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How Does Canadas Revised Plan for 2022 -2024 Benefit Indian Students?

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Are you an international student studying at a Canadian University and planning to continue living in the country? We have good news for you. Under the new 2022-2024 plan, Canada aims to welcome 432,000 individuals in 2022 and is striving to welcome 451,000 individuals by 2024. Sean Fraser gave the 2022?2024 Plan on 14th Feb 2022, which is all about embracing individuals and making the living of the existing individuals easier. The 2022 -2024 plan is as follows:

2022: 431,645 new occupants

2023: 447,055 new occupants

2024: 451,000 new occupants

The new plan aims to continue welcoming new individuals at a rate of about 1% of Canada's population. From the figures mentioned above, you can have an idea that Canada is planning to welcome more than 1.3 million new residents and how amazing an opportunity you have just around the corner.

Why did Canada introduce new plans?

  • Canada realizes that people coming from other countries to Canada are an important part of the country's success. Only these people have been working on the front lines in key sectors like health care, transportation, and manufacturing during the crisis in the past two years.
  • The country has an ageing population, and the birth rates in the country are also declining. Attracting more people from foreign countries is one of the main strategies of the Canadian Government to overcome this issue and give a boost to its economy.
  • Canada believes that international students coming to Canada will help the Canadian economy recover, fuel post-pandemic growth, and strengthen communities and industries.
  • As per sources, by the end of this decade, around 5 million Canadians are about to retire, which will drop the work to retiree ratio to only 3:1. Canada believes that the coming of new people to the country will fulfil this strong economic need and critical labour market gaps.

From this, it is clear that Canada needs new young and energetic students who can help them recover from the pandemic crises, fill labour market shortages and grow Canadas economy. India is one of the main countries where students travel to Canada for higher studies. Canada, at this point, is expecting students from India to study in Canada more than ever. On the other hand, Indian students have the golden opportunity to accomplish their dream of studying in Canada!

Highlights of Canada's New plans

1) By 2024, admissions will account for 1.14% of the Canadian population.

2) A long-term focus on economic growth, with nearly 60% of admissions in the Economic Class.

3) Support for vulnerable populations, such as granting lifetime residency opportunities to refugees working in health care during the pandemic.

4) Support for global crises by providing shelter to those facing persecution.

5) Talent Retention of those in Canada by granting lifetime residency to temporary residents accepted through the time-limited pathways for essential workers launched in spring 2021.

6) The Canadian Government's new plans also acknowledge the importance of family reunification and keep the 12-month processing standard for spouses and children.

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