Education Cost for Studying in Canada

Study in Canada at a Budget you Desire

Canada, being a diverse country, attracts not only the visitors but groups of students from around the world. It’s excellent educational system, a friendly reputation, steady economy, and well advanced technological background, makes it a good choice to study abroad. However, to study in Canada for the international students mean dealing and keeping a check on the cost of studying in Canada.

Here, we bring you the certain factors that affect the cost of studying in Canada.

Out of the listed, the two basic costs one must keep in mind to study in Canada are:

Tuition:- The tuition fee is the first on cost of studying in Canada list. The good news is, the Universities/ Colleges of Canada are reputed, affordable, and provide the best in the world education. Canada assures to fund the tuition cost for higher education, which highly benefits not only the local students, but the international students as well. This is because of the fact that the international students need not pay the Canadian taxes that helps in supporting the higher education.

On the other hand, the tuition fee varies on the basis of college/university, region, and the programs selected. Any popular program in the university may be more expensive. Also, the course like medicine, law, and business management, are very expensive.

Housing:- A student can choose between the options to live On-Campus or Off-Campus. One should always remember that living to study in Canada can be quiet expensive, however, there are certain educational institutes that provide accommodation to the international students. Hence, contact the hosing office well in advance to get on the list.
The Off-Campus Accommodations in the urban areas, for example, Toronto are expensive than that of the accommodations in the suburbs. When choosing this option, the first on your priority list should be an easy access of transportation.

The On-Campus Accommodations provides the international students with many advantages, however, can be expensive. There can be many hidden charges, for example, the university/ college may ask the students to purchase the meal plans, using the technology (internet), etc. hence, understand all the costs included and decide the best. When predicting the cost of studying in Canada, one must for sure add the utility cost under the housing section. These costs may include:

  • Energy bills
  • Internet charges
  • Cable charges
  • Cell phone/ telephone charges

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