparatively lower, and again it depends on your program. Statistics Canada says the average postgraduate tuition fee structure at CA $16 252 in 2017/18, approximately US $13,250. To find out more about the prevailing fee structure, you can get more information at Unisearch, one of the top information providers in this industry. Unisearch has a dedicated section about postgraduate study in Canada that will solve all your respective queries without hassle.

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